The Trial

October 25, 2016

I can’t believe this is happening! My brother Jack and I have been alone for the past days looking for help. We have not seen a single person for the past two days. My brother Jack is 15 and he needs someone better than me to look up to. The only reason my brother should not look up to me is because when I was 16, I did not make good choices, let’s put it that way.
“Michael, when are we going to find some food.” Said Jack.
“I don’t know bub.” Michael.
“don’t call me bub, I’m not your little brother.” Said Jack.
“Jack we are not arguing, we need to find help. Ok?” Said Michael.
“Ok.” Said Jack.
We continue to look for help and food when all the sudden, we hear a strange noise from the ally. We tiptoed quietly to see what was in the ally! When i got to the corner I saw what had destroyed our city. When I was in that moment the memory hit me. I saw this creature when I was 17. it was hiding in a bush, but the creature was a lot smaller. As we quietly tried to tiptoe back, my brother stepped on a can and attracted the attention of the monster.  Then, we started sprinting to safety. The monster started gaining on us.
My brother was standing at the door yelling, “Hurry, hurry! You can make it!”
I was screaming, “Ah!”
Then, my brother started yelling, “Slide! Slide!” as I got closer to the door.
I quickly jumped down and slid.
“Chhhhh,” I continued to slide.
As we stood in safety, we heard distant screams.
“Run! Run! Get out of the way,” I said.
“We’re coming!” said Ted and Brad.
Jerry sped past.
I stood there breathing heavily. As the other group members were aghast from running, I went toward the truck where the smoke was going through my lungs as I tried to breathe. The monster slumped against the brick wall where the truck had slammed into it. As I called out to Ted to help me drag it from underneath the truck, we heard another sound from afar. It seemed like human voices. We then gathered our stuff and headed toward the voices in the distance.
“Wait. shouldn’t we go and get your sister? asked Ted.
“We need to figure out where those screams came from first, she will be ok, she is in safety.”Responded Holly.
while my group and I are are trying to locate those screams, we keep hearing them as we get closer. We need to hurry its going to get dark soon, and we are going to run out of time. As we are walking through the city I did not hear the city traffic and smell the starbucks Coffee as pedestrians walked through the city. I wish the city was like how it was before, where I can hear the busy train and people on there busy phones. That life is over now and it’s time to face this world now.
“guys get back.” Quietly said Holly
“what’s up there, Holly?” Quietly asked Ted
“one of those things.” Responded Holly.
As we tried to get closer to the building that the monster is hunched in front of, the voices got louder.
“Pull the pin and chuck it over there,” I said.
“This is our last grenade,” said Jeremy.
“Just do it,” responded Holly
“Tink, tink, tink.”
“BOOM!!!” The grenade.
“Dang that was amazing!!” Shouted Ted.
“Right there,” Said Holly.
“Hey my name is Holly and this is Brad, Ted, and Jeremy.”
“Hey my name is Michael and this is my brother jack,” I said
“Hey,” said Jack.
“We get back and get my sister before we do anything else,” Said Holly.
“Then let’s head that that way,” I said.
As we went back for Holly’s sister, I began to kinda like her and all. She was like the girlfriend I never had. Like I ever had a girlfriend in the first place, but that does not matter right now.
“Where here. wait and i’ll be back,” said Holly.
“Ok,” I said.
While we were waiting I got this feeling we were being watched. I could not fully tell, but I had that weird feeling. “Guys get ready.”
“‘What’s wrong?” asked Ted.
“I don’t know, but I think someone is watching us.” I said.
“What is that?” I asked.
“It’s a camera.” Brad said confused.
“Hey guys i’m back. What is that?” asked Holly.
“whoa! It’s a camera. Hi, my names Jack.”
“HI, my name is Shara, Holly’s sister.”
“Jaaaackk.” I said nervously
It’s a camera, we found it in the monster you guys hit with that truck.
“WHOA!!” shouted HOlly
“Turn it off, turn it off. You will attract more of those things.” Holly said.
“Wait listen, Did u here that?” I asked.
“Looks like we are going to the Town Hall Tower.” said Ted in a humorous way.
“Ya looks like we are.” I said worried.
As we walked my stomach started to ach, and ach as we got closer. I kept hearing  this growling sound, but I kept thinking that it was my stomach. Then all the sudden I heard it, it was those things. “GUYS runnn!!”
“ahhhh.” The sound of Brad dieing.
“BRAD!!” Holly shouted scared.
“Just keep running!!” I shouted.
“Michael we won’t make it.” Said Jack
“Yes we can just keep running.” I shouted.
“Bye Michael.” Said Jack in tears.
“What are you doing? RUN!!” Yelled Michael.
  Jack crying.
“ahhhh!!” Jack dying.
“Noooooo,nooo.” I yelled.
“Michael we have to keep moving.” Said Holly
“That’s my brother.” I said.
“I know how you feel.” Holly said.
“How, you still got your sister.” I said.
“When I was younger, my brother was all I had to talk to. My parents were not exactly there for me when I was younger. I had to feed myself and provide for myself. You have no room to talk, when you say you know how I feel.”
“Sorry.” Responded Holly.
“Guys this is not the time, let’s keep moving.” Said Ted in a worried voice.
“Yeah let’s just keep moving.” I said.
As we kept moving I did not care about life or anything. My brother is dead and there is nothing I can do about it.
“Where here.” Jeremy said aloud.
I jump in front and go through the front doors. As I  was walking around i began to notice someone lives here. There was a lot of expensive stuff like art work, sculptures, and nice cars in the garage.
“Hey what’s this do?” Asked Ted.
“Don’t touch that.” Said Holly!!
“WHOA!!” Said Ted as two big doors open.
AS we walk in, a voice in the room says “I’m glad you could make it. I see you all did not make it.”
“HEY I should kill you for killing my brother!!” I yelled explosive.
“Don’t you will need me.”
“Excuse me who are you?” Asked Holly.
“My name is Donald Trump.”
“Why are you doing this?” Asked Jeremy.
“You are my tests” Responded Donald Trump.
“That’s enough talking you guys are going out on your next mission. first before that happens bye Jeremy. Bam!! Here is your next mission, beyond that wall.”
“Whoa!” I whispered.

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