Kenney's Best Adventure

October 25, 2016

Ding, “Finally Megan is my pie ready” I said.
“Almost just ten more minute” replied Megan.
“Well then hurry up; the villages want to see me for a council meeting in a half hour, and I’m hungry” I said.
“It’s ready” hollered Megan.
“Finally, oh cancel my meeting with the goblin king” I said.
“Will do, oh and one more thing your father wanted me to tell you he would go to the council meeting for you so you have a free schedule” said Megan.
“Really for once I have an open day” I said.
“Go have fun, and don’t forget to let out the Phoenix” said Megan.
“Will do” I replied.
Slam went the front door. I left to go to my favorite hiding spot. It’s a place where I go when I have a free day and can relax.
“ahh, a nice time to be here.” I said.
A few hours later. I was walking back to the castle then I heard a cry for help.
“Hey you stop, come back here!” I yelled. Apparently someone stole a women’s hand bag with 100 shillings.
I sprinted, and tackled the guy into the tall grass under the trees close to the dark forest. I took his hood off.  He had long teeth and a boney body.
“Goblin!” I shirked.
I took out my sword and then there was a battle.
“You are about beyond your boundaries Elf” he said.
“The names Price Kenney, to you bone bag. Give back what you stole or I’ll end you.” I demanded. 
“Nice try but where among you and you can be outnumbered too easily!” he said
Then he vanished with the snap of a finger.
“Ha, big ugly forgot the handbag.” I said with a smirk.
“here’s your handbag back Mrs. Dough, I hope nothings missing.” I said.
“Why thank you dear, d…do you want to come in for a cookie?” She asked.
“Not now I’ll come back later to get my cookie.” I told her.
“Okay but it’s your favorite triple chocolate chip, but I guess you’re too busy.” She said.
“Well wait now that you mention it I guess I could.” I said.
“There’s my Kenney” she said.
A few hours later. “That cookie was good but it was time to get back to work.” Then I heard an another cry for help.
“Can I help you madam?” I asked
“Yes you can by (old lady voice) … (Deep dark voice) GIVING BACK MY HAND BAG YOU LITTLE NOSSEY ELF!” Said the Goblin.
“You know, somehow I knew you’d come back so I came prepared. Face me or coward away your choice!” I said
“You herd him boys let’s get him!” said the goblin
Then 3 goblins came out from the trees and bushes.
“Let’s make this a fair fight.” I said
“How is that, when there is 4 of us and one of you.” He retorted
(Whistle), then three soldiers came sprinting across the pond.
“That’s how” I said.
The goblins approached for an attack position, then there was a collision after five minutes the goblins retreated into the dark forest, a forbidden place for elves.
“Good one Guards, tell the others to stay percussion they could be back any minute with more troopers.” I said.
Later that night I walk into the Chefs room, and I see a window shatter into thousands of tiny pieces.
“Hey…!” I shout with rage.
I see no one, but a mere shadow dash through the village. I ran to get the horseman to search and patrol the village for the rest of the month.
“I get back to the chef’s room and no damage was seen. The window was fixed every thang was perfect.  Like it was all in my head. I go to my room and go to bed.
The next day I wake up and the sun is shining the birds are chirping and an angry mob outside the castle. WAIT WHAT, what had happened. I got changed swiftly and got ready for the village. They were not happy, and some of them decided to go far away from the elven kingdom. Then a dark cloud of rain and lightning had stumbled into the kingdom. It roared with lightning striking the village setting fire to the gardens.
It was being controlled by something, Goblins.
“Don’t panic I will take care of this, and for now stay inside and lock your doors.” I said.
Then I Sprinted inside the castle and to the very top, I leaped to the cloud and landed on top of it. I put my hand in and grabbed a goblin and chucked him into the river of dragons. Then the cloud stopped and left.
“Ugh, I... can’t… take it anymore I quit!” said the goblin.
“Now scram before I behead you.” I said.
“Like…you are going...” he never finished because I killed him.
The river of dragons is what surrounds the village it’s like a border, and it’s got bridges with patrols to be sure everyone has a border pass.
Then I could hear cheering. Where was it coming from, but unless it was the villagers.
“We are glad you are here” chanted the villagers.
“Please I was just doing my th…” “what is it Megan I’m in the middle of a speech” I whispered.
“It’s your father, he, he’s dead. Sorry about your loss” she said.
“How, he was gone to the other villages to give speeches.” I said. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, I have a sad announcement to make, but … it has to be done.” I said in a very weak voice.
“You all know my dad the king, and well I was supposed to go and give speeches to the villages outside the kingdom, but my father did and well there was an ambush and 20 of our soldiers and the king were found dead.” I said.
Then I left as everyone started asking questions like what will we do, or what will happen with the king gone. I stared at my dad’s crown as they put it above his throne. I thought to myself with mom and dad gone what will me and Jeff do. Jeff was 3 years younger than me.
He is my twin, but we don’t look that much alike just the eyes and hair. He is off in the park with his friends. He is the trouble maker now if there’s no king to punish him he’s going to ballistic. He broke windows, gardens and the wall that separates the goblin kingdom from ours. Then I thought of it if my dad died then that makes me the king. Then I got up and grabbed the crown and put it on my head, and then the power hit me. I could see everything he did when he wore the crown. I can see the ambush that had happened, but it wasn’t and ambush he faked his death. So I’m not the king, but they don’t know that. Then my head started to hurt like crazy. Then I blacked out with a thump on the golden rug.
I woke up a few hours later but it felt like weeks. I had a dream that I turned into a wolf like a grim, and then I found my dad but the goblin king had him caged and almost to death. It had shocked me because I wasn’t suspecting to see my father in that much pain. He was covered in scratch marks.

I finally get to my feet and go outside I see nothing but giant black clouds of smoke like as if there was a “FIRE!” I ran swiftly passed the burning trees to Mrs. Dough. I finally got to her house, it was black like a burnt sweet potato. She was outside already and she had saved the cookies.
“What had happened to the village!?” I asked
“Well we all went to Travis the blacksmith and his smelted iron over flowed and got into the valley setting everything on fire.”
“are you sure you didn’t just burn over 1000 cookies because you fell asleep and the oven blew up so you saved the remaining 500,000.” I scolded her.
“You are correct but how did you know?” He asked
“well I can see the giant pile of burnt cookies in your what used to be a house. Plus, I could smell it.” I replied.
Mrs. Dough you do realize that you burnt the entire village, and that you’re probably going to be executed for this right!” I shouted.
“But you’re the king you can stop the execution correct?” she asked in a very sad tone.
“You… you’re right I can cause I’m the king now, so I can stop it.” I said.
“Why thankyou Kenney, I don’t know what to say.” She said joyfully
  Later that night I get ready for bet, it’s 1200 hours and I feel blown up because of all that has happened. I had to build a new village with sprinklers so that way Mrs. Dough can’t burn anymore fabulous cookies without setting the village to flame. Then something started to happen after I put my crown on the throne.
“What’s happening it… hurts… really bad, but why?”
Then I started to shrink I was changing into something. I grew dark midnight black fur and a snout with sharp teeth unlike a where wolf but a dog.
“I am the grim”
A grim is a person who can shift into a dog whenever, unlike where wolves, they have no choice. I ran to a mirror and saw me I had the fur and my ears where pointed and floppy. My teeth whiter than snow but sharper than a bullet. I was also lightning fast almost invisible when I run. Then I changed back to myself.
“that was fun, but only if I could figure out how to do it again it may give me an advantage against the Goblins.” I whispered to myself. 
The next morning, I woke up and it was sunny I could hear the wind and birds off in the distance. And this time none is yelling and shouting and throwing things. I woke up a happy man just 20 days until my 18th birthday.
“I just hope dad comes back; Oh I FORGOT ABOUT DAD!” I shouted.

I need to strategize a plan, to save my dad if what I saw in my dream was true. I need to find out the truth. How am I going to do this because my dad has the key to put down the drawbridge down so I can cross the moat other than that I can’t swim across because of the water serpents. They are black like the water and have blue like dark blue eyes and have crocodile like skin and snout. Their teeth are the size of baby hands but sharp like steel daggers. 
The boat that’s how. I can get in the boat.
“Can’t your dad has the keys to that as well.” Megan said.
“Megan, you can’t just say something without letting me know that you’re there. You’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days.” I said.
“Sorry I just thought that you should know and there’s and extra spare of bridge keys under the throne taped to the top.” She said quietly.
I grabbed the keys and ran outside the castle doors and come to a stop almost tipping over into the serpent infested waters.  I couldn’t see the bottom just blue and then black water.
I turn around and put the key in the key shaped hole then I could hear the chains slowly putting the bridge in place. I sprint across the bridge because it’s on a timer set for 10 seconds then it automatically pulls up fast.
Finally, I get to Mrs. Dough’s yard. I look around and all I see is a plate of steaming hot fresh cookies with my name. there was a letter.
“Dear Kenney, I know about your search so I backed you these for good luck; sincerely Mrs. Dough.”
I get Charlie and George Charlie is a phoenix a bird of fire. George is a horse of war, from the fiery depths of the underworld a place where the goblins come from. George was originally owned by the goblin king. He was put through so much that he’s traumatized and is sort of scary when mad because he’s a three hundred pond horse made of fire. I am going alone exept for a bird and a horse.
I begin at the NE part of the village and set off to the valleys of the unknown. I have lived in the village my whole life. So I’m a bit worried because the goblin kingdom is a horrifying place full of death and sadness. I’ve never been there myself, but I’m the hero in the family. The goblin kingdom is only 4 miles away. It will take all night to get there because it’s sunset right now, and there are mutants at night. My kingdom is surrounded by an invisible unbreakable force field that is protracted mom put a spell on it so that way when she passed it would be forever protected from mutants. 
  We had to set up camp and thankfully there was a dry forest with plenty of fallen logs and dead grass to make fire. We also had to make a sleeping spot and Charlie doesn’t sleep and mutants fear fire so it also provides warmth. It was cold and very dark except for some light the fire made. There were a lot of groans and deep growls so it was hard to sleep until Charlie set a mutant on fire.
By the time I woke up there were lots of mutant body’s everywhere, and Charlie was resting. George was running through the tall grass leaving little flame trails behind. It was 0700 hours and I normally wakeup at 0900 hours so it’s was early. Im glad I woke up early though because now there’s only 2 miles left to travel.
I searched the mutants and only got 30 shillings. My dad gives me about 350 a day. It’s still a lot though so I’ll just give to someone in the village. Then we left there was a small fire so we had to hurry up. I didn’t get enough time to cook some weed rat so.
“I’m so hungry” I said, then I remembered to note and the cookies. I grabbed in the bag and pulled out some… snakes, what why now Charlie’s distracted and I’m tired of walking but I forgot my fire suit so I can’t ride George but then I forgot that I could shift into a dog. 
I took a brake and sat near the creaks edge. I could see little fishes and crayfish and my reflection. I look a lot like dad I thought. Then a tear dripped from my eye down my cheek and into the water. I felt like that I can’t make it in time. Then it got to me I felt disappointed and that I wish that I a never left the village. Then it happened again I started to turn into the dog.
It hurt like a wasp sting 6 times in the same place, and was like torture because I can see things before I fully transform. Then I saw the goblin king drinking from the goblet. Gaining his power and creating mutants to go to my village and kill them and turn them into mutants. I can see my dad. He’s treating the goblin king as if he were a god or something. I need to hurry myself so that way the village doesn’t get turned into the mutant’s home land.
I turned back and started walking to the willow tree.  There was a grave. “Mom if you can hear me I need you to understand that I’m not strong enough to defeat the goblin king and I may not be able to save dad; I thought you ought to know. I will see you soon.”
Then there was a strong wind that whirled and got faster I thought it was a tornado or something but it was a present. It had my name on it. I unwrapped it. It was a staff it had a red ruby at the top. I picked it up and I could feel it’s power. I know that this was a present from mom. This has happened before with my sword and Charlie.
I gripped it tightly with both hands as it started to shake and move. I pointed it at the mountain side, and a large red ball started to form at the front. Then it shot. It blew up the entire NW side of the mountain. It looked like god took a piece of it as if it were a cake. I tried it again I gripped it firmly and then it happened again except this time the ball turned blue. The ball fired with enough force to knock me back like a yard. I saw that tree I fired it at was in shock literally it had sparks coming out of it. I went to touch it as I put the staff in my sword pouch.
I touched the tree and ZAP; I went flying from it and hit my back on the gravely creek edge. I felt the blood run down my elbow to my hand. Charlie came over and healed me with his tears. I almost forgot that he had healing powers. I got up and grabbed the staff, but I never shot it again. I learned my lesson and that is not to abuse the staff just use it when needed.
I continued my walk to the castle; then I noticed something was off like sort of out of place. Then I realized that I ran out of cookies. “Charlie did you eat my last cookie.”
He stopped flying and perched himself on a branch and knelt down in shame. Then I knew he did.
“Guess what you get to do, you got to go and find and kill 4 weed rats, 6 berries NOT poisonous, and finally some clean water. Right now go.”
I did sort of feel bad but I’m starving I feel like a skeleton. The last time I ate was yesterday morning and right know it’s sunset and the sky is purple and red. I looked at it for a long time so much that I waited for it to go down and I didn’t even notice.  Then Charlie came back he looked dirty but he brought me food and water.
Charlie made the fire and I cooked the food it was a mutual thing we had. George doesn’t hardly even eat he will mostly eat the goblin’s arms or something. To me that’s just nasty but we all got weird diets. I just can’t wait till I get dad back.
We just go done eating so then we decided to make a smaller fire and then sleep. We awoke to this loud growl. I got strait up and gripped my sword tightly cause the fire was dim and didn’t brighten. It made louder deeper growls. I then realized that there were mutants! I shot up like a party popper and yanked my sword and pointed it in a direction. I saw a very dim shadow move swiftly like the one in the village.
I begin to approach the darkness, and then Charlie shot a spit of fire that caught on a mutant and then it started running in circles screeching its ear explosion cry. I covered my ears and then he caught the others on fire. I can’t hear them but they look like fire soldiers from the gates of the underworld. Then they disappeared into the forest. The only thing left is a slight glow of where they ran. I guess that’s the alarm to wake up and get moving.
I started to walk as I stared at all the stars beginning to fade as the orange and red guy comes up. Referring to the sun I saw something coming from that directing then Charlie got up off my shoulder and zipped at it. It was a bat and he ate it whole no wait no chew just a snatch and swallow. I just kept on walking as he came back. Then something felt off, and then I turn around and I see a small wolf pup following me. I pick him up and George just started going crazy. Kicking trees and bushes I’m surprised he’s not broken his hoof. I stared at him with a disgusted look on my face. He stopped and walked over to me. The baby wolf stated barking, George backed up. I looked down and he had a burn mark on the back of his neck.
He stepped back and turned around and walked towards the creek and in the reflection he saw himself all alone and fire tears dripped down his face. Charlie flew up next to him and they started to communicate. They started walking back then they talked to the wolf pup. I couldn’t understand them but then the wolf started to like George and Charlie. I think the fire mark was from the mutants where they went to the forest and the wolf got separated by his family. George was just explaining that it wasn’t him; so then the mutants are what frightened the pup. I will call him fang, yeah that sounds good. I’m going to raise him he might come handy for Draco the goblin king that foul fool doesn’t even know what’s coming. We started making our way to Draco’s castle. I could tell where almost there because the air got really chill and there’s a wooden path with enough blood to make a scarecrow come to life.
There were many piles of Skelton’s and bloody skulls. It smelled vile almost as if I were walking in through bloody sewage. I got to a smell that caught my attention. Smelled as if there was a pie. i turned to my left and I saw a pie. sitting on a rock. It looked fresh; I didn’t touch it. I picked up a dismantled human jaw and threw it at the pie. then thousands of scorpions came out. “I knew it was a trap; ha I too smart.”
  Charlie started toasting and eating the scorpions. I ate one because I was so hungry. It tasted not good but also not bad like okay. I didn’t care if the poison slowed my down. I kept on walking no matter what I just kept going. Never stop was in my mind right now. I pushed through it until it went away. I made to his castle or did i? I walk around it and it was just a giant piece of cardboard to look like the castle. I keep walking and then I could hear slight laughter. Then I knew I was being followed. I shouted “Come out if you need to tell me something otherwise stop being little creepy stalkers!”
Then two goblins jumped out they were holding skeleton parts as weapons. I grabbed my sword and sliced their weapons in half. They finally talked.
“You should have turned back boy know you’re going to pay when the boss meets you. You ignored our warning so know you’ll pay.” Then they walked backwards into the bushes. “Ow you twit your crushing my shin” “Well if you just got off my foot then we wouldn’t be arguing know would we” “Oh shut up your hob gobbler.” “Take it back” the goblin’s shouted
I left when they started using bad language I can still hear them. I just kept on walking listing to them from a distance. Then I saw that fang was growling at a bush. I looked in it and there was a skeleton warrior. He shot up from the bush swing a sharp bone sword. 
I pulled out my staff and shot a ball of ice freezing the warrior. Then I took my sword and smashed it and it had looked like small crystals flying. They were shiny except for the bones inside of them. I put my staff back.
I finally found the real castle this time. Goblins started rushing from the side. I got off George and grabbed my staff and shot a fire ball. It blew them and the guards and draw bridge door into flame. Ashes fell from the sky. George and Charlie went banners trying to eat every ash. I made an epic entrance. Rushing in with a flaming horse that I was riding with my phoenix blowing fire like a flamethrower.
My pup growing. This happens over time they grow a lot and turn into a beast looking creature but epic. He now has long claws sharp teeth blue eye’s reddish yellow fur. Stroked back, and a mean bark. Fang wow I chose a good name. we rushed our way to the dungeon to free people. I saw my dad in a cage his leg was broken and he was wearing not his normal king clothes I saved him and told him to take my sword and to take everyone else to take Charlie back to the village.  
I made my way to Draco’s throne room. He was there eating human pie and I could see fingers in the pie. it creped me out; he got up in surprise.
“How are you still alive, the guards would have killed you!” he complained.
“I got skills your men don’t have. Besides I’m the new king. I can do many things know. Are we going to tell me why you imprisoned my father? Or am I going to have to force it out of you which I can so don’t make me waste my time?”
“well seems as if you found him, good job king Kenney I am truly impressed with you.” “See he was a threat to me so I wanted to mentally destroy him, so if I caught him I knew you would come and find him but I didn’t know you were going make it this far.” He said.
“But why? Why would want to do that to him?!” I shouted.
“Kenney when you were born I then realized that I would meet you and make you my rival and looks as if I chose well all my others died. I am so impressed on how far you’ve made it here in what 6 days. Oh yeah happy birth day I almost forgot your present” he said.
He turned around and threw a dagger at me I dodged it and grabbed my sword and charged at him. And went to stab him, but he dodged it. “Really going to charge at me how embarrassing the perfect targeter missed aren’t so perfect anymore know are you Kenneth.” He said.
“The names Kenney and I’ll have you know that, that was my warning shot.” I said. I charged at him again and fang helped fang caught him by surprise ripping off a chunk of flesh. Blood squirted all over.
“Ahhh, you little” he finished.
I ran at him again and Charlie swooped in and cut his hand making him stop from grabbing his sword. I cut his left hand off. Blood went all over his green ugly wart feet.
I finished him by shifting into a wolf. I charged at him biting his throat out blood got all over my face. I shifted back spitting out the flesh missing. I laughed as I fainted from the dagger he stabbed me with as I shifted and charged.
I woke the next month feeling 50 times better there was a fresh cheese cake waiting for me. I smiled and said “well Mrs. Dough is okay”



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