The Super Bowl

October 25, 2016

“ Trucks are better than cars and fourwheelers,” said Cam Newton.

“Yeah, trucks are better,” said one of the team players.

Cam is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He is thirty. He is fast. He is African American and he likes trucks. He has a white, Dodge Ram truck. They were on their way to the big game.

The Panthers are playing against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are at the Super Bowl at Arizona Cardinal Stadium. They couldn’t play the Super Bowl at Indianapolis because the Indianapolis Colt’s dome is square. They like doing it at Arizona Cardinal’s because the dome is  round. It is hot and dry. Outside the stadium are trees, wet grass, fences, and houses.

Cam and the players go to the locker room. They get all their stuff on. They practice some football in the locker room. They wait for an hour. In the announcer stand the announcer announced  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers as they came out on the field. First the Panthers then the Buccaneers. Cam feels tough and mean and he’s ready to win.

The team comes out, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the toss. Cam uses his super power and throws the football He got first and goal and a minute later he got a touchdown. It is seven to nothing.

The coach on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thinks that the Carolina Panthers are cheating.

“Come out and play right,” the coach yells.

The coach’s microphone is on. The Panther’s microphones are too.

“Yeah, I got it. Thanks,” says Cam.

The referees took the 7-0 back to nothing to nothing. They redid the play. The Carolina Panthers faked it, and Cam Newton got the touch down again.

They, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sacked Cam and they piled on him. He got  up and ran . He got  a touchdown; Fourteen to nothing.

Then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sacked him again. He got up, he got on the one yard line. It’s 4th quarter. It only had a minute in the game. They started. The Carolina Panthers ran it in and got a touchdown. It was twenty-one  to nothing. The crowd was cheering for their team.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarter back came out on the field. The quarterback shouted, “Let’s get twenty-one to twenty-one!”

The ref called off sides and Tampa Bay got ten seconds off as they just let the clock go down to the 10 seconds.

They went to the side lines and handed out the Super Bowl 2017 trophy to the Carolina Panthers, and they got hats.

They  went to the locker room and ordered everything that they needed for the party . They celebrated. Cam was happy. His team won. He had dreams for 2018 Super Bowl because the game was fun and, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are mad. They lost. It was 21-0 that was the end of the game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers.

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