The Family Secret

October 25, 2016
By RileeGroninger21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
RileeGroninger21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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         “Kate get up the bus is going to be here in 30 minutes,” my mom said.

I am Kate, I am 14 years old. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and I am really short which stinks sometimes, but I have to just go with it. I live with my mom, dad, older brother, and our dog, Annie. We live in a big apartment in New York.
I got up out of bed, got dressed, and put my hair up as quickly as I could. I walked down the stairs and smelled the delicious breakfast that my mom made.  Our dog Annie greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. I ate my breakfast and put my shoes on and before I knew it the bus was in the driveway. I got on the bus and sat down where my best friend Brittany sat. My best friend Brittany and I have been through everything together. She is such a kind and nice person to everyone she meets and she is really smart too.  Once we got to school, Brittany and I went in and have a normal day of school.
         I got home after a long and boring day of school. I went inside and pull out my homework. After a little while of doing homework I went to the mirror in the bathroom because my face and arms felt tingly and numb.  I looked in the mirror and my whole body was glowing with gold sparkles. Then I let out a bloody screech, my mother sprinted down the stairs and to me.
         “What’s wrong?” my mom said very confused. My mom has brown hair and beautiful brown sparkly eyes. She is also tall too, I guess that’s where I get it from. I do not know what is going on with me.
         “Look at me, I’m glowing!” I said very scared. She quickly examined me up and down and around my whole body. She had this very confused and worried look on her face.
         “So, what’s wrong with me, do you know?” I said.
         “I have something very important to tell you,” she paused and had a very concerned look on her face and then she continued to talk.
         “So, our family is a part of the magical kingdom. What’s happening  with you now is your magical powers are just now breaking out of you and into the world. All your power will completely develop after two weeks, this is just the beginning of the development,” My mom said.
         “So, wait, what, our family has magical powers and I’m just now getting my powers?” I said.
         “Yeah, I have powers, your dad has powers, but your brother does not for some odd reason. Now you are getting your powers. The powers that you are getting are you can control things with you mide, you can cast many spells, and you can fly” my mom said.
I was so confused at that point, I didn’t know what to think. I thought magical power, fairies, and all that stuff was fake, but I guess not. I went up to my room and finished my homework and thought about the whole situation. I was so stressed out because I didn’t want this to affect my life. Eventually I got all my homework done and by then the day was over, thank goodness!
         That night I had a really hard time sleeping. I was up for most of the night and only got four hours of sleep. I woke up that morning and felt tingly and numb so I assumed I was glowing with gold sparkles again. I was thinking, what if this happens during school, everybody will notice it and ask what’s going on with me. I dashed quickly through the hallway and down the stairs to find my mom.  
         “Mom I’m glowing again!” I yelled.
My mom suddenly popped out of nowhere and looked at me up and down.
         “Do I have to go to school today?  What if I start glowing in the middle of school? I don’t want everybody looking at me,” I said.
         “I guess you don’t, but when you stop glowing you are going back to school,” my mom said.
         “Thank you!” I said excitedly.
The first thing that I did with my day off was, I went up the stairs and slept for three to four hours. I felt good after I took my nap. I was energetic and ready to do something. So I went down stairs and I looked at the time and it was already 2:30pm. I was ready to get out of the house because it was stuffy inside.  I changed out of my pajamas and went outside and rode my bike to the park. The park has many things to do, there is a playground, basketball court, soccer court, tennis court, and a little water park. I brought my soccer ball because I like to play soccer. I stayed at the park for probably an hour or so. When I got home my brother was back home from school.
         “Why didn’t you go to school today, oh yeah I forgot your mom and dad’s favorite so you get to whatever you want,” my brother said.
My brother, Sam, is tall like everybody else in our family. He has brown eyes and dirty blond hair. He is seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I almost forgot the most important part, he is a jerk!  He calls me names, says I’m mom and dad’s favorite because I’m the baby in the family, and he always bosses me around like he owns me, it’s so annoying!
         “I am not mom and dad’s favorite, they love us both equally, and I just didn’t feel good today so I stayed home from school today,” I said with anger in my voice.
I went back upstairs and spent the rest of my day in my room besides eating dinner and using the restroom.
         Soon a week went by and I haven’t stopped glowing so that mean I haven’t gone to school which is okay with me.  I don’t like school one bit, but I missed my friends a lot.  I wanted to see them, but I can’t  risk them seeing me glowing. Soon after it was a week it became two weeks, it was starting to get annoying. It got on my  nerves because now my mom won’t let my even go outside. My glowing is becoming even more frequent and the glowing is brighter.  When I’m sleeping at night I will wake up when I start glowing because it with be like 20 LED right in front of me. After the two week mark the glowing became less frequent.  I assumed that it was going away. So after three weeks of not going to school the glowing finally stopped.  I was so happy! The morning I was going back to school I got up, got dressed, and straightened my hair so quick It only took me 15 minutes. I nearly fell from sprinting through the hallway and down the stairs. My mom greeted me at the bottom of the stairs.
         “Good morning Kate, ready to go to school after three weeks of not going, just think of all the homework you’ll have,” my mom said.
         “Great! I love homework,” I said sarcastically.
“So I have something to tell you,” my mom said.
         “What is it?”  I said.
         “So did you know that your grandma, which is my mom not your dad’s, but any way, she is the Fairy Godmother of the whole Kingdom. We are going there next Wednesday!” my mom said excitedly. 
         “Really?” I said.
I was so excited I jumped up and down and started screaming with joy.
         “Have you told Sam all about it yet?” I said.
         “I told him all about it and he had the same reaction as you, he was confused and kind of excited too,” my mom said. I was really excited to go to the Fairytale Kingdom but I didn’t want to leave at the same time because i’m going to miss my friends.
         Soon a week had gone by and that morning we were ready to leave to go to Fairytale Kingdom. I was all packed and ready to go. We had to drop our dog Annie off at a family friend’s house before the trip started.  We first had to drive to Destin, Florida. In Destin there is a portal on an abandoned part of the beach. We just walk through the portal and then we will be in the Fairytale Kingdom. So, after a ten hour drive to Destin, Florida, we were there. It was 1:30 in the morning when we got to Florida. We rented a hotel room near Destin. We woke up early that morning, ate some breakfast, and got back on the road.
We finally arrived at the beach. We were all tired of be in a car so we grabbed our suitcases and walked to the portal. The portal was very noticeable, it was glowing blue and sparkling with silver sparkles. 
“Are you all ready?” my mom said excitedly.
“Yeah,” we all responded.
  “Then let's go!” my dad said. My dad is also very tall, he has brown hair, and he has blue eyes. He is really smart. He helps me with my homework. Okay, now back to the story. We all walked through the portal and we all started to glow with blue sparkles. Then all of a sudden all I could see was blue everywhere. Everything was blue. There was a flash of white then I saw a crowd of people standing around the portal and they were holding signs that said, Welcome to the Fairytale Kingdom. Everybody was so happy and excited to see new people. Then this older lady started running towards us. She was wearing a baby blue colored cloak. She had white hair and bright beautiful blue eyes. She walked up to us and gave all of us a warm hug.
“Hello, you two have grown up so much, the last time I saw you Sam was sever and you were four years old,” the fairy godmother said.
“Who is that?”  I whispered to my mom.
“That is your grandmother and the fairy godmother of the kingdom,” my mom whispered back to me. Then it clicked, THAT’S MY GRANDMOTHER, I don’t know why it didn’t click earlier. So I just went along with it and gave her a hug back. I was pretty sure that my brother was confused too. My grandmother took us to our rooms that were in the castle. The castle was beautiful!  The outside was made of crystal. The inside walls were a light blue. They were very calming. The whole inside of the castle had crystal decorations everywhere you looked. I went up to my room. My room had a king size bed, many windows to look out to the kingdom, a giant bathroom, and beautiful decorations. My parents, brother, and I all got our own rooms. Which was nice because I always have to share a bed with my brother in hotel rooms. I went to find my grandmother. I wanted her to take me on a tour of the kingdom. We toured the whole beautiful kingdom and it was so cool.  The kingdom was amazing! You could just feel the magic in the air. By the time we were done touring the kingdom, it was time for dinner. The chefs at the castle made a delicious meal. After dinner I went up to my room  and showered and went to bed. I was exhausted after a long day of traveling and exploring the kingdom with my grandmother.
The next day I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to find everybody else already eating breakfast. After breakfast my grandmother was talking to us about how she wants to teach me some magic, new spells. So, she got started on teaching me magic. It seemed like it would be really easy, but it is actually really hard. You have to learn how to move your hand properly in different ways. You also have to say words or phrases just right or you could cast a different spell or do nothing at all. I spent the rest of the day practicing the spells that my grandmother taught me. The next 2 weeks went by really fast and I just spend most of those days learning and practicing the spells that my grandmother taught me.
“Are you ready to go home?” my mom asked me.
“What, We are leaving already?” I said.
“What do you mean? We have been here for two weeks!  Aren't you ready to go home?”  my mom said.
“Is it possible I can stay longer and you, dad, and Sam go home?” I said.
“I guess, but you have to ask grandma before we leave”, my mom said.
“Okay,” I said with excitement.
I started to go find my grandmother. My excitement was building.
“Grandma!”I yelled.
“What do need?” my grandmother said.
“Is it okay if I stay a bit longer than my mom, dad, and brother?” I said
“Yes, that is fine with me as long as you ask your mother first,” my grandmother said.
“I already asked her and she said it is okay with her,” I said.
“So I guess that means you get to stay with me for a little bit longer than you expected,” my grandmother said.
The time came for my parents and my brother to leave to go back home to our dog Annie and everybody else. My grandmother and I and the rest of the kingdom said our goodbyes and then went back to our day.
The months have gone by and I have visited my parents and brother a couple of times since they left that day. My family and I decided it would be better for me to drop out of school in the normal world and focus on my magic. So, now I go to a magic school where we learn the normal school stuff, but now we also have a magic class. I have learned a lot of magic at school, but my grandmother has also taught me a lot of magic too. I now live in the Fairytale Kingdom.
I ended up living the rest of my life  in the Fairytale Kingdom and learning all sorts of spells and casts. I learned so much and I was so happy that I spent everyday with my grandmother that I never use to see at all. I missed my family, friends, and my dog Annie a lot, but I would visit them every other month which was always nice. I enjoyed living the rest of my life in the Fairytale Kingdom. I actually lived happily ever after.

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