The Day It All Disappeared

October 25, 2016

It was Saturday morning and the sound of the buzzing alarm was ringing in my ears. Wow I can’t believe today is the day I thought. Today was the day I got to see my friend blue for the first time in years. I met Blue when she was only five. Blue was always a tall kid, even in second grade. He had dark green eyes that were so welcoming and soft. 
She got up and walked to the bathroom where there on her rug sat her dog blade. She got Blade when he was a baby. He was left abandoned on the side of the street. He was always an obedient and very kind, and he was easy to train, he never caused trouble. She missed him being so young and so small.  Blade was a real dog that was living and breathing. He was also the last living breathing dog to walk the planet. Many years ago dogs were replaced by robot dogs. After this had happened the government wanted to find Blade and clone him. I wouldn’t let them take Blade away from me.
I looked in the mirror and boy did I look rough. I have brown hair and blue eyes, the kind of eyes you look into and think Wow she looks mean. I’m kind of a mess. I walk out the bathroom door after brushing my hair and teeth and looked out of her window. It was crazy out there. Huge buildings, rushing cars, drones, clones, and much more but there was one thing missing. Nature. I never grew up around much of it but what I did see was absolutely amazing. There were about four trees in the back yard I grew up in, and about twenty others around, there was some grass but not much and one time I found a tiny flower growing out of a patch of dirt. I never saw one again but it was definitely beautiful.
I was four years old when I found that flower, and shortly after that everything disappeared. It started slowly, I would notice bushes were missing, or little patches of grass, but one day after a long nights sleep I looked out the window like I did every morning and it was all gone… nothing at all. There wasn’t even a patch of dirt. There was nothing except these odd silver plates covering every inch of the ground. I was only four at the time and very confused. I was little but I could just feel that there was something odd going on everyone in the house stared to act strange. Mom stopped showing any sign of affection. She just had this look in her eyes, the kind of look someone has when they have given up on life. Dad wouldn’t get out of bed as early, and he stopped making her breakfast in the morning. My brother Alex refused to come out of his room for weeks, he wouldn’t even go to school and the really weird thing was that mom and dad didn’t  even care that he wouldn’t do anything. When I would try to ask them what was happening they would say it was big people stuff and eventually I just stopped asking and kind of got over it. That was until one day I was walking home from school, and I heard a tapping noise on the metal plates but I saw nothing, and then from out of nowhere this boy appeared. “Hi, I’m Blue.” he said.
“Hi…” I said. I asked him where he came from and a lot of other questions before I brought up the whole nature disappearing thing. At first he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about but then he confessed that he knew what happened. He was only six but he was smart for sure. He told me that the government had a plan to make all of the nature die off so they could make more money on technology. That was when I got really scared because I was so young and I just assumed that all of the nature would grow back. A part of me didn’t believe him but boy was he right. A month passed and nothing grew back, and then two months, and on and on and still to this day it was the same. When I looked out of my window all I saw was tall buildings, a shiny ground, drones, and odd robot pets and bugs. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I thought. I wanted to live in a world filled with nature with no more technology. I looked at my phone, 8:19 AM it read. I was late!  I bolted out the door and down the elevator. It smelt like what I remembered grass to smell like because of the defuses all around that put out smells to make it seem more ‘real’. Ha yeah there was nothing real about this place. Anyway I started walking as I was texting Blue to let him know I would be a little late. I was meeting him at the mall I use to like the mall, but I don’t anymore because of all of the robots, clones, and drones flying around. I walked in to see Blue sitting on a bench waiting for me. He looked great he was still very tall and he still had bright green eyes.
“Hi it is so nice to see you again!” I said
“Yeah it is nice to see you Noel, you look so much older!” he replied with joy.
It was so nice to see him.
“so, were do you want to eat?” he asked.
After having a on discussion about what one of us didn’t care were we ate we finally decided on a little restraint in the middle of the mall. We found a table and started talking about what we have been up to the past couple of years. He started talking about how his family has been when all of the sudden a robotic voice comes on over the intercom “The mall is shutting down in 3...2…1” All of the sudden the power went out and it went completely silent, except for all of the babies crying and the low humming of people chattering in confusion. I looked at Blue shocked and confused and he was too.
“what just happened?” he asked, his voice full of confusion.
“I have no clue” I responded.
We both sat there, puzzled for a good couple of minutes until we relished that all of the drones had stopped flying. All of the robots had stopped talking. I got up and started walking towards the door blue followed. I got up to the door and that’s when I realized the door had a large medal covering it.
“Yep, there is no way were getting out of here.” I said.
“Well what are we going to do?” he asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied. I must have sounded concerned because Blue tried to comfort me by saying it would all be ok. Nobody really knew what to do and no one was talking. All of the sudden there was a loud crack noise and BOOM! The sound of glass shattering rang in my ears for a good fifteen seconds. There was a huge chandelier that was hanging from the celling that had fallen. It was bad. Everyone started screaming, at that point I knew there was something up and it wasn’t good. Blue found a hardware store that was right next to the entrance that he managed to sneak into and he brought out a hammer and started banging on the medal with it.
“Stop Blue, that’s not going to work.” I said.
“You don’t know that” he replied.
“Yes I do!” eventually he stopped.
The minute he stopped hitting the metal, alarms started going off they were loud. The medal blanket started slowly rising that was out chance. Blue and I and everyone else dashed out the doors and what we saw when we got outside was crazy. The sky was full of gray clouds and what looked to be water falling from the sky.
“Is that…  rain?!” Blue was shocked and so was I.
“It has not rained since the-“  
“THE PLANTS!” I shouted cutting off Blue.
As the rain fell from the puffy clouds the medal started washing away from the ground. There were bright green patches of grass coming up from the dirt that was under the metal. Everyone was shocked. There was no way this was actually happening. As we looked around we started to realize that all of the bots were gone. There was no proof of any robots or drones no proof of anything! After a while of the rain poring there was nothing, no more robots, no more drones, just grass, buildings, and cars. It was almost like I was a kid except there was more grass. There wasn’t any trees or flowers but there was grass and that was a step in the right direction. It took everyone a couple of minutes and understand what was going on. But after a while everyone started to relies what was going on, some were happy and others were sad because their bot dogs were gone and things like that. Blue and I sat down on a bench and talked for a while but after that he had to leave.
“well it was nice seeing you again” he said
“yeah we should catch up sometime soon.”
We said out goodbyes and went home. After a couple of days the nature started to come back more and more, the trees started to grow and the flowers started to bloom. Everything was great until nature started to disappear little by little…

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