Queen of Hearts

November 4, 2016
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The young girl had fallen off the path and ended up in a gloomy place indeed. Her blue eyes sparkled in curiosity as she noticed the rows of bloody red roses. She spotted a few men in shackles and trotted up to them, Her blonde curls bouncing with every step. Her petite nose wrinkled as she neared the men, a particular sour smell confronting her. The shackles clicked and clacked as they moved almost robotically dipping paintbrushes into buckets again and again, painting the white roses using such precision that not a single detail was out of place.
“Might I ask what you’re doing, sir?”
“Why, we’re painting the roses red, miss,” He replied solemnly as he continued his task.
“Well what is that awful stench?” she questioned haughtily, slightly pinching her upturned nose. All of the men’s shoulders slumped as the same man before spoke up.
“It is the men and women who dare defy the queen.” And with that, he maneuvered thoughtfully so as to keep his chains rather then find himself in the bucket with the others.
The little girl’s brow furrowed as she asked many more questions, all of which were ignored. She was startled when loud trumpets interrupted the quietness surrounding her. An entire entourage of knights in glistening red armor lead a parade filling the garden. As it neared the end, the shackled men dropped to their knees to bow as murmurs of the queen were heard. Finally the queen appeared in all her glory and gloom, her blood red hair and face a perfect heart, all adorned with a crown made of the best silver and rubies in the land.
She giggled in a mad and gleeful way, curling a perfect piece of hair around her finger.
“What seems to be the problem?” Her eyes narrowed microscopically as she picked up her velvety skirts, stepping towards the freshly painted roses. She swiped at the grass with one perfectly manicured finger. “Who has been painting my roses red?” She sneered even though it was quite obvious.
The three men stood bowing as they spoke in unison. “We have, your grace,” she stiffened and curled her lip.
“Off with their heads!”
At the queen’s demand the men were seized dragged to the looming castle without a final glance. The little girl gasped, finally catching the attention of the murderous queen. “B-but they were just doing what you asked,” she insisted with a pout looking at the path where the prisoners had been dragged.
The queen hissed. “And who are you?”
“I am Alice, thank you very much,” she replied sticking up her chin. The queen cackled sending the rest of the knights into a fit as well. 
“Why, it’s just a little girl.” She grabbed Alice’s chin sending panic into the little girls crystal eyes. “Well what are you doing here Alice?” she snarled raising an elegant eyebrow in question.
“W-well, Your Majesty,” she softly said with a curtsy, “I found myself of the path and just ended up here.” She smiled while the queen huffed in disinterest.
A glint appeared in the queen’s eyes. “Well, Alice, do you like to play croquet?” The timid girl sank into a curtsy.
“Yes Your Majesty.”
“Then let us play!” she smirked clapping her hands. A small flurry stirred everything for a game of croquet was magically set up. At the sound of a proud trumpet, there’s a pitter-patting sound before the white rabbit appeared panting.
“I’m here, I’m here Your Majesty.” He yelped as the queen grabbed his ears, lifting him up to see eye to eye.
“You’re late,” she spits in a deadly tone. She let him stutter for a second before cutting him off. “Off with his-“ She delayed by the small girl beside her.
“Not the white rabbit!” Alice whimpers. The queen dropped the rabbit whirling to face Alice as he scampered off.
“Are you saying it’s your fault my rabbit was late?”
“W-well no Your Majesty.”
“Off with her-“ she’s once again interrupted, this time by a tug on her skirts, “what is it?” she shouts, exasperated. That is when Alice notices there has been a little boy her age standing beside the queen the whole time. 
“M-might we have a trial mother? Please, we never do anymore,” he asked politely while Alice nodded her head.
“I suppose so,” she huffed sourly.
The spectacle slowly walked back to the large castle that was as shiny as a new penny, but there was no merriment this time, only the gloom of the soon trial that everyone knew would end in more bloodshed. Nothing could stop the Queen of Hearts. Or so they thought.
The queen sat at her throne, the prince beside her once again in a smaller one. She banged the gavel. “First witness,” she called, bored, while a pair of guards followed the March Hare in. He was babbling about tea. The young girl sighed.
“If all witnesses are this mad I definitely won’t leave with my head.”
The trial went on with questioning of the Mad Hatter  and the Dormouse. Poor Alice had fallen asleep and was slowly awakened when a furry presence brushed against her cheek. She groaned, blinking and gasping when she saw who had awoken her. “Cheshire Cat, what are you doing here? You’ve caused me enough trouble leading me on paths and telling me riddles,” she huffed quietly with a pout. He chucked smiling his signature smile.
“Let’s play one last game, Alice. Come on it’ll be fun.”
“Oh fine but only one more,” she whispered back, a stubborn pout still on her lips. The cat giggled handing her a small cake.
”All you have to do is eat it and you’re out of here!”
“Oh really Cheshire? Thank you, thank you!” she squealed, popping the entire cake into her mouth. Licking her lips she shot up like a rocket, making the entire court freeze in fear, including the queen. “Ha! Take that you mean old queen! I think I’ll be taking my leave now.” She smirked before turning on her heel and starting to walk to the doors leading out. The only problem was once she reached the doors, she was back to her original size and the doors were now blocked by the ever present guards.
“Seize her!” the cold voice demanded.
“Run Alice!” the prince shouted before grabbing the little girl’s hand. He ran, dragging her with him as the guards chased the both of them through the castle and out the gates.
“Find them!” the queen bellowed in fury, “or I will have all of your heads!!”
“My queen,” one courtier bravely spoke up. “What is so bad about the young girl? Surely she can’t do that much damage.”
“If my son takes her to the Queen of Spades, then Alice will once again rule this land and who knows what she will do with that power?” she muttered solemnly, a burning fire in her eyes. She paced to the balcony looking below her at the cloud of red knights set out to find the little girl that could grow into a big problem for the queen.

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