November 4, 2016
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The malevolent ocean reflected the dark green sky and the moon above. On the waters there was a wooden ship being tossed around like a rag doll. Below the ocean waters, Skye feared for her lovely sailor for whom she had fallen in love with.
Skye was a beautiful creature. She had long flowing hair, eyes to die for and a voice of silk. She was unlike the others, she seemed to have a heart, and regret. Her species lived in groups, sirens tend to live in pods. Although she doesn't really like to go along with the crowd. She prefers to be a lone swimmer.She was kind of a loner, she had friends but she never really let them know how she felt. It frustrated her and kept her up at night, that is, if she actually slept. They stay up all night looking for prey to go stalk and hunt. They take shifts. There are the Spotters and the Heartless, as Skye likes to call them. The Spotters are the ones who go out at night and look for kelp and seaweed and such. The Heartless are the ones with the silk voices. Skye was one of them, she endured it. The Sirens are split up into two categories: those who have enticing voices, and those who had more brawns than brains.
Tonight, there would be a Hunt. The first one in a while. She was a little bit nervous, because she liked to impress people even if it meant she had to do something she disliked. She had a few acquaintances in the Heartless. Which made the Hunts a little less painful, but also it made it harder to be friends with them because they had no regret in what they did. And to Skye, that made them even more of savages than they were already.                                                                                                                           
They see a shadow of a ship sailing above their heads. "Skye, you go with Melinda and Faye and catch their attention. Skye could sense something, she could sense that these sailors had knowledge of their existence. Skye starts off in a chorus and then Faye and Melinda join her. This song was in Greek. A sailor boy leans into Skye, "Lad what are you doing? She will kill you the second you lean in" the fact that these sailors know what they're doing makes this all the more difficult for Hunting. Skye, Faye, and Melinda head back underwater to discuss what their plan would be now.
There were sailors everywhere in the water, Poseidon shall be pleased thought Skye. He is always pleased when we have capsized a whole boat. Skye was a part of the Serenades, who would serenade the sailors while the others decided how to kill them. Once a year they have a more traditional Siren killing, they have everyone take shifts in swimming around the boat and serenading them to the point where the sailors forgot their duties and responsibilities. Skye can feel nothing but disappointment in her own kind, “Savages!” she thought. She looked down to see that she was surrounded by a pool of blood stained water.
Skye had always liked the mornings because they were new days, a new time to start again. It was a dark morning again, there is an overcast. Skye loved this weather, because it is so much more dark and peaceful, and she loved the dark , and peaceful. Everyone is recuperating from the big Hunt last night, it took a lot out of everybody. The next day after a Hunt is a celebration because they know
they had pleased Poseidon, He was their God, the God of the Sea. This celebration was in honor of him, an offering more so. Skye liked the idea of Poseidon,  but she would not partake in this celebration because she hates what she is. “Skye come on and join us in the festivities!” shouted Melinda Skye thought for a moment, about if she should respond to Melinda, she was one of Skye’s friends, but Skye didn’t feel like talking so she ignored Melinda.
Skye had a lonely day, because everyone else was at this party,she went exploring. The only reason she could tolerate herself was because she was a creature of the ocean, the deep blue home she has ever known. She knew she was getting far away from everyone, such a daring, rebellious movement, but she didn’t care. Skye was examining some fishes, when a big shadow cast over head, it startled her. She had to look up and see who it was, it was a ship, not a boat. This ship was rather small, but it wasn’t small enough to be considered a boat. Skye let the curiosity get to her, and suddenly she got this overwhelming feeling of need to see what was on that ship. She tried to fight this feeling, but she just couldn’t. She swam up to the top and peered out of the water to see what had caught her attention. It seems to be the ship that she saw earlier. She ducked back down under water to go swim over to the ship discreetly.Skye’s heart was pounding because she knew that something on that boat had to be worth seeing. She got close enough to be able to see all of the people on the boat. She was scanning the boat when something had caught her eye. She looked to the other side of the boat, and there she saw him. Her heart started beating so fast that she thought it was going to explode. That made her nervous, because she couldn’t tell if her heart was actually going to explode. “Scotty, hand me that case of ale.”, said some man on the ship. “Scotty”, Skye thought, that is his name. Scotty had neck
length hair and beautiful green eyes that seemed to shimmer off of the water. He was wearing a sailor's uniform, which is strangely attractive to Skye.
Her mind was racing through so many thoughts that she just couldn’t keep up. These feelings are uncontrollable, she doesn’t know how to keep them at bay. Her mind runs wild.”Hey Skye, where were you?” Skye turned her head to see Melinda staring at her with her arms crossed on her chest. “Oh
umm, I was just going for a swim around, didn’t wanna stick around for the celebration.” Skye swimmed past Melinda, and then swam even faster. She was so nervous, for two reasons, one being that she didn’t want Melinda to tell anyone that Skye had sneaked off, two because she had just seen a man that made her heart beat.
For a few nights, Skye stalked the ship, she didn’t like to think of it as ‘stalking’ but more so watching the ship. She would sneak out at four in the morning and return at about six before anyone would notice. A few nights later, there was a town meeting, for figuring out what ships will be coming soon. Tracy was the council leader/mayor, “Alright, folks, we have sent our guards to look and see if there have been any ships coming in lately, or near the area. We have spotted one, Hooked, is the name of the ship.” Skye’s brain started to go all out of whack. In her memory, she recalled seeing the H on the ships name. Next thing she knows she has started to hyperventilate and sweating, her face got really hot. Tracy cleared her throat again, “I have decided that we will Hunt on the night after next.” So in two days, Skye would see the man she love, die a brutal death.
One more day until the hunt and Skye still had a big decision to make; whether she was going to go, or not. This is was driving her nuts, but she couldn’t tell anyone  because that would  take away the secrecy and thrill to having a love interest. She didn’t want to be exiled. Or worst case scenario, killed, those were the extreme cases or uncooperative citizens. Skye thinks she has made a decision. She will go, but she will not necessarily participate as much as the others, she will sing, then leave discreetly.
The night had come, and the malevolent ocean reflected the dark gray sky and the moon above. On the waters, there was a wooden ship being tossed about like a rag doll. Below the ocean waters, Skye was fearing for the sailor whom she had fallen in love with. “The time has come”, whispered Skye
as she was pacing back and forth. The town decided to meet at the statue of Poseidon. By the time Skye arrived, almost the whole town had shown up and Skye had butterflies in the pit of her stomach. “When the ship is above our heads, you know what to do.”, that was the dismissal for everyone to go into their groups. Everyone seemed to be excited about this, this hunt had something very mysterious and wonderful to it.
The ship became directly over their heads and the signal for the Hunt was released, Skye went with the Serenades to the north side of the boat. The butterflies began to grow even bigger, when they approached the boat, she looked up and saw her lovely sailor drinking ale and laughing at a joke. Skye swallowed and she proceeded to  swim up to the boat with her group. Melinda started the group off in a chorus, and it was Skye’s turn again to seduce the sailors from above the water. She looked under the water to make sure everything was a go, and then she took her last breath underwater and swam to the top. She sang a song that was so beautiful, but yet it had a very dark undertone. The very first sailor to lean in had a gross looking beard and was very grungy, but Skye proceeded on. Then suddenly, everything went crazy, and was in a rush. “Get away lad! She is going to kill you if you don’t back away.” These sailors knew too, they knew too much about them. Skye looked away and looked back again and saw her Sailor, Scotty, with a sharpened spear ready to throw. And in that moment the world stood still, she looked into his sea green eyes, then closed hers, and embraced the pain.

The author's comments:

I wrote this a while back, sophomore year, I wish I had something more to say about what it was about, but I guess, just enjoy. 

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