The Swarm

November 9, 2016
By SETHG BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
SETHG BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Hey my name is JD this is my story but first let me tell you some info on my home planet sera let’s get in to it there was war between the UIR and the COG the war had continued for 75 years then there was peace for 6 weeks then there was an alien race called predators and they came from the inside of sear the war last for 25 years thinks to my dad Adam ok now let’s get into my story.

“JD we need to go,” Del said.
“Ok Del”
Then Kait walk up and said “you are not going “

We got to go we need the power we need the fabricator “fine I’m going to “Kait said

We got to go to the UIR settlement and there was a lot of UIR killer bots Kait and Del was killing the bots I was trying to get the door open I got door open then I said “go get inside get the door ok that should them”
“So JD where is the fabricator” Kait said

It has to be in the bot control hub “come on no it can’t be” Del said
It is Del so come on let’s go “why is there no bots here” Kait said

They are looking for us ok help me get the door open it’s open get in and look for the fabricator. I found it in the construction hub get to the lift go to the 12 floor it in there get in go we need to get back to keep quiet we don’t want to get caught by the bots lets go through the armory and resupply ok let’s move get that door open get the fabricator to the transport go now it’s going to be a min before we get back to the village ok. Anya we got fabricator “good now get the power back on “Anya said

Del get some rest the swarm attack us killed all of the villages and kidnap Anya Kait come get down then they “we got to see him JD” Del said
No, “see who JD,” Kait said

“We need to go now,” Del said
Ok let’s go “JD where are we” Kait said
We are going to my dad’s house he can help us to get your mom back swarm kill them then we can move in go and we are here dad we need your help “with what “Adam said

The swarm “the what “Adam said

The swarm “ok then let’s go to the mine “Adam said
“What there” Del said
“A lot of dead predator’s down in the mine,” Adam said
Ok let’s go “let’s get to the barn because I got some motorcycles there that we can use “Adam said
“JD we can cut though fort Achilles,” Del said

Ok let’s move out. We need to kill the swarm before they kill us "guys the swarm is coming we can cut through the house we can get to the barn from there" Adam said

here let’s get the door open the barn is outside move come on get in " the swarm they are here JD drive " Kait said
"get to the fort go " Adam said
we are here move "omygod there is a lot of dead COG soldiers " Kait said
" the fort was an old COG outpost in the war but it got over run by UIR soldiers in the war ok let’s get out of the rain help me get the door open. We are here the mine has a lift that we can use to get down in the mine let’s see if the power still works come on the power is not coming on the phone will work if there is a power supply the UIR outpost in the town that outpost will have the power to get the phone working "the swarm they are here the outpost they are killing the UIR soldiers"

move though woods go come on Del help me to get the door open " I’m trying " Del said

it's the UIR army we still can call in help here the phone ok he will be here in 15 min. I told him to meet us down the road come move there he is and there is are raid get to it there the swarm outpost there Anya we need to get to her now move and shot them go come on but by the time we got to her she was shot in the head by a swarm leader

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