The Apocalypse Adventures

November 7, 2016
By Anonymous

RipCage and BoneSaw were twins and the bestest of friends even though it had been years after the zombie apocalypse had started they were the sons of Renagade the legendary hero of the zombie apocalypse. There childhood was not the best when they were 4 a man that had just been rescued by renagade turned and shot him dead. From that day they had always been weary of strangers.

Thoe it had been 25 years since the start of the apocalypse they had not really gained control of many big towns detroit and lansing are still overrun with the walkers there are some outposts such as Bitemouthe and The Lando both are pretty interesting Bitemouthe is suspended over a massive sinkhole and The Lando is the old mackinac Island and both have shops and rooms for the lonely wanderer. Renegade in his first year made the first outpost out of a old plaza in mackinaw city 24 years ago. 

RC and BS lived from place to place typically traveling in their very own cart powered by perpetual motion and thoe it was nice and held a lot of things it could not always outrun the walkers so they ad to use their bikes to pull it along a lot. Fuel was in short supply and not even all of that hasted all that long. Many people had horse and buggy along with sailing ships but this was not always the best.

RC and BS after traveling for many suns and many moons found themselves near the great city of Detroit the questioned going in but the chances of finding loot overwhelmed them and they entered the city not under their best judgement. At first it was fun but things changed fast they found themselves inside an apartment building they barricaded the doors with some couches and chairs. They were terrified, they did not know if they were going to die. They decided to loot all they could find they collected some jewelry and cash and coins these things got big mula from the traders. Next they got together pillows and blankets these got good prices from the customers and everyday folk they found a room that had appeared to been used recently so they grabbed their weapons and investigated the upper levels for others they found a man in the penthouse who had their father’s knife. BC said “ HEY THAT WAS ARE FATHER’S KNIFE WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!!!!” The man said “you are Renegades kids how amusing I am the one who killed that no good do gooder.” then the man walked towards BoneSaw and said “I am sorry” then he stabbed him in the neck cutting off his head. RipCage freaked out and pulled out his pistol and said “ this was my fathers and now i am going to kill YOU!” he pulled the trigger and put a hole in his head then grabbed a sheet and wrapped up his brother and lugged him down stairs and put him in the cart.


It was a long and lonesome journey he did not see a thing the zombies where at bay as the fog rolled gracefully over the bumps and the cracks in the road and through the trees and over the water as if gentle clouds had given a warm blanket to the lake it took hours and he never stopped. When he finally reached his destination he was at his father's village, where he was buried. This is where his brother would be laid to rest.   

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