The Game

October 25, 2016

“Oh my! Thanks mom! I can’t believe you actually got it!” I yelled back at her running to my room where my foster sister and a few friends were waiting. She isn’t my real mom of course; she is my foster mom. Nina and I are both in foster care and we both have the same foster parents. My foster mom is a doctor so she’s not home much, but when she is she’s the best. My foster dad is a store owner. He usually is gone a lot too but he’s a nice person.
“I want to play first!” Nina shouted at the top of her lungs. Nina is my foster sister, had only been with us a few weeks and she had adjusted to our ways of living very well. My foster parents are wanting to adopt her soon.
“No I get to play first!” Joe yelled louder than Nina was. Joe is one of my best friends, he has been my friend for about six years now. He basically lives with my family and me because he is over so much.
“Guys, everyone can play at once. There is no need to fight,” Joe said calmly.
“Okay guys, get ready!” Chris said excitedly. Chris has been my friend for about three years now. I have closer friends but he is a pretty close one.
Bsshhooooooooppppp! “ Yay! It really worked, guys. We are in the game!” I yelled.
We all started to run towards the first coin fighting each other for it. Joe got there before any of us and got the first coin. While he was getting the coin Nina, Chris, and I were fighting each other. I think Nina kicked me in the face and I punched Chris in the nose. Joe waited for us to stop fighting. Let me tell you that didn’t take long. We looked up about thirty seconds after he got the coin and saw something bigger than anything any of us ever saw towering over us! We soon realized that we could fight the humongous robot with the weapons the game provided us with.
Chris tried his hardest to hit the robot with one of the weapons he had.
“Dang it! I missed,” he yelled in disappointment.
He tried to hit it again and got it in the arm. The robot’s arm fallen off and we all ran for it with our weapons out killing it.
  “Yes, we did it! Take that, Robot! Try us!” Nina yelled in his dead robot face.
We all soon started running forward thinking the next thing to come at us was going to happen as soon as we started running. After running for a few minutes we all started to get that feeling you get when you are going to give up. I decided to sit down and wait a few minutes, so the others sat down too. We quickly stood back up and started screaming and running again. There was a giant monster truck driving right for us. Before, we had heard it coming but we just thought it was another level in the game.
“What are we going to do? We can’t just run the whole time!” Nina screamed at us.
“I’m not sure!” I heard Joe scream back at her.
“Come on! You are the guys your supposed to know about these things!”
“I got it!” exclaimed Joe.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Tell us!” I yelled to him.
“Hold on,” he said as he was looking at what the game gives us.
“Wow! I did not know they gave us a monster truck,” Nina yelled as Joe transformed into a truck.
Joe drove full speed towards the other truck and they smashed into each other. As the other one slowed down a little bit Joe smashed into him again. The truck still didn’t stop so Joe decided to smash into him one more time. This time the truck stopped completely and cannot start again. 
He soon changed back into himself saying confidently, “I did it!”
“Good job!” we all yelled back at him.
We all decided to keep moving and to not stop for a while. I thought to myself, this isn’t as fun as the commercials made it look. I didn’t know I was saying it out loud until someone quietly answered me. I couldn’t tell what they said because it was almost silent like they were afraid or something. I know I was afraid, so my friends and sister must be also.
All we saw at that time was white walls with trees drawn on them. There’s a big yellow tractor to the right and just green grass to the left. As we keep walking forwards we come to the end and all we see is an old brown bookcase. It has books and a few decorations. We all just stared at it like it’s supposed to move or something when we get there.
  “Should we try to move it or something,” Chris asked confused.
“Yeah let’s try on three!” Joe replied.
“One, Two, three!” Nina shouted.
“Why won’t it move?” I said.
“Pushing it is not going to work. We need to try something else,” Chris said.
  We looked at it for a few seconds and then I started pulling books to see if it’s one of those secret doors. I pulled on this decoration that looks like a wood carving and the door slides over. There is a long dark hall way that you have to walk down. As we started walking down the creepy hall way one single light turned on. It wasn’t too dark where we couldn’t see where we were going but it was just dark enough it was still creepy. There were these huge spider webs on the doors, let me just say I hate spiders and they were all over the place in there. We finally got to an opening in the hallway where we could get out.
“Finally it was starting to get really creepy in there!” Nina said scared.
There was this red mustang car that was just sitting there with the keys in it. We all looked in it and wondered if we could drive it to the next level. We got in it and I tried to drive it. It worked at first but then the car took over, and I was no longer driving. The car took the seat belts tight and would not unlatch, the doors locked, and the car started driving fast. That’s the moment I realized this was not just a game. This was life or death and we need to get out as soon as possible.
“How are we supposed to get out of this car!” Joe yelled frightened.
“I think I have an idea,” I shouted.
“Okay would you like to share that idea or just keep it to yourself?” Nina replied.
“Okay so what is it?”
“If we just act like we are having fun, the car will get bored and stop”
“Okay, let’s do this!”
`As we all are sitting in the car when Chris makes a joke and we all start laughing. The car starts to slow down but not a lot. Joe started to make jokes to and before we know it the car is stopped and we are dying of laughter.
“Guys the car is stopped!” Nina shouted excitedly. 
“Let’s get out and push the button to go home,” Chris replied.
“Okay let’s go,” Joe said.
I’m of course completely okay with that but, the button that is supposed to take us home isn’t working. It says that we have to finish the levels we are on before we can go home.
“What, we are supposed to be able to leave whenever we want!” Nina shouted madly.  
“Let’s just finish and then go home,” I said.
“Okay fine.”
We soon started walking down a long narrow path where only one person can go at a time. There is a river full of sharp jagged rocks underneath and you have to walk very careful and very slow. The narrow path is like an old bridge that can fall at any time. As we are walking on the narrow bridge I fall. My foster sister Nina yelled at Chris and Joe so they know I’m falling. Everyone, including myself, think I’m going to die but out of nowhere this bird swoops down and saved me. It takes me to the other side where Chris is and flew off quickly. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen; it was gold with these bright blue feathers, that were the color of the sky but looked like the ocean.
Suddenly a screen shows up on the wall and it said, “You are three fourths of the way done. Finish game to leave.”
“So, we basically have one more big obstacle till we can go home,” Joe said.
We were walking when we see this shadow of a man behind us.
‘Did you see that?” Nina flightily said.
“Yes, I did not know other people were in this game with us,” Chris said.
“I don’t think there is; I think that’s our next obstacle,” I said to them.
“So what are we supposed to do?” Joe said quietly.
“We need to defeat him somehow.”
“Okay, how do we do that?”
“I’m not sure yet.”
“Well, you better think fast!” Nina yelled frightened.
“Because it’s coming for us!”
“What do you mean?”
“Look behind you!”
I looked behind me to see what she was talking about, even though I thought it was nothing. When I turned around again I see the big black shadow towering over me. I screamed so loud I think the people outside of the game can even here me. I started running as fast as I can, like if I don’t run I’m going to die. I quickly looked behind me to see if the shadow is still following me, I see it and not very far behind it I see my friends. I want to stop running; in fact, I try to stop but my body just will not let me. It’s like I am on the continuous cycle and I can’t stop.
“Just stop running and use something the game gave you to fight him off!” Chris yelled.
“I can’t!”
“Yes you can just stop!”
“My body won’t let me. I have tried!”
“Try harder! Just concentrate, you can do anything when you set your mind to it.”
“It’s not working!”
“Try harder!”
“I will try.”
“Good job! Now it’s all up to you; you have to do this on your own,”
“What? I cannot do this by myself!”
“Yes you can, and you will!”
   I took out the control the game gave us. I looked for the electrical shock button, and pointed it towards the shadow. I pushed the button as I watched the shadow get electrocuted. It made him a little weak but he had not yet died. The shadow decided he was going to fight back. He came at me with all his force and his hands out. He punched me so hard that I fell and slid ten feet. I got back up and chose another control. I wasn’t sure which one I had chosen but whatever it was it worked. The shadow fell down to the ground and burst into flames.
“You did it!” Nina yelled excitedly.
“Yeah I guess it did.”
The wall suddenly opened up.
The announcements said, “You may go home now.”
We all ran out so fast and suddenly we were back in my bedroom like we never left; and suddenly I was the only one who remembered what had happened.

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