Mission Impossible

October 25, 2016

“Hi, I’m CiCi Evans, I’m sixteen years old. I’ve been in this organization for ten years now.” I said.
The organization looked at me for a minute. They all pretty much knew me by now, they took me in when I was six years old. My parents were both in the organization together they were partners. They went together on this crazy dangerous mission  and  they never came back. The trackers went off the map, we never heard from them again. That happened in 2320, it’s now 2330.
This new lady in the organization started talking, “So they hired me last month, they have a new mission for you.”
I’m always careful on these new missions so I asked, “What kind of mission is it?”
“Well first we need to assign you a partner, no one can do this by themselves.” They said.
I have never had a partner before, I’m so excited. “So when do I get one? Who is it?” I  asked eagerly.
She looked at the agents whispering, “Should I tell her or  show her.”
Before they could answer, I quickly said, “Show me!”
They looked over and they all said, “Well I guess she answered for us.”
All the agents stood up and walked over to the door, I was right behind them. We then  got in the flying car which had bulletproof glass, because you never know when something is going to go wrong. We took off the ground and saw the town of Shourdhallow, it was so cool from above. The town is made of new synthetic walls for all the buildings. As we were flying out over the town when one of the guys started whispering. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but it seemed important, he had his special earpiece. He told everyone to be silent. As he started to get that look on his face when you try to stay calm but can’t. The driver then started to lower the car to the ground. Then we got out of the car and walked over to our other building that most people don’t know about. We went to the fifth floor, we went to the back room where there were a whole bunch of agents standing outside the door. The guy next to me whispered a codeword in the man’s ear to let us in. He moved out of the way and let us in. Standing there was a boy about my age. He looked at me and walked to his chair. There were eight chairs surrounding the long table. We sat across from each other. He just stared at me not saying a word. Finally everyone started whispering to each other about what they were going to say to us… well how they were going to say it to us.
“Okay, what is this about.” The kid said across from me.
“ Well you guys are partners now. We have a mission that we need both of you to do. You have two weeks to get ready.” said the man that was blocking the door, that I have never seen before.
The boy and I looked at each other confused.
“ I don’t know her. How do you want me to work with someone I don’t know?” asked the boy.
“That’s the thing, we know that you are both experienced, and will work well together. So it won’t be that hard to get to know each other.” said the man that let us in the room.
We don’t really say our names that often in the organization. We go off features most of the time.
“So why do we have to work together? I have been working by myself for years now. I don’t understand why I need someone now?” I said.
“Well, we have a special mission for you and have never been successful before. We thought they would never expect kids coming at them, you have more strength and more power than they do.” someone else said.
“I don’t believe you guys!, this is crazy. You  don’t expect us to do this… Right?” I said shaky.
They stared at us just sitting there. This kid was just now standing there looking down at me. We looked at each other we were both scared I could just tell by his facial expression.
“Can we have a second to think about this?” I asked them.
They looked at  us and said, you have two minutes to talk about this. I stood up and started walking to the door the boy walking closely behind me. We shut the door and walked to a hallway.
“So what should we do?” I asked.
“I mean it’s not like I have anything else going on right now so I guess I’ll do it. It is up to you if you say yes.” he said
“ I guess I’ll do it, do we even know what it is yet?” I asked.
He shook his head no. We walked back to the room together and opened the door. He shut the door behind us, we went back to our seats and sat down.
“So what is it going to be?” they all asked.
We looked at each other and shook our heads, “Yes we will do it.” he said.
They were all smiling. “So what’s this mission?” I asked. 
“ You all know the planet Estroth right?” asked this other guy that I have never seen before.
“Yes, it’s that one planet that doesn’t have life on it, well that we know of right?” I asked.
“Yes, we now think there is life and they set an attack on us. We have been intercepting messages  here for awhile now but we haven’t thought anything of it. We have sent people there before but they always come back scared and won’t talk about what’s going on up there. So we thought that if we sent you guys up there  we would have some idea what’s going on.” said one of the girls.
We looked at each other “When do we start training?” He asked.
“We want to take you right now if possible?” They said.
We looked at each other and shook our heads up and down. Then we all got up and walked out to the car, and took off as we watched out the window. No one said anything the whole flight, we finally arrived. Standing there was a guy and a girl. I have never seen them before they looked scary. We walked up and introduced ourselves.
“Hi, I’m CiCi Evans.” I said.
“ Hi, I’m Milbert Dunup.” The boy that now has a name.
They turned around and walked toward the door not saying anything. Milbert and I looked at each other not knowing what to do or say. We were all alone with these people that we don’t know anything about. Milbert and I don’t know one another but all we have is each other.
“What do you think they will make us do? How long are we here?” I whispered 
Milbert said quietly, “I hope not long, I don’t like it here.”
We stopped in front of this big door, they stood there for a minute. We stopped a few steps behind them. They had put their hand on this pad started moving their mouth but I couldn’t tell what they were saying.
        Someone finally came to the door and let us in. We walked in this enormous room. There were purple mats scattered across the floor, and people were in there when we entered. They all looked at us and went back to what they were doing. We walked over to this guy that was working with someone else. The boy and girl that walked us in pulled this guy to the corner. They came back over and they pulled us to the corner.
“This is your new guardian for the next five months. His name is Ralph.” said the guy.
“Okay that’s cool. What are we going to do for the next five months? I thought you guys said this is a two week mission?” Milbert asked.
“ You are going to go through really hard training. This is the best of the best. This is how they know if you will be able to do this mission. Everyone here is all going through the same training. You will eat, sleep, pretty much live here. You will do whatever Ralph ask of you. You will listen like he is your parent.” Said the girl.
Ralph called us over. The girl said,  “Remember what I told you.”
We jogged over to Ralph. “Hey guys, I guess I’m like your parent now. So what’s your names? Oh yeah, I don’t know if you know my name or not but it’s Ralph.”He said.
“Hey Ralph, I’m CiCi Evans, we knew your name, the people that walked us in told us when we were in the corner.” I said.
“I’m Milbert, so what are you going to do with us? Do we stay with you for training or do we have someone else?” asked Milbert.
“I think I’m training you from this point on. They might want you to do some other training that I can’t help you with.” Ralph said.
We looked at each other and just shook our heads. “Where and when do we start training?” asked Milbert.
“We are starting now.” Ralph said.
Then he started to walk to the other mats leaving the people he was working with.
“Come on guys we don’t have all day.” Ralph said.
“We’re coming can you hold on for like two minutes?” Milbert asked
“Sure make it’s fast.” Ralph said.
Milbert pulled me to the corner. “ I don’t know if I want to do this anymore. This is boring, we haven’t done anything. We have been here for two hours.” Milbert said concerned.
“We have to do this, Shroudhallow is counting on us even though they don’t know it yet. I don’t want to be here either but we said that we would and now we’re here. We are doing it, we are going back home, and we are going to  be okay we have each other's backs.” I said.
We walked back to the mats.
“Let’s start.” I said.
“First we need to go upstairs” said Ralph.
We walked up the stairs and the lights were all off. They made us put vests on, and handed us laser guns. He didn’t tell us what was going on, he just handed us this and shut the door. Milbert called my name. We couldn’t see anything, they turned on these neon dark blue lights it was still dark until our vest lit up and I could see Milbert. We walked to each other being careful not to touch anything yet. A voice came out of the vest and started talking to us. I couldn’t tell who it was. They started giving us orders. They told us that we had to watch out for creatures. Next thing we knew there was something that kept popping up. We aimed our guns and starting shooting at it with our lasers. We didn't expect ourselves to do it, it just happened. When we finished it was time to eat.
“The food is nasty.” Milbert whispered in my ear. It was  noodles that were almost burnt, with this sauce that had some weird green chunks in it. Everyone else thought it was good except us. We had about the same dinner every night they just added different things into it.
“Time for bed.” This guy said echoing through the whole room.
Everyone got up and went to their beds. We followed Ralph as we walked passed the laser room and  went up another flight of stairs. They opened this big room full of big beds. Everyone went to theirs.
“Follow me your beds are over here.” Ralph said.
We walked over to where our beds were they were big not as big as everyone else's but they were big. They had nice big pink down blankets for the ladies and blue for the men on them to stay warm. Everyone turned their lights out and so did we. Milbert’s bed was right next to mine.
“So tell me more about you.” I said to Milbert.
“Well there's not much to tell. I was born sixteen years ago. My parents disappeared when I was six. They went on a mission and their trackers just went off the grid. They tried going and finding them but they couldn't. So how about you, tell me about you.” asked Milbert
“Well my parents went on this crazy dangerous mission and then something happened and their trackers went off the grid. They couldn't find out what happened. So one of the agents took me in. I was 6 when that happened. I'm sixteen now and that's about it.” I said.
Milbert turned on a flashlight that he had. His blonde hair was a mess. His blue eyes sparkled under the light that he had.
“Our story is like exactly the same, this is so weird.” he said.
“That's weird, what if they were on the same mission and they were together when it happened.” I said.
We turned off the light and went to bed, two weeks went by, we and trained every day, some things were different and some repeating. They gave us five months of clothes and food. They wanted us to be prepared for anything. We received a new model plane they made a couple of  months ago. Then we headed off to our base station. We arrived three hours later. The mission officially started, it was just Milbert and I. We went out on our gadgets.  We then went out looking for the creatures. We had to be careful of traps, they told us never to get too comfortable. We saw this big building that was far away, we decided that we should turn on our invisibility. Not even the highest technology can beat ours. We got to the building, we saw something  in there. I couldn't make out what it was.
“We need to get in there. We need to find out what they have against us and what they are going to do to us.” I said.
He looked at me “Are you sure you're ready, we can come back tomorrow?”
“Yes, I think they did this to our parents, they captured them.” I said.
“Let's go then.” he said.
We found this hole that we can enter through, and started to look around. There was a door that said, “Employees Only Do Not Enter.” We opened the door and saw there were a bunch of papers some with pictures on them.The door started to open so we hurried up and hid. We had our guns ready just in case we needed them, we didn’t want to use them. We couldn’t let them know we’re there. The creature finally left. We hurried and got up to look at any information we could find.
“That picture, it looks like my mom, they still have them here. It says what section they are in.” I said.
“That's my dad.” he said.
“They are by each other, let's go.” I said.
We ran out of the room. There are creatures everywhere nothing can see us. Finally we get to the room. We looked inside the window and saw nothing. We sat by the door and we both started crying
“What are we going to do?” I asked.
“There's nothing we can do” He said. We went back to the hole where we came from and went back to base. We ate and went to bed. I looked at my watch 6:15 a.m. I looked over at Milbert still asleep. I woke up to go over the papers that we took. What happened to our parents? We need to go back. Milbert woke up a little later and saw me sitting there with the papers.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“We are going back and doing what the organization needs us to do. We can't worry about our parents right now.”I said.
We went back to the building of the unknown. We found the hole in the wall again. We started walking through the entire building. All we found were some more papers. There was a loud echo,  every creature stopped what they were doing.
“Having a meeting in five minutes, get here now” Said the weird voice.
We followed “ What do you think this is about?” I asked him.
“We are about to find out aren't we?” He said.
We walked past the room that we were in yesterday, and went into this room with a whole bunch of orange chairs and tinted windows. I turned on my watch to the voice recorder.
“The government is sending people from Shourdhollow here again. They think that we are trying to attack them. We have tried to tell them that it's not us but they don't believe us.
“So what should we do next?” asked this strange creature.
“We need to tell them it's not us again.” screamed another creature.
“They think that the four missing agents is our fault, but it wasn't from what I know. We don't want to hurt anyone.” said that one again
“I think they are just saying this because they know we are in here.” Milbert said.
“Everyone is excused from this meeting.” They said
We stayed.
“We know that they are coming we just don't know when. If we do what we did the last time, cover up whatever we can, capture them, and hide them again. They will never know it was us .” said the creature who ran the meeting.
I turned my invisibility off. “What did we ever do to you? Why did you have to take my parents?” I asked.
They looked at me “ What do you think you are doing here?”
“Answer me first.” I said.
“Nothing that's what you guys did nothing, we just don't like you.” they said.
“Why though?” I asked.
“Like I said we just don’t like you.” they said.
“What do you want from us then?” I asked.
“We want you to leave us alone and not come back here.” they said.
“We want you to stop sending creatures down to us. We also want our parents back. We also don’t want to fight with you. Can we make a deal?” I asked.
“If you guys leave us alone and don’t talk to us then we will do that.” they said.
“That sounds good.” I said.
I turned around and faced Milbert.
“We are getting our parents back!” I said.
“Yes, we are, are we still going to be friends?” he asked.
“Yes, you're my partner we are going on missions together.” I said.
We called Shourdhallow and told them everything that happened, they were picking us up. We got in the car and we let them listen to the voice recording. We pulled up to the building and saw new people, they kinda looked like the pictures. I looked at my parents and ran to them. They picked me up holding me super tight. Milbert looked at his parents. He walked over and started crying, he doesn't remember them very well. Milbert looked at me, walked over and gave me a big hug.   
It's been two years since that happened, we are still best friends. We haven't had any problems since we talked to the creature. Everything has been good. Our parents are good. Milbert lives right next to me. We still see Ralph every now. He's doing well. Everything is just perfect in Shourdhallow.

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