The Kind

October 25, 2016
By breannadolbee21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
breannadolbee21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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About thirteen years ago I was walking down the alley to get home from the café. I felt a slight breeze. I saw a dark shadow in the distance by the trash can.
I said “Who’s there.” 
A man’s voice said, “Please help me” as I saw blood drip from his head and neck.
I ran towards him as I dropped my purse. I screamed for help but it was too late. As I felt his heart beat get slower, I yelled louder and louder. Finally, I saw a police car drive by. I started running towards it. Then suddenly I hit the wall. I felt a sharp pain in my neck, as if someone had stabbed my neck. I felt my wound and it felt like the man’s wound.  He was lying next to me as I heard a higher and more steady voice.
I asked her, “What do you want from me?”
She said “I don’t want anything from you.”
After a while the police stopped questioning me and put me back in my cell. I laid down and tried to think of more to tell them about Sarah. A few hours later I went up to them and told them I needed to talk.
So I started telling them about Sarah Marie Lockride. Sarah was a seventeen year old girl who only carried about herself. She causes a lot of trouble.
I told them that “Sarah made us kill people around the world.” They did not believe me.  I continue to say “We traveled around the world with our super speed.  She said if we did not turn them into one of us and….”
The officer rudely interrupted and said “What are you…”
“I am not able to tell you,” I said.
He said “All your kind is dead, but you, so you can tell us.”
“No they are not” I said.
“Yes they are … unless you are not telling us everything.”
“Well…ok,” I whispered
“Only ten of my kind are left.”
He said, “Why are whispering?”
I said, “All of us have super hearing too.”
He mumbled, “Yeah right.”
They put me back in my jail cell. Of course, I have not eaten in ten days but once I break out I will take over the world and over rule Sarah. They made it so I could not break out of here, so I will have to be smarter than them.
A few weeks later, I used my invisibility and hid. When they were looking for me, they left open the door. I stepped out of my cell and walked down the hallway. Then at that moment, I remember the alarms they have on the doors. If I open it, the alarm will go off, and then my chance is ruined. I tried to think of the code and tried to put it in, it did not work so I would have to escape another day.
I stayed invisible until I got to the bathroom and I became visible again. I walked out and they were confused because they had already checked the bathroom. They put me back in my cage and they found out that used my invisibility because of my cell mate June. She is the blabbermouth in this jail. Everyone hated her. She is the reason they are all here. Including me.
She told them my plan, how I was going to escape after they caught me so I would not try again.
They put me in the special room where I could not escape but I knew I could without June.  June was one of us until they used the last bit of the medicine on her. Then she told them where I was.
My brothers and sisters will continue to take over the world while I sat there and tried to escape. Then one day they let us go outside to get fresh air and I used my invisibility and I finally escaped.
I ran to my brothers and my sisters and told them how I escaped. They were proud of me and they really wanted me to help them kill Sarah but I was one-step ahead of them.
In the distance, I heard someone.
“Alayna where are you, I know you are here.”
It was my little sister Julianna. She was a human and we all made a promise to never turn her into a vampire. We wanted her to live a perfect life. I ran to her and hugged her, I tried holding myself back from hurting her, and my brothers had to hold me back. They took her into our house and they took me hunting for food.
They were trying this new thing where they hunted animals. I caught a deer and tried it. It did not taste the best but I was hungry. I ate two deer.
After I got home, I took a shower. As I felt, the hot water run down my back I heard a loud noise down stairs. I quickly got dressed and ran down stairs.  I heard her scream.  When I went down stairs, Julianna was laying on the floor. When I went pick her up blood was dripping from her neck.
I saw Sarah in the corner. I saw the anger in her eyes. She knew I told the police about her. When my brothers and sisters got home, I had to tell them what happened. They were upset. After a while, I went to check on her. I went to hug Julianna, and she was scared. I told her it was okay Sarah was gone and she could not hurt her any more. She hugged me.
The next day Julianna, Sam, Mia, Jill and I went shopping. We had to get some food for the house to make it look that we could eat but we could not.  We can back home and put the food away.
Then next day I could not eat animals because they did not taste right so I snuck out of the house and I took Julianna with me to Texas and finally attacked someone. I could not help myself but to attack.
His name was Max. He was 37 years old. The police found the body and thought it was Sarah so they looked for her harder and harder. I got the blood off our clothes and went back to bed. I heard a loud knock on the front door. I got up and answered it. It was Sarah. She said we needed to talk.
I let her in and we went to my room. She started to say something and then another loud knock on the door. Sarah and I got up and saw it was the police. We ran and hid. We had Julianna answer it. They asked if I was there and she said no and closed the door. Then the next day they came with a warrant to search the house. They found all of us even Sarah they put Julianna in a foster home until they made us human. Sarah bit an officer when they arrested her.
After Sarah bit the police officer, he escaped from the sheriff. The next day when everyone woke, everyone was one of us.

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