October 25, 2016
By gerardom BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
gerardom BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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“Run! Jake what are you doing let’s go! Run! “
“What? what's happening? Justin's what's happening?!”
“Go! Hurry! We need to go now, Jake let’s go”.
“Tell me what's happening now!”
I could see Justin's arm bleeding, it looked as if it was bitten, with jagged holes in his arm. And he was sweating like he was on fire. His clothes were torn apart, shredded with them only partly covering his body.
“Be quiet, Jake.”
“No tell me wha-”
“Seriously shut up! Do you hear that?”
“What? I don't hear anything.”
“Exactly. Behind that wall go.”
As I went behind the wall I started hearing it too. There was absolutely nothing. That never happens at all for there was always talking or noises of things being transported. Even when I woke I was hearing screaming with whatever was happening. As I looked around the corner of the wall I was behind I saw something more horrific than what I've ever seen before. A tiger with a bear both mauling  one man tearing him to shreds. His blood had splattered all over the walls as if a kid was messing with red paint. Except as if it was red paint that smelled a horrible stench as if someone were to go into a dumpster full of rotten food spread along his clothes. The stench was unbearable, I wanted to vomit, my stomach was churning and doing backflips.
“Jake let’s go.”
“Wait but-”
“No, you know it and I know it, he's dead. Let's go to the helipad we have to get on a chopper now.”
“Ok let's go.”
As we were running, millions of questions were going through my mind; where were we? Last time we were on dry land and then I blacked out. I knew we were by or on the ocean for the salty water’s smell. I knew it was salt water for when I lived in my home with my parents in the tiny cabin where no one could bother us. Down deep in the big woods of Alaska. Just me, my family, the wilderness, and the ocean. When I came out of my daydream I was in the middle of a conversation in a chopper with Justin.
“I'm sorry can you repeat that again, Justin?”
“Sure. Something happened with the animals, when we we transporting the across the Atlantic all we hear is a roar. A roar like none other as if the animals were angry.”
“Wait, wait, wait slow down, animals don't have feelings ,Justin, you know that. You're the one that even proved that.”
“I know but, this roar was like no other make you have to understand.”
“Okay I think I understand. Wait! Where's Josh?!”
“Cheerio govna. Top o the mornin to ya.” Josh exclaimed.
“Oh my God Josh! I was worried you ended up like that guy.”
“Oh please sir! I'm too good for that, that would never happen to me sir.” Josh said with a c***y remark.
“I know, and stop the stupid British accent you're terrible at it. Plus stop calling me sir. It makes me feel awkward. Anyways where are we going?”
“We’re going to Africa at headquarters. We need to figure out what's going on,” said Justin.
When we reached the base it was chaos, like hell on earth. People screaming in pain, soldiers everywhere on carriers, and soldiers on H.O.F.T.s (Helicopters of Future Transportation) . When we got to HQ, people were yelling at each other around the table.
“Commander, what's happening sir,” I said while yelling just so he could hear me and so that way the people would shut up.
“As you may have seen on the ship, our animals have these electronic devices connected to their head. That device on their head is what makes us control them. It lets us read their brainwave activities and lets us control them to do what we want them to do, such as fighting for us in the war. For the past week the animals brainwave activity has been spiking like crazy. We've gotten in animal experts and scientists from around the world to see what's happening with the animals. They couldn't figure out what's wrong with them or what's causing the spikes in their brain, but they knew something was wrong. While we were performing surgery on one of the animals, one with one of the biggest spikings than the other animals it got up and attacked the doctors. Only one survived but in critical condition. During the chaos we shot it with tranquilizers strong enough to take down two elephants. It seemed to only anger the savage beast even more. During the chaos the tiger escaped and ran to the animals pen. At the same time this happened on our land base it also happened at the exact same time on our submarine base and aircraft base.”
“So you're telling me that all of our bases have been hijacked of some kind?” I questioned him with a confused and worried expression on my face.
“That's exactly what I'm saying. Not only that but what we were arguing about was what to do with the animals before  you got here and so rudely interrupted.”
“Sorry sir it won't happen again,” I say embarrassed.
“Apology accepted. Anyways we were arguing on whether to terminate the animals or try to turn them back with us somehow.”
“Why don't you just control them back so we can have control over them again?”
“We've tried, but our engineers say that we can't because of the animals brainwaves activities. You see when we put on the animal's head set it inserts a injection into their brain.”
“So then that must be how you guys monitor their brainwave activity and control them right?” Says Josh with him just now finally getting what's going on.
“Yes Josh,” ,says Justin rolling his eyes.
“Anyways, since it’s injected into their brain there is a small risk of it being electrified from the brainwaves electricity while sending signals. Although we didn’t have to worry about that because our chips could withstand about 20 watts;but somehow when the spikings happened the animal's  brain electricity got even faster causing even more electricity and fried the chips. We even monitored  their electricity which somehow reached 100 watts of electricity.”
“Wait let me try”. I said as quickly as I could before the commander could say anything about ending the animal’s lives or some extreme option like that.
“Yes, what is it?” The commander says with a look and a voice of desperation.
“I can train them to be back with us,” I said
“How is that possible?” The commander asked looking intrigued in what i was saying.
“Me and my group here can help you. This is what we were trained for.”
“Ok, I need you to go to the air base on the helicraft. That's the main control of all the headsets for the animals.”
“Ok, I understand.”
“Well, let’s go!” Exclaimed JJosh
“Wait, before you go you will need some help. “
“I don’t think so, sir,” said Justin with a c***y remark. “We can do it just fine by ourselves. I don’t think we will need any help.”
“Ok, but, just in case, take this; it’s called Heat, it will let you see anything that has a heat signature and can camouflage your heat signature with your surroundings.”
“These glasses look very funky sir,” says Josh while looking at it from all angles. I think we’ll be just fine sir. We don’t need these, that will ruin what’s behind a door or around a corner, that’s what an adventure is all about”, exclaims Josh while smiling.
“Okaaaay, if you say so. Says the commander while looking at Josh as if he just saw an alien.
“Ok let’s go team,” I say as if I was in a movie. “I’ve always wanted to say that,” I say to Justin and Josh.
“You silly wanker thats rubbish. It's just bollocks of what your saying now” says Josh while rolling his eyes.

When we got to the Hoft and started flying it was a tiring flight and a quiet one, probably from the anxiety of what we were about to do. It was frightening, we were about to run head first to dangerous animals that we use for fighting for us that have trained to kill humans. I was a nervous wreck, we might as well have just said our goodbyes and set a funeral and etc. Even Josh who always seemed happy, energetic, never afraid seemed afraid. I’m not saying that I wasn’t afraid for i would be lying. As the closer we got to the helicraft I got more and more tense and paranoid. I think that we all realized what we were about to do was crazy. I mean what we were about to do was try to tame the animals again. Dangerous animals, animals that could kill us in an instant, and us here we were trying to tame them, no technology or anything helping us. This was a death wish.
When we finally reached the helicraft it was like a deserted town. No jets, HOFTS, helicopters, nothing. As our pilot wished us luck he flew away, what happened next was horrific and is troubling for me to remember. As the pilot flew away a bald eagle like no other for it was gigantic, it swept from above and attacked the helicopter. It somehow broke through the windshield, the glass was strong enough to stop a rocket launcher, and it somehow broke through the glass with ease. As our pilot screamed for help he jumped off the helicopter. The enormous eagle followed quickly to catch its prey.  The next thing I know we see the pilot again high above us, above the helicraft, and the eagle speeding up to catch the pilot. The eagle reached the pilot and snapped him in half, with his waist down falling to the ground. A rain of blood poured on us. Then that’s when the eagle noticed us.
“Run!”screams Josh starting to run.
As we sprint to the inside of the helicraft the eagle just stays there for a second and then swoops to us with such great speed. With Justin behind us for he was the biggest but the strongest.
“I won’t be able to make it!” Justin yells with the eagle closing in on him.
“No! You’ll make it Justin! Watch out Justin behind you!”
As he turned around he had a swing ready for the eagle. As he met the eagle only inches away from his face Justin lands a devastating punch to the eagle. Although it seemed like it did nothing it stunned the eagle.
“Now run!” I yell as Josh and me are already in the building.
“I’m gonna make it!” Screams Justin.
“Behind you again!” Josh yells
“It’s all right he’ll stun it again to make it.”
As Justin swings again the eagle backs up and dodges it then takes Justin’s right  arm clean off.
Josh and I are just stunned, Justin is walking to us in pain, the eagle behind him just swallowed his arm whole. With the eagle walking towards Justin as if it was toying with him.
“Let’s go Justin!Run!” I scream as I’m in shock.
As he starts jogging he falls only 10 feet away with the eagle 20 feet away. We start running towards Justin. As we reach him and start pulling him to the building the eagle screeches. It peirces my ear and reminds me of what justin said earlier. As if the animal was angry. The eagle swoops over to us and we start in a tug of war. Justin screaming in pain says,
“Let me go. It’s my time.”
“No, we can't let you,” Josh says, “we’ve been friends forever I can’t let that stop now.”
“We have to let him go,” I yell. “We can't hold him much longer.” I let go grab Josh and run.
He’s struggling to run back but I was to strong and fast. As I looked back at the worst time I saw Justin thrown into the air and into the eagle’s mouth.
“Nooooooooooooooo!” We both say in unison.
Right there we just saw our friend die. The eagle screeches again and looks straight at us. It starts flying to us and there I see the close button. I dive for the button and press it with the eagles beak in between the doors. The door starts groaning and closes with part of the eagles beak inside with us. The eagle screeches again but we can barely hear it.
“No, no, no, no, no ,no. This can't be happening” Josh says.
“It is I don't want to admit it but it is.” I say.
With rage building in me and confusion building also i begin thinking on what to do.
“That’s it! I yell. So many people are dead. We can’t tame them, we can’t! We only have one option left now Josh. We need to exterminate these animals. No more playing around. We already knew that trying to tame these animals was crazy when we were riding in the HOFT. So know we have no option other than to kill them.”
“You’re right. Josh says while wiping away his tears. Although we need weapons to rid of the animals.’
“You’re right I” say while coming to realization.
“And I know exactly where to find some" says Justin with a maniacal face.
As he presses the button to the elevator a savage badger jumps out at us. The sheer size of it scared me. It was the size of a backpack. Out of nowhere I kick it and tell Josh to help me. As the badger dies I get this odd feeling inside of me. With Josh still kicking the badger I stop him and tell him that it's dead. As we go down in the elevator I start thinking. Would Justin want this? I mean surely he would kill for us or would he take a different path? I start wondering and tell Josh. He starts to yell at me that what I said earlier was true that we couldn't tame them. I said he was right cause he was, the animals could not be tamed but they could be calmed. When we finally reached the weapons cache. He realized also that we shouldn't kill them also but we did have to do something about them. We got tranqs, shockers and AKPs. the AKPs we like guns but the bullets wouldn’t harm the animals, and in the bullets was a poison that would put the animals to sleep, (not deadly to them).
“We have to make a stop at the laboratory.” Josh says.
“For what” I say to him.
“Well Justin said that animals didn't have feelings.”
“Yea so?” I question him.
“Well all that talk I never listened because I knew it wasn't true. Animals do have feelings it's just that you can't see it. But animals act like it. So I know this will sound crazy but we need to catch a gorilla.”
“What! I yell in his ear. Thats crazy!”
“I know but their one of our closest relatives or whatever. Anyways I need to read their brainwaves and check them to how they were before the devices were put on and after. If their different then that means that animals do have feelings, and what I think they're feeling the most is rage or something of that kind.
As I leave the safety of the laboratory I walk down the hallway and make a couple of turns. I should have paid attention because I didn't remember where I came from. Right as I made another left turn there it was. I full grown male gorilla. It seemed to be sleeping with it crouching and its head against the wall. For some reason I just picked up a broken pipe and threw it at him. No movement, I got closer and got a large pipe just laying there and poked it lightly, still no movement,  I then yelled at the ape for I was a little ticked off for some reason, still nothing, as I got angered I went to swing the pipe at the great big ape. Just as it might have killed the gorilla with a blow to the head a hairy hand stopped it. The gorilla with one eye open from the right side(which I was on the left side of his eye by the way) stopped the pole. His eye was bloodshot then he opened his mouth and screamed at me. I ran as fast as I could with the gorilla only 10 meters away at me. As I ran my memory of where the laboratory came back to me somehow. Maybe it was the adrenaline maybe it was fear but I just somehow knew when to turn and when not to. As I turned right I slipped I thought I was dead but it was somehow luck. As I slipped and fell I could see the pipe go over me. I yelled as loud as I could to Josh who was only a few turns away from me hoping that he would hear me. As I kicked open the door to the laboratory I said,
“You better be ready now. LIke right now it’s coming.
“No! I need more time divert it or something!”
“How we’re cornered and nowhere to go.”
“Well I don’t know but do something.”
With the gorilla about 15 meters away I grabbed a flask and went around a corner. The sheer size of the hand of the gorilla scared me when it grabbed the wall to turn. Then I hit it, it just fell to the ground sliding.
“Oh no what did you do?” Asks josh worried
“I just hit it as hard as I could, sorry.”
“It’s fine, josh says, it’s just unconscious.”
As he started checking the gorilla and looked at its brainwave activities, Josh was right. Before the headset was put on the brainwave activities were normal. Although after the headset was on the animals brainwave activity was abnormally high. Then these past few weeks it was dangerously high, the brainwaves were spiking like a tornado that would never stop. Josh started checking exactly when the spikings started and it turns out that when the headsets were put on the brainwave increased some but was fine. But then when they were put out to war that’s when the brainwaves started spiking. We took a break for a little and got back onto it. When we accidently closed the file it opened up some emails. The emails kept on going back and forth to the commander about pulling the plug on this. The commander kept on rejecting it even though each time the scientist kept on writing back how high the brainwaves kept on getting. Then the attacked happened. The brainwaves got to high and short circuited the chips. He sent a warning out that it might soon happen to the other bases, but he didn’t know at the time that it all happened at once. That’s when everything took a turn for the worst, and now here we are.
“Oh my god, so technically the commander evil then maybe possibly? Josh says being very confused as well as me.
I don’t know I say, but what i do know is that we can’t trust the commander. There’s just something off. We have to let the animals free and go rouge.
What are you crazy? josh says. Well be dead if the commander finds us or if we do go back but let the animals free.
I know but that’s the only good option we have now. We know too much and one of us is bound to slip, we have no other choice. I say to Josh as I finally now know that it’s true. Ok the commander said that the main control to all of the devices are here, but he didn’t think that we were going to find this information and gave us all the passwords. So here’s the plan. All of helicraft is basically winged animals or animals that can survive a impact. So we’re going to get close to the ground and let them off. All of underwater base are animals that can swim, we’ll override the base and get it a little closer to  shore. Land base are just land animals we just have to open the gates, after all of that is done we’ll fly back up here send a message to the commander and we go rouge and done.
Ok but this sounds kinda complicated, but I believe that we can do it.
Alright let’s do this.
As JJosh started overriding the chips to get them out of their skull with the headsets I started opening the gates to the land base, getting the underwater base close to shore, and taking the helicarrier down. Josh finally overrode the chips and I let the land base free. Then the underwater base, as we were heading down we got a message from the commander.
“What are you doing! I command you to stop right now!”
“We won’t stop commander, we read the emails and of what you’ve done, we know what you were going to do to the animals after they served their usefulness. We’re done working for you.”
“I’m sorry mate but you’re done working for him.”
As I turn around behind me I didn’t want to believe it but it was. It was Josh who said that, it was Josh who had the gun pointed at me.
“Josh why?”
“Well he’s my employer mate, he’s the one who pays me, anyways before a while back I found out what he was doing to. I also had the same plan to take him down, but then he offered me money. What he offered me was so much that I couldn’t refuse, but then when you joined he told me to keep an eye on you cause you were just like me. You were a little to curious looking for things that you shouldn’t be looking at, asking questions that you shouldn’t be asking. So he told me if you got a little too far digging, well then I think you know what was going to happen.”
“And no place to finish it now better than ever, especially when i’ve found out this much huh. “
Well you’ve got that right, and now it’s time to say goodbye.
As I went to duck Josh was already kicking. As he delivered a crushing kick square to my jaw I grabbed his leg and took him down. Although the my jaw hurt I kept on punching him.
“Why! Why did you have to do it. Money shouldn’t have to change your judgment. It should be what you think is right. No matter what people offer you.”
I kept on delivering punches to his jaw and gut with his face swelling up and blood oozing from his mouth. He had had enough of what he deserved. I probably didn’t give him the full punishment of what he deserved but he was done for good. Josh never could take a punch he especially couldn’t take what i’d given to him.
“Listen here commander your plan is over. I’m going worldwide with what you’ve been doing.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Oh I would, especially in the mood I am right now. Josh here also has learned his lesson I’m pretty sure and you won’t be seeing him again. I have one animal left to set free but not until it takes care of Josh. That eagle who ate Justin, well he’s going to take care of Josh, it won’t be the same death cause i’ll be merciful unlike you. Your corporation is going down for good, and you can’t hide I know all your spots and bases, maybe you should have gotten rid of me earlier. Goodbye commander.”
After Josh was taken care of I let go the eagle and crashed the helicraft in the pacific. After that I went rouge helping organizations taking down other organizations like the one I was in. Now I live in los angeles under a name Aaron Kingsley.
My name is Jake Pulowski and this is my story.

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