The Unstoppable

October 25, 2016

It was dawn when I woke up to a fatal knock on the door. I had looked outside out my window. It looked bare and empty I went  to the door there was a tall brown almost black eyed man at the door. I looked up at him. He grabbed me and ran down the hall then threw me on his shoulder. All the sudden before I got the chance to screamed. He poked me with something very sharp like a needle then all I remember after that is dazing away.  When I woke up I was in a damp and dark place I still felt kinda asleep. I screamed bloody murder but it didn't help the only thing it did was echo. I was alone and I knew it.
A guy walked in and told me to get up but I couldn't cause I was still kinda uncontusion so he picked me up and told me if I talked I would die. All the sudden we were outside in a gravel pit. He layed me down and told me he was taking over my company which was CIA boss so he could make drug deals and bombs come to horizon easier. I started to scream he hit me with a uniform that said Horizon Prison. I told him he'd be sorry for all of this someone will know something's wrong. I always go to work. He told me to hurry so I went to the other side of the pit to change. When I came back he put me in a car with a mask on I couldn't see someone name Palo called him and asked “When should I drop it off?” he said “ I'll call you when don't call me again.” I asked him who it was and he told me no one. We went to a sudden stop he hopped out of the car and came to open my door all the sudden I heard knocking.
I could hear two guys talking. One opened my door grabbed me by my shoulder and yanked me out. He took off the mask it was Palo and Nickolas. Nick use to be my best friend in high school he asked me how it felt to be in this position? I asked him “Why are you doing this?” He looked at me and smiled. He put the mask back over my face and walked me to this door He put the password in and walked me in this place I could hear people yelling at me. He took off my mask and shoved me in this cell I know exactly where I was. The basement of my job the CIA corporation basement.
He left and I just sat down until I heard the door open it was one of my employees they ran over to me and said “Miss.Turner why are you down here?” I had to tell her everything she let me out and then the door open it was Nick I yelled  “RUN FAST CALL CIA AND EVERYONE NOW!” we ran and shut the other door behind me he was trapped all doors were locked around him. When the police came I told them everything too I told them we have him trapped in the basement.
They went down there with Police, Army, CIA and everyone we had. They had to he was the biggest drug runner/lord in the world! When they went down there they couldn't find him. One of the doors were open and right beside the door written in blood said “Good Try You Won't Ever Find Me. I'll Be Back.”

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