The people of Aglor

October 25, 2016

I still remember that day. That day my whole life changed. It was only weeks before Lord Javen took over our side of Aglor. The people that split Aglor in half made our side, named Avolon, this was where the best warriors were, and then the other side, Pax, had people that heal and help people in need. Lord Javen was not that happy with this so he choose to take over Avolon. The day this happened, I had to walk my little sister home. I was really short and could not talk right. Our mother passed away the day after Jasmine was born from cancer so we didn’t really know what she looked like. Our dad was the best fighter in all of Aglor, Javen hated that. We ran to our house just to see it was burnt down. We heard on the street that Javen had told everyone that he had come to invade and have all off Aglor. No one fought him because they were scared. Because he killed the strongest warrior. He was on the look for his two kids named Kendall and Jasmine.We had to run away. Into the woods. We stayed there for three years until last summer when we came out, but now we look so different. Now no one knows us. They cannot know. Then who would have help Avolon?
We stayed in an orphanage for a few months, but then we were adopted by a man and a women with the last name Westers. I was still shocked no one known it was us. We still had the same first names and looked like our parents. Even though it was five years after we ran away and I changed a lot. I was fifteen and now had long dark hair, I was still an amazing fighter, but no one could know. I was 5’3 and last time I was seen before the invasion I was around 3’1. I still loved hanging out with my sister. Jasmine’s hair was now a tan color and she was only nine, but she had a big personality. The Westers both had blonde hair with green eyes. Our adopted father has a name of Frederick. He was always so nice to us. He was basically a little child in a tall man's body. He worked at a fruit cart right outside our apartment building. Then there was his wife named Margaret. She had never been very nice to us, but we never really cared because she was never home that much because she was a worker for Javen. It was not by choice, she was forced to. We still loved them and cared about them; not as much as our real parents, but we loved them.
“Kendall we need some bread from the market. Would you mind getting it?” Frederick would ask me.
“Of course I will. Do you have money I can use to pay with?” I shouted
“It is on the counter! Thank you dear!”
I picked up the money and went to the market. When I went outside there were sirens going off. I started to get used to it because there was a lot of crime. Whenever I walked outside I did not feel safe. It was always sunny outside and it was beautiful, but there was something about it. I would always smell gas.It was never always like that though. I used to live in the countryside and everything was perfect, but the Westers living area was the completely different.
I liked walking and running. So I was always picking stuff up for my family. I found walking or running calming. That might just be because I moved so often around the woods when Jasmine and I were hiding. It might be peaceful, but there is one person that could ruin it. On the way back my best friend came behind me and scared me.  He yelled behind me so he could scare me.
I let out a huge scream then yelled, “Brayden! Stop doing that to me!”
My best friend always loved to ruin my peacefulness. Imagine a kid that was fifteen, but looked like he was only twelve and that is so skinny he could be a twig. He was a blonde with bright blues. He has always been a total pain to deal with, but he would always be an amazing friend. He is a lot like me. We both are so loud even when we do not try. We are always running and playing games. That is how I would describe Brayden. 
“Hey Kendall! Oh wait you are busy! Looks like I came just in time.”
“Why do you always do that to me?” I asked laughing. “You can be really annoying, you know that right?”
He smiled and nodded his head then said, “Yes, but you are annoying too. Do you want to go to central before the ceremony?”
The  ceremony is for Javen because he has news to tell. He is making everyone celebrate his victory that probably is not that important. He always has them, but they are always for stupid reasons.
“Sure! We can take this back to my house first.”
We started walking back to my house then we just started joking about the ceremony.
I said that maybe this about Javen finally finding a life. He believed that he made people happy, but truly the only way people would be happy was if he left our part of Algor.
“Maybe he is going to say he found the lost daught-” He stopped himself “I almost forgot. I am sorry Kendall!’
“Oh it is okay Brayden.” I said. Brayden and I have actually been friends since we were four. After we came back we hoped that no one would know it was us, but someone did. Brayden knew that we were the lost daughters. I tried to tell him I was not but he said that he never forgot me and Jasmine. He was so happy so I had to tell him. He promised never to tell anyone and so he never has.
I walked into the house to drop the bread off and tell my family I was going to central. I was going to spend the rest of the day with Brayden then pick up Jasmine for the ceremony.
The rest of the day was how it always went. We go to our house then hangout at central until we have to leave. Central is the only place now that we can have peace. Javen gave us this place so the kids do not have to annoy him as much. His warriors only go there early in the morning and at about midnight. It could get old really fast, but we loved it still. After around two hours of being there we had to go hear the announcement. I was not excited about this because I was always scared that they might find out about Jasmine and I. We waited for a few minutes and then music started playing and it was time for him to come out.
“Hello people of my Aglor!” You could not see anything at first but then a spotlight was on him. A man about sixty years old came to the stage with his cane and his grey hair. I believe he is going to be bald soon and I think others agree with me. He is a little over weight though. He had a limp because of a fight from many years ago. He was super tall. His heart was so cold that even when he would walk into a room you wouldget chills. He was the most hated man. Of course that was Javen.  No one wanted give applause, but we all did because we were scared of what his army could do. “I have gathered you peasants here for a special announcement that will change everything. Now where is that paper? Jordan where is my paper?” Even when he did not try to yell, he would.
“Right here master Javen.” Said Jordan, a scrawny man who was a slave to Javen.
He is so nice, but he has never been treated right.
“Thank you.” Javen said as Jordan ran off the stage. “Now for the announcement. We have found out more about the lost daughters!” Everyone stopped and was silent.
“What did he just say?” I said shaken with fear. I never thought this would happen! We have been so careful!
“We still don’t know if they are alive, but an old friend of them gave us information.” Javen was so excited. Everyone was silent. “We have found out that the little one should now be around the years of seven and eight. The oldest should be around fifteen and sixteen! We need to find them if they are alive. We need to find the oldest first because we also received information that her father taught her to fight. If she still knows how to fight then she could come after us! That is if she is still alive.”
“Why would we not want her to save us?” A lady shouted. Everyone started  started yelling. Then we heard a gunshot and everyone screamed. The lady that first screamed was shot by a soldier’s gun. A strong gun called a flasser. It was made by Javan and no one is allowed to know what is in it, and honestly I do not want to know
“SILENCE!” Javen screamed, everyone went silent again. “We know that you people would refuse, so we came up with a deal. If we find both of the girls then we will leave Avolon forever. If we only find one or none then we will stay.” Everyone started clapping. Well everyone but Brayden, Jasmine, and I. We were all in fear.
One of the guards said that all kids that are girls will have to be in line to get DNA tests. Then they took us one by one. Jasmine and I were trying to get out of there then a guard started to chase us. It was scary, but me and Jasmine had to split up. She tried to go left, but the guard got her. I was able to get out, but she was gone.
About ten minutes later a voice said, “We have found the little one!” I tried not to cry and I started to run. Next thing I knew I was where my old house was. I think I was there freaking out for about an hour then Brayden came.
“Kendall they are taking Jasmine back to Pax! You need to go after her!”
“Let’s go!” I said running, but Brayden didn’t run. “Are you coming Brayden?”
“I am sorry, but I just can’t.” He told me and then I could tell he did not feel safe.
“Some friend you are Brayden!” I screamed then ran not look back. I ran for a while then found a train. I got on and it took me to Pax. After I got off I ran again until I saw the place Jasmine was being held. Ran to the gate and tried to push throw the guards. That was a bad choice.
“Get back lady!” They screamed then threw me back. I felt my forehead and it was bleeding. I wanted to punch them, but they were so much bigger than me. They came after me and I ran. I heard one of them laugh and they walked away.
After hours of waiting for a right time, I heard someone coming. Two men that could probably beat up anyone they want and one that looked just an average man. I started to run, but the smaller man jumped on me. “I will take her away.” He said as he started walking me inside. I tried to get away then he whispered, “Do you want your sister or what?”
“What?” I said so confused. He did not tell me anything else. He walked me into a room when no one was looking. I started screaming. Then I stopped.
‘Kendall! Are you okay?” I was never so happy to see my best friend before.
“Brayden? Y-Yes. I am okay.” I could not believe it was him. “What are you doing here? Who is this guy.
“Oh come on!” Braden responded rolling his eyes. “Like I would leave my best friend hanging. This is Jordan. He is a slave to Javen. He wants to help defeat him.”
Then I remembered that he was the boy at the ceremony. That helped with the papers. “We are here to help you get your sister.” He told me smiling. We then made a plan.
“Javen!” Jordan said when he took me up for the plan. “We have found the other girl. I will put her in the cage with the little one.
“Amazing! That is a good boy Jacob!”
“First of all it is Jordan! Second of all, I think I have changed my mind.” He said as he let go of me. Javen did not even get to say a word because I punched him in the mouth.
Brayden let out a weird scream then came out and attacked the guard that was with him. Then Jordan snuck off to get the key to get Jasmine. Javen got me down then I would have him down. It was a hard fight unlike Brayden’s. He was somehow able to knock that guard out and he already locked all the doors. I was kind of jealous. Jasmine was finally out, but Brayden and Jordan were hiding her so she would not get hurt.
“You will never win girl. Stop fighting and give up. You will never be a good warrior. Just like your father!” Javen was trying to make me give up. He wanted me to be afraid.
I would not let go of him “I know I do not have as much of an army as you. I know I might not be trained like you. I know you believe you are the best.” I pushed him off the edge of a small bridge like walkway we were standing on. He was still hanging on with both of his hands though. “But I will always be better than you! I will never give up, but now I think you should!” I think that was the loudest I have ever screamed before. I was never so positive about myself before.
“You would never do this! Be a good girl. Help me up and I might let you live.”
Before I said anything Jasmine ran out, “Do not do it Kendall! Stay strong!” She ran right next to me. It always broke my heart when she would cry and now she would not stop.
“Fine, but if I go I want something to keep!” He said laughing. Next thing we knew he grabbed Jasmine’s right ankle.
I looked at Brayden and Jordan. Then we shook our heads because somehow we all knew what to do. “Okay, you can take her. Goodbye.” I said walking away.
Jasmine started to cry harder and started to scream, “How could you do this to me? You are the worst sister ever!”
“Oh wait. One last thing.” I said with a sneaky grin.
“What do you want now?” Javen was angry. “You should just help me up princess.”
“The name is Kendall.” I said slowly. Then Brayden and Jordan come running. I had to time this right. Right when they got close I threw a weapon that my father gave me. It is a knife that will blow up when it touches something after being throw. Right before it touched Javan, Brayden grabbed one of Jasmine’s hands and Jordan grabbed the other. Jaen went falling down when the knife exploded. “Jasmine!” I screamed when running to her. I hugged her so tight. “I would have never let you fall.”
“Thank you Kendall.” She said when she was still crying.
“What do we do now?” Jordan said so exited. I could tell he was so happy that Javen was gone. Now he did not have to be a slave anymore.
That next day we held a meeting for the people of Avalon. I had made a speech to share with them. “Your old leader Javen now is gone. We will not attack Pax. We are better as one. We are here today to watch as we sign a treaty with Pax. When we sign this treaty we will no longer be enemies! We will be one! We will not be split up! We need to leader to sign this. So let's here what people have to say!”
“WHY DON’T YOU LEAD!” I heard Brayden yell. Since his voice was loud it was easy to hear him over others. Everyone went silent. “Come on! You defeated him! You are one of the strongest people we have!” Then I heard others saying the same.
“Fine! If that is what you guys want. I would be honored to lead you guys. Now we need someone for Pax since Javan is gone! I will decide since I am the leader.” I already knew who it was going to be. “Jordan?” I looked to him. He was behind the curtain. “It would be an honor for you to lead Pax.”
“Are you sure?” He was so confused. “I was a slave. Why would it be me?”
“It is true that you were a slave, but you stood up for what you believe in. You helped me defeat Javan. I would love to have you lead.” I smiled at him then he smiled back.
“Well then yes! I would love to lead!” He said so happy. Every clapped for us.
I then spoke again. “After we sign this treaty I will no longer be the leader of Avalon and Jordan will not will not be the leader of Pax; we will both lead Aglor! It is time to become one! Not because of war, but because we need each other!” We then signed the treaty and everyone applauded again. Before we went to Central with the rest of Aglor I asked to meet with some people.
“What is it Kendall?” Brayden ask.
I had brought him, Jordan, and Jasmine there to talk to them. “It will be an honor to work with you. I truly believe that I made the right choice picking you to be a leader with me.
“It is a true honor to even be picked by you. Thank you Kendall. I will never let you down.” Jordan told me. It made me so happy to see hm this happy. He was never this happy with Javan, but now he can be again
“I trust you won’t.” I told him then I turned to Jasmine. “Jasmine I will never let you be on your own. We are family and we will stick together. If you need anything do not think I am too busy for you. Nothing will change between us.
Jasmine had a big smile on her. “I know nothing will. Family has to be together.” Then we hugged.
Next I went over to Brayden. “You came to help me even though you did not want to. You were an amazing friend to me.”
“I did not want to try and fight, but you are my best friend. I could not let you try and up against them on your own.” He told me
“Yes and that is why I had to make this choice.”
“What choice?” He was so confused.
“Well we just talk before we came out here and we both had an idea.” Jordan told him. He was still confused.
“Brayden, Jordan and I would love to have you be a helper for us. You would help us with decisions and tell us what is going on with the community. Would you like to do this.” I asked him
“I do not know.” He told us. I felt my heart drop. “Let me think. Okay I thought. I will do it” He told us laughing.
“I am so excited for you, but don’t you dare do that again!” I yelled at him then hit his arm.
We all started laughing. We decided to go back to my house for a while. We stayed up all night talking about how fun it was going to be to work together. The next few days we still planned and then started our jobs. It was very difficult at first, but it got easier after a while.
Now Jordan and I have been leaders for two years. Brayden made his day more fun. He now sings and dances around to entertain the people. He sings us what goes on. Even though I became a leader, I have always loved the way he acts. The three of us live in a palace and Jasmine still lives with the Westers. I see her six days a week and it is still amazing. I never thought any of this would happen but it did. No matter what has happened I still remember that day. That day my whole life changed.

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