New Girl

October 25, 2016
By kendra.kline11 BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
kendra.kline11 BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
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I wasn’t ready for this. It wasn’t time. Every day I asked my dad to keep homeschooling me, but he just said that we had to face the truth; mom was dead.
As I got off of the bus, I felt a chill down my back, and stumbled down the stairs. I am scared, and I don’t want to be at this school. I have been on school property for thirty-seven seconds and I already want to go back to my room, where I am safe from stumbling down stairs.
Walking into this brand new middle school where I don’t know anyone made me think. I don’t even know who I am anymore. As I thought about it for a few minutes, I came to a conclusion. I am Jezabelle Montez. I am thirteen years old. I wish I had siblings, but I don’t. It’s just me and my dad at our new house. My mom passed away due to an accident with a sand truck. It was on June 5th of this year. She was walking our dog, Pipi. Pipi and she were turning the corner and a sand truck blasted them.
I found my first class within only a couple of minutes. It was honors science also known as biology. I quickly and quietly found a seat in the back corner of the class and didn’t talk. The teacher said that there was an experiment that had to be done before the next day of class. He also said that we had to do partners. I didn’t know anybody in that class. So I decided to ask him who I should work with.
“Umm, sir? Can I just ask you who my partners will be very quickly?” I said quite softly.
“Well, Jezabelle, you will be working with Tommy, Frankie, and Ruth. You guys will connect with each other just like that.” Mr. Matthews explained loud enough that it busted my eardrums.
As I went to see if I could find any of the people that Mr. Matthews mentioned, I came
across a boy who seemed lonely.
So I went up to him (being the super outgoing person I was)
and asked, “Hey, are you ok?”.
I didn’t want to seem really good with people so I just tapped my foot.
“Well, not really. I’m just…” his voice wandered off into a blank stare.
He got his train of thought back and said, “Excuse me. Where are my manners? My name is Tommy. I am just confused on what experiment I’m going to do for science. It is due next time I have class, and I’m not even close to being ready.”
I thought for a second then said,
“Well I have to do a science experiment as well. And I am brand new to this school, so I basically don’t know anybody here. Well, except for you I guess.”
“Hey, you’re Jezabelle! I am in your group for the science experiment,” He said with a somewhat exciting voice.
“Yeah, I just remembered that Mr. Matthews said that I was going to be working with kids named Tommy, Frankie, and Ruth. I guess I have found one of them! Do you know where the others are at?” I asked wondering if he knew where they might be at.
“Oh, yes. They are always hanging out after science together so let’s go find them!” he basically said with a monotone robot voice.
We finally got to where they were hanging out. As I took a look at them I noticed their personality traits. Ruth was very bold looking. She had designer clothes on, the cutest long blonde hair, and she had a huge bright white smile with little parts of silver and lavender from her braces. Then there was Frankie… he was ripped, and I mean ripped. He has a small mouth with a small smile. He always tied his shoes. I don’t know why he does that, but then again he was a jock. He said that they were brand new and he didn’t want creases in the laces so he just kept tying them over and over again so he didn’t “ruin” his new shoes. He wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box either. Ruth asked him for some .07 lead for her pencil and he said that he only had 7 lead. I mean, come on dude! That’s what she asked for! But I didn’t say anything. I thought that he wasn’t very attractive, but I’m pretty sure that Ruth felt differently about him. She liked him. It was very obvious.  Frankie had super curly hair and was always touching them whenever he wasn’t tying his shoes.
I just stood there and thought to myself, I can’t work with these people. They are crazy! But then I remembered something my mom always told me when I thought it was never going to work out.
She said, “even though you think it might not work out, you were given this assignment so make the best of it and show them what you are capable of.”
That sticks with me all the time now that she is actually gone. I thought about what that would mean I would have to do in this situation to make the best of it. I thought for a couple of minutes, then my mind hit the jackpot! I was going to see if the teacher had any old experiments that we could use for our project.
Apparently, the group went off on a whole chat while I was thinking to myself. They said that they thought it would be cool if we got an old experiment. I was really excited but I just shook my head and agreed. We got to thinking more about how we could do the experiment. Then it hit me,
“Hey! Maybe we could ask Mr. Matthews if he has anything we could possibly use. I mean, it doesn’t seem very hard, but we could get something that no one else in our grade would think about trying. Who is in?”
They thought for a moment, but then a few seconds later they all agreed to the idea.
We went to ask Mr. Matthews if he had anything we could use.
“Well,” he said out of breath from looking through the closets, “I can only find this one. It is very ancient. And no one, even the scientist that created it, has never tried it out. This is because he said that it created a monster…”
“A monster? That’s funny.” Ruth laughed hysterically.
“Well, I say we try it! I mean, the worst thing that could happen is we die.” Frankie, said stating the obvious.
“Ok, I am in. who else?” I sort of mumbled.
“Ok, fine. I guess I could do it too. But if I die, you’re coming too.” Tommy said.
Everyone agreed with him.
We stayed after school that night, getting ready to start the experiment. We had the beakers, graduated cylinders, and chemicals laid out. They put their lab coats up, getting ready to head out of the school for the night.
The next day, the school had a two- hour delay due to fog conditions. When we got to school, everyone headed to their 3rd period class. I was happy that my 3rd period class 
was science. This meant that we could get straight to work on our science experiment.
I met up and sat with my group and got started. We took a look at the experiment and followed the directions. It stated that we needed fourteen millileters of liquid phosphate. Tommy grabbed the liquid phosphate and started measuring it.
“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” the fire alarm went off.
“Oh, no! I jumped because the fire alarm scared me and I accidentally poured on 60 milliliters of liquid phosphate in instead of 14millileters. I am so sorry, guys. My hand just kept on pouring.” Tommy said, looking like he was about to go insane.
“It’s ok, Tommy just pour it in. it won’t make a difference. And in the meantime, just stay here, and make sure nothing happens.” Mr. Matthews yelled over the screaming sound of the fire alarm.
“Well, this is a fire drill, Mr. Matthews and we don’t want to be here alone,” I said loudly.
“Well, too bad. Stay here or get an F on your project, your choice.,” he screamed, then sprinted out of the classroom.
“Ok, guys let’s just get this experiment over and done with. Ok?” Frankie stated.
Everyone agreed and got straight to work… there were lots of things happening, Ruth was cleaning up the mess, Tommy was watching and recording down on a sheet of paper what was happening each time someone put a new chemical or substance in, and Frankie and I were talking, but working at the same time. We were measuring the chemicals and substances. And having a good conversation, but it was private, so I am not going to tell you. Sorry.
Everything was going smoothly, until around 10:42 a.m. It started to feel strange inside of the classroom. It felt muggy, and it felt like something was watching over us. I asked the rest of the group if they felt anything strange. Surprisingly, they agreed. We decided that it would be a good idea if we headed to the bathrooms for a restroom and drink break. We hung our lab coats up, and shut the door. We turned the corner and felt a sense of normal. Nothing felt strange anymore, but we still went to the bathrooms.
On our way back from the bathrooms, we felt a vibration underneath our feet. As we got closer to the science room, I felt queasy, but decided that it was just my mind and there was nothing to worry about. I guess I thought wrong.
We entered the classroom and about fainted. This huge 14-foot-tall monster was just staring down at us. I thought for a moment about what we could do to get out of here, but I just gave up. We screamed and ran to the back right corner of the classroom. The monster followed us to the corner, stomping and shaking the entire school. Now, if I am correct, this creature probably had its head through the roof of the school. I felt so scared that I just wondered again, how this happened. Now, remembering that because too much liquid phosphate was poured into the experiment, it must have created a human beast. Now, don’t ask me how it is possible, but in science…. Anything is possible.
As I looked up at this creature, I decided that it wasn’t a creature anymore. It was a human beast. The beast was filled with this green slime that probably dripped that dripped one gallon of slime each time it moved. His teeth went in any direction imaginable. His feet were the hairiest thing ever, (maybe hairier than my dad’s back…). His dark brown eyes showed no sign of life. His fangs were scary. He slowly raised his claw, signifying that we were defiantly going to be dead soon.
As I thought about how to get out of this mess, it quickly came upon me that all I needed to do was reverse the experiment. But, the only problem was that I wasn’t really sure how to undo the experiment. I was thinking about the paper that had the experiment on it.
I glanced over at the others, and they looked like they were going to pee their pants. Well, let me take that back. They did pee their pants. Who wouldn’t? I was thinking about the paper some more, when Ruth whispered as softly as possible,
“Jezabelle, do you think that we are going to die?”
I didn’t want to sound like I knew exactly how the end of this catastrophe was going to play out, so I just made sure that I sounded reassuring.
“no, we are not going to die, ok? We just have to figure out how to reverse the experiment so this beast will leave us alone. We just need to figure it out”
I was getting ready to finish what I was saying, when a sliver of white fragile paper sitting right underneath the beasts foot. That’s it! I thought to myself. That’s the experiment paper! There has to be something there that can tell us how to reverse this experiment or we could even do the opposite of what we did the first time. Now, how are we going to get the paper out from underneath the beast’s foot? I’m not sure, but maybe the beast s hungry. I felt into my back pocket for the stick of gum that I was going to eat in second period, but never got the chance to. Ok, maybe beasts like gum. Well, let’s find out. As I was getting ready to throw the stick of gum across the room, Tommy was looking at me with a look that was saying ‘if you make the beast any madder than it already is, I will personally kill you.’ With that look, I knew that I had to get rid of this gum, and get rid of it quickly.
I chucked the stick of gum across the room, with a grunt. The beast looked at it with wild eyes and sprinted to it. I was happy that it worked, but now I just had to get the paper and read it.
Grabbing the paper, I skimmed through it until I found the part with how much is needed of each ingredient. It was simple ingredients, but the paper was crumbled, and faded. With that being said, the others and I found the ingredients and got ready to mix them together. We found another mixing cup to put everything in, because the one that we used the first time, exploded because the beast came out of it. I was wondering how quickly we could reverse this experiment without the beast looking over. I thought that we might have at least two minutes, so I found a crusty piece of Extra Polar Ice gum underneath the cabinet and tossed it next to the beast.
We quickly poured the chemicals into the mixing cup, and read the rest of the paper. Looking through the paper, Ruth looked at me puzzled.
“Ruth, what’s wrong?” I softly whispered, hoping that the beast would not hear me.
“Jezabelle, read the very last line on the bottom of the paper,” she said with no hope.
I skipped through the page, until I found the bottom line. For some reason, that was the only line that wasn’t crumbled. It was perfectly pressed.
Well, that’s the end of my life, I thought to myself. We couldn’t figure out how to get a single piece of hair from this beast. Then, behind us was a small little cabinet that was a first aid cabinet. I told tommy to scoot up, and reach inside and see if there was rope and glue. He did as was asked, and found both objects, and was beginning to question me, but I made sure that nothing was off topic, even if he was super cute. I quickly made a huge blob of glue on the rope, and threw the rope across the room, aiming for the beast’s hairy back.
The rope hit the beast’s back, and the beast felt it, and slowly turned around. I quickly pulled the rope back with the pieces of hair I got with the rope. I grabbed the fur and slyly put one piece of hair in the mixing cup, without any hesitation. We stirred the mixing cup as fast as we could. As we waited to see what would happen, the beast was coming to us, faster and faster every second.
The beast was reaching out for our heads, when all of a sudden, the beast went into the mixing cup, and the mixing cup disappeared. We looked around and wondered what just happened, but only saw the whole entire science class staring at us, probably wondering what in the world we were doing. I reached down and felt for the hair of the beast to show Mr. Matthews, but there was nothing there. Apparently, when you reverse a science experiment, everything that happened during that science experiment is reversed too. So to everyone but Tommy, Frankie, Ruth and I, nothing happened… but on June 5th, the four of us will always get chills down our back.

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