My Awful Boss

October 25, 2016

Hi. My name is Insert, Insert Name Here. I don’t know what my mom was thinking when she came up with that one, but it was her decision not mine. I have an older brother named Write, Write Name Here. I think my mom was just writing what birth certificate said underneath the blank. I really didn’t understand that one, but he’s not the one this story is about.
I am eighteen years old. I have blue eyes and brown hair. When I was in school; everyone said that I would do something awesome. I was in all the honors classes in middle and high school. I was called nerd and of the named associated with nerds. No one seemed to think that I would do anything interesting in my life.
Today is a bittersweet day because today I move out of my parents house. I had lived there for the first eighteen and a half years of my life, but I finally was able to move to the biggest city in all of the country; Wen Kroy. I had heard there were buildings taller than airplanes could fly, and everyone got along perfectly.
I was  ready to go, so I said good-bye to mom and dad. I hopped in my car, and sped off. It was a very long car ride lasting ten whole hours. It wasn’t a very exciting ride at all. Just a bunch of trees and corn fields, until I got to the city. As soon as I saw the edge of the city I knew this was a big mistake.
When I entered the city all I saw were broken down buildings and trash all over. I wanted to go home, but it was too late. I had already done an over-the-phone job interview, and had already gotten the job. I looked around at all the people and they were all either fighting fist to fist or walking home from work. The people that were walking home from work were hunched over and walking at a snail’s pace. There was also garbage and weird purple ooze all over the streets. I started to worry. There was only one work place in the city. Was my life going to be that miserable?
After almost having a panic attack I drove to my apartment building. Luckily it looked like no one had blown it up yet, so I counted that as a win. I got all the paperwork filled out, payed first month's rent. Again I counted myself lucky for not having a torn down apartment, and I scoped the place out. I found a bedroom with a very clean mattress, a full kitchen, and a very clean bathroom. I started to look around the bathroom to make sure nothing was crawling in it when suddenly I thought I heard something coming from behind the shower curtain. I pulled it back really quickly to find that there was a note etched into the shower wall reading: “NEVER TRUST CARL”.
At first I was really confused, but I had a bigger problem because when I stepped into the shower to get a better look at the writing I had found out that there was steaming purple liquid in the bottom of the shower. I thought I was done for. I thought it was acid, and would eat up my body. I sat in my bed with my feet still wet, and started crying. After an hour of waiting for my doom I realized nothing was happening. I went to the kitchen to make myself some dinner when I figured out that the liquid did do something to me. It turned my legs into a weird metal. It was weird because it was in between a liquid and solid plus my legs still looked like legs. The skin wasn’t even there. I figured this out because while making some dinner I spilled grease on my feet and I didn’t feel a thing.
I went to bed feeling weird that nothing that bad happened in a day where everything could have gone wrong. My car could have broken down, I could have been mugged, and my apartment could have been a dump. I woke up really early so I could get to work early. The company I worked was called C. Smith Inc., and I heard it was a big place. I hopped in my car and soon realized that I should have gotten up an hour earlier. The traffic was horrendous. No movement was happening at all. I saw a back alley and sped through. I found a place to park two miles away. I walked into work and there were papers everywhere on the floor.
“Oh, Mr. Here. We've been expecting you,” said the secretary in an oddly creepy voice.
“Hello, Pleasure to meet you Mrs....” I replied before she interrupted me.
“Green,” she said.
She seemed oddly irritated even though it was only six in the morning. She told me that my office was on the sixteenth floor, room 1623. So I walked into the elevator that said floors eleven thru twenty, I pushed the button that said sixteen, and a second later I was on the sixteenth floor. I found the room that said 1623 and walked in. I almost had a heart attack when I saw how many papers were on my desk. All of them were for me to fill out for various reasons. I started filling one out and realized that I was going to be there a long time.
I decided this wasn’t right and went to the floor where the boss worked. I had to go down the elevator to the first floor, then all the way up to the 100th floor where my boss’ office was. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy standing up to my boss on the first day, but I managed to work up the courage. When I got to the 100th floor, I walked to his desk, and rethought my life choices. He turned around in his red velvet chair and laughed.
“I’m surprised you got the courage to come up here,” chuckled the boss.
“I want to talk about my job. This is not what I signed up for,” I shouted.
“Actually it is.”
“No it’s not,” I was starting to get agitated.
“It doesn’t matter anyways. Once you’re here you can never leave.”
I decided to test that statement by jumping out the 100th story window. I thought I was going to die, but at the last second I remembered that I was metal at my legs and feet, so I landed just fine. Everyone around me was cheering for surviving the landing. I went home feeling accomplished for what I did, but I knew that I had to do more. I had to get rid of my boss. He was corrupted by money, and didn’t know what he was doing to all his workers.
So to prepare for my big fight with my boss I took a bath in that purple liquid. I went to bed and sure enough; the next morning I was metal. I decided that I was going to rot in traffic today. I knew I would make him even angrier if I was late. Traffic was worse that I thought though, and I almost ran out of fuel. I finally arrived to work at 10:30am. Four hours late.
I went into my boss’ office to confront him once again. He was shocked to see me. He thought I died when I fell. It felt weird because I was fighting my boss after only one day of working there, and I didn’t even work more than an hour that day.
“I’m surprised you want to fight me,” he said in a very low voice.
“Oh yeah I’m ready,” I said taking my fighting stance.
He just laughed and snapped his fingers. A huge bolt of lightning came from his hand, and struck me right in the middle of the chest. I thought that was really the end for me when I realized that I was metal, so I was charged with millions of volts of electricity.
“HOW?” he shouted.
I just stood there laughing. I knew he couldn’t beat me, and I think he knew that too. So in a last ditch effort he tried to run around me, but I just moved a little bit so that he would get electrocuted. He ran into me and that was the end of him. All that was left was a body on the floor still twitching for the enormous shock he received.
There was a brief moment of silence until someone came up the elevator wanting to complain to the boss about his work. I told him that he was no more, and that he could go home. The man gave me a big hug and said thank you. I thought the hug part was pretty creepy, but I was glad that everyone in this building didn’t have to go to work anymore. I told them that they could have a share of the company’s profits, and no police showed up because they were all too scared of me. Everyone walked away millionaires and I walked away a hero. I was in the paper and everything. The next the morning news said the tower was going to be taken down later that week, but I wanted to check one more thing. I went back up to the 100th floor of the building and decided to see what my boss’ name was. His body was still creepily enough. I got his wallet out of his pants, and took his ID out. I wanted to see what his name was, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. Carl Smith.

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