Guardian Angel

March 3, 2009
By Kegan Thomasma BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Kegan Thomasma BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Swoosh. Swoosh. Bang. They were surrounding me, their eyes glowing in the moonlight, fangs sharp to the point, and breathing hard on my neck.

Just as one of the evils tried to pierce his fangs into my skin he swooped down and attacked it, with his pumping biceps and anger in his eyes

'Don't ever...' he said as he swept me off my feet. 'You know Tessa, you should probably try to stay away from where the evils hang out,' he whispered softly in my ear

I giggled, and asked this mysterious man who he was, how he knew me, and how he knew that I knew about the evils.

'I am Vince, and I am sorry you had to find out this way, but I am your Guardian Angel,' He spoke slowly and unsure of my next actions.

Studying him I noticed that he had pin-straight whitish blond hair, and deep gray eyes. His nose had a slight crook on the end. His hair hung on the left side of his face, covering his left eye. His wardrobe consisted of a lot of black and a tad bit of red.

Suddenly, I realized feet had left the ground and we were now in the air. He flashed me a quick smile, enough for me to see he had fangs of his own. I tried not to look frightened but apparently I had not done a good job.

'I promise, I am an angel not an evil,' he reassured me.

'Where are we going?' I questioned.

'Home, of course,' he responded as he hypnotized me with his gorgeous eyes.

With in a moment I was at my front door safe and sound. 'Please try not to sneak out again I am tired and I don't want to have to chase you again,' He told me with a slight smile so I knew he was joking.

'I'll try my hardest but, no promises,' I said hoping I sounded like I was flirting, because I was.

He left with a flash leaving me in awe. Wow he is amazing I thought to myself as I unlocked the front door and stepped inside. I melted into my bed and soundly fell to sleep.

I woke up to a blurry world, and my back ached with shooting pain. I remembered the fall I had at school a couple days ago. Then it all came back to me, I must find Vince and tell him that I needed to know more. Just then he popped up at my doorway and said 'What else is there to know?'

'How did yo'... I mean...wait...what are you...ugh,' I was totally confused now.

'I know every thing you think and even if you whisper,' he said casually eating a juicy apple wearing black skinny jeans and an Avenged Seven-fold t-shirt.

'What am I thinking right now?' I asked

'You think and I quote 'I am a total hottie and you wish that I was your's,' he smirked and then said 'Ha.' Wow your really good. I thought then suddenly realized that he just found out I had a crush on him. Oops.

'I know I am good,' he joshed.

My cheeks as red as the apple he was eating I said 'so do you think we could maybe go to a park and talk about what happened last night?'

'Okay, but I am telling you this now because I know what your thinking literally. THIS IS NOT A DATE!' he said slowly but surely.
Disappointed I agreed and I went to change.

Fifteen minutes later I walked out in a black and pink striped baby doll dress. I noticed that Vince had changed too. He was now wearing a long black coat over all of his body. This confused me because it was ninety degrees outside, but then I realized that It was because he was an angel and their bodies turn orange in the sun. He had a white mask on his face with just enough room for his mouth to talk to me.

His amazing speed had grabbed my bag, swept me off my feet and managed to get out of the window in a matter of about one second.

We were outside and the wind was rushing through my hair my dress surprisingly stayed down (which is a very good thing) and his hair was hitting my face. Then we were there.

'How did we get here so fast?' I asked. He told me that he had the same powers as the evils but he was a good person. 'I see now,' I replied as we talked about this.

'Well I have been watching over you since you were a baby,' he started.

'But you don't look like your older than me,' I said confused

'Well'I don't really know how to put this but I was born this age, and I wasn't really born. I was made, and I never grow older and I never get younger. When I was made I was programmed to basically stalk you, and if you ever saw me more than once I would have to change my look. Especially that time I became your boyfriend. I am technically speaking Eric, and I never moved to Washington I just got in trouble for being so close to you before you were sixteen.

Eric was my last boyfriend that broke my heart by moving to Washington, I will never forgive him for that.

Another thing is I was never allowed to reveal my true identity until you were sixteen, because my creators were afraid that you would be to young to understand'' I interrupted him

'Well I think I am still to young to understand any of this I am so confused,' I said while I was thinking

'Well you probably are,' he smirked

'So are you like a stalker?' I asked

'I guess you could think of it that way,' he said thinking about the idea. 'Well anyways we should probably get going.'

I looked outside and realized that it was dark and the park had been deserted from all human life.

'He he he,' a voice from the woods grumbled.

'Stay away from her you nasty evils. I will make dinner out of you fools, leave now!' Vince growled. I heard flapping of arms as I saw the evils flee from the tree tops.

'Wow that was amazing,' I said in awe'Again.

'Get on my back now!' He demanded, which frightened me.

Before I knew it we were back at my house and he took me into my bedroom, tucked me in like my father used to do when I was seven, and kissed my forehead like I was his little baby and he was glad I was safe. He was watching over me now, won't he just leave already? I asked to myself and I guess Vince too.

'Because they won't leave,' he said protectively my eyelids felt heavy and drifted off to sleep with Vince watching over me.

I woke up to five pairs of eyes glowing in the light, five pairs of fangs sharp to the point, and five heavy breathers on my face. I screamed at the top of my lungs, 'Vince help me,' my voice got weaker 'Vince they've got me.'

'He can't hear you now,' a deep and evil voice came from behind me. I know that voice from somewhere, but where?

'I know that voice'Dad?' My voice trembled

'I always knew you were a smart girl, I raised you that way,'

'Don't even try to say you raised me. You know you left mom and I when I was born because you couldn't raise a child to save your life,' Tears filling my eyes I spoke with anger

'Oh honey'you really shouldn't have said that. Boys tighter please,' he smirked at his evilness. Suddenly, I felt a pain in my back' It was a belt tightening around my waist with tiny pins poking me. I screamed as the pressure was released from my back and I felt the cold blood drip down my back, and on the cold, hard cement ground. 'Ha ha, I always knew I would get to hear that scream of yours, but never thought it would be like a sweet melody to my ears,' he said inching closer, and closer to me. Closer I could feel my heart race, closer I could hear my own breath, closer until suddenly I had stood up and was face to face with the man who made my life miserable. My father left my mother when I was young enough not to remember him until I saw him in jail when I was five years old. He left us with only enough money for us to live in a little cabin that had no water, no air conditioning and no heater. The winters were freezing cold, and the summers scorching hot.

'Sit down,' he demanded

'Make me old man,' I whispered back as I took my arm from the security guard and punched him square in the nose.

'Get her!' He screamed as the blood from his nose dripped in giant puddles on the floor.

I screamed as I slipped on water and fell on my face. I saw one of the evils going in for my neck and then it was gone. Nothing else, I blacked out.

When I woke up everything was white, and I could see who I thought was Vince. Am I in'Heaven? I couldn't be, could I?

'Vince'Vince is that you?' I tried to say, I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

'Yes it is I, your guardian Angel,' his voice calling to me like wind whispers to the birds.

'Am I'in'well Heaven?' I asked

'No you are in the Saint Marks Children's Hospital,' he said with a cute little smile on his face. 'You got bitten by one of the evils. I got out of their reach just in time to save you and get all of the poisonous liquids out of your body,' This he was serious about.

'You really are an angel, you're my guardian angel. You are my hero, the reason I am alive today, but most importantly I love you,' I wasn't expecting to say the three words I did.

'Oh Tessa, I love you too. I will never let anyone hurt you ever again,' he said those words I would never forget. I love you too. He really loves me? 'Yes I do,' he said so tenderly

He leaned in'and well you know what happens next. Love stories always end the same, but I will never forget my love story.
The end of my love story!!

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