The Fairy's Dance

March 3, 2009
By Anorien BRONZE, Pagadian City, Other
Anorien BRONZE, Pagadian City, Other
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Once upon a time, there was a fairy who loved to dance. Her name was Fay, and she was the most beautiful dancer in all of fairyland. She would dance for the fairy king, the fairy queen, and even for the gentle giants who lived up north. Whenever she danced, her parents, who were musicians, would play for her. She was very pretty, but she had no voice.

One day, as she was dancing her way around the forest, she saw a parade of people walking through the forest path. Among them was the prince of a nearby kingdom who sang so sweetly that she was entranced.

The Prince was very handsome, and he sat on a majestic coach. She flew down and landed beside the prince, and danced to his voice.

She danced and danced and did not notice that it was growing darker outside, and that she had strayed very far from her home. She only dreamed of a pretty palace with a golden pavilion where she was dancing with the prince.

Suddenly, the prince stopped singing, and she woke up from her reverie. She looked around and forgot where she was. She looked up at the prince, but he was nowhere to be seen. People were chattering busily outside as they led the horses to the stables.

She flew out of the coach and saw the biggest castle she had ever seen in her life. She could hear music playing in the distance and decided to fly to its source, hoping to find the prince there.

She arrived at a ballroom full of colorful tapestries and paintings. The people there were dancing and wearing costumes. It was a masque ball dedicated for the prince who was to choose a wife later on that evening.

The music suddenly stopped and the king announced that the prince was going to sing.

Fay watched as the prince took his place near the orchestra and started to sing the song that she had danced to in the coach.

Again, she was entranced by his voice and felt that she could float forever. She wanted to dance with the prince but knew she couldn't. She was too small and he was too big.

Suddenly, she thought of an ancient story that her grandmother had told her. She had said that long ago, fairies were given the power to become as big as humans whenever they wanted to. But one day, a wicked fairy killed a human being, and as punishment, the gods gave the fairies only one chance to become big, and after that chance, they would die and become the wind. But the gods weren't that cruel; a part of the spell given to the fairies was when someone loved the fairy so much, their wings would be cut, and they would remain a human being forever.

Fay was so in love with the prince that she was willing to do anything, even get her wings cut if the prince would love her. She decided immediately on what to do and flew to the gardens where no one could see her.

The prince was in the middle of his song when a guest suddenly started dancing in the middle of the ballroom. She was very captivating, and was wearing a fairy costume. The other guests sniggered at her for it was wrong to dance if the king didn't give permission to dance, especially when the prince was singing.

The prince became enchanted by Fay's dancing. He started walking towards her and asked if he could dance with her. She smiled at him and bowed.

Together, they glided around the ballroom. The king danced with the queen, and soon the whole ballroom was full of dancing couples. The prince asked Fay many questions, but she only smiled at him in response. She was very happy to be able to dance with the prince and was certain that he was falling in love with her.

When the dance was finish, the king asked the prince to dance one by one with the other princesses so that he could choose his wife.

Fay watched the prince dance with the other girls, but noticed that even though he danced with them, he was looking at her.

When the prince was done dancing with every girl in the room, the queen stood up and commanded all the ladies in the room to sing a song.

Every lady tried to sing. Some had a great voice while others didn't. When Fay's turn came, she indicated that her throat was sore and that she couldn't sing. This seemed to not matter greatly with the prince who was quickly falling in love with the enchanted fairy.

When every lady's turn was over, the dancing resumed, and the prince again danced with Fay.

During the middle of the dance, the orchestra suddenly stopped playing, and all the people's faces were turned at the newcomer gracefully gliding down the stairs. She slowly walked towards the king and queen and bowed. A beautiful Princess from a far away kingdom had arrived.

The Prince walked towards the princess and saw that she was the most beautiful lady in the room. They danced together for a while.

Fay saw that the prince was so intent in talking with the princess that he seemed to have forgotten about her. Once in a while, he would glance at her, and it made her heart still.

When the dance was finish, the prince walked towards Fay and told her that she was still the greatest dancer and that the princess sometimes missed a step. Fay was very happy that the prince was still hers.

The room suddenly became still, and the most captivating voice was heard by everyone. The Princess was singing, and it was like a mermaid's lullaby, or a bird's morning prayer. The prince was suddenly captivated by her voice that he quickly walked towards the princess and sang with her.

As they sang, it seemed that nobody else was in the room, that the whole universe was only comprised with both of them and that nothing else mattered. Nothing could stop their hearts from singing or their eyes from gazing at each other. They were falling in love.

Fay knew that she had failed. The prince had fallen in love with the princess, and there was nothing else she could do about it. For the last time, she entered the dance floor and danced by herself. All the people danced too for they knew that the prince had found his queen and that they loved each other.

Fay was still the best dancer in the room, and the people admired her for that. But they did not notice her dancing figure slowly fading away into the background. She was becoming the wind. But in her heart, she was happy to be so, for she had never heard of the most beautiful song, that the prince and princess sang.

The author's comments:
This story was inspired by Enya's music called "Fairytale". I would suggest you listen to it while reading.

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on Mar. 28 2010 at 12:12 pm
pampalooga PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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"We all can't be heroes. Somebody has to sit on the sides and clap as they go by." "In the end, they're just more words."

great job! this felt like a fairytale i should have heard as a child. please keep writing!

bing said...
on Apr. 22 2009 at 1:34 am
Fantastic! I never in my wildest dream did figure out that you could write a story this magnificent. Keep it up! So proud of you!

ceecee said...
on Apr. 9 2009 at 5:05 am
wow! it's wonderful! tragic but nice, it looks like Hans Christian Anderson written it himself!


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