The best Christmas ever

March 2, 2009
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We all quickly jumped out of bed as my dad came down the hall.

'Wake up' said my dad. 'It's time to go downstairs'. Mallory and Cameron (my cousins) and my sister and I all quickly pulled on our warm long pants and socks. We one at a time ran down the hall and over to the banister. We all peered over the banister to see what had came last night. It was amazing. There were loads of presents all piled around. We couldn't see the tags though so we didn't know who they were for. We waited, restraining each other from jumping out to look at the tags, waited resisting the tempting smell coming from the kitchen, just waited for our parents to let us go and look. Finally they came. It was like releasing a herd of bulls down the stairs when we were let loose by the parents. We were slowly taking in our surroundings, looking at tags, smelling the delicious food on the table, and touching our full stockings. Our breakfast felt like it took forever. My mom slowly passed the eggs, everyone slowly chewed every bite. We were so excited it felt like an hour of eating instead of five minutes. Finally we were released on our stockings. We all savored ours by opening them slowly so we could spread out the enjoyment. Once we were done with our stockings we all begged in our I'm-gonna-kill-you-if-you-don't-let-us beg to be able to bring our presents over to our spots. Every year we all sit in our same spots as the last year. Mine is in front of the TV. We all brought our presents over to our spots and made fortresses out of presents. We didn't let anybody in our fortress. We slowly started opening presents. The first thing I got was Remote control car tires. They were the ones I asked for. I then put those on my car and opened another present. It was a guitar stand. My guitar always falls over. It helps a lot. I then opened a mini helicopter. I brought it all the way up to the ceiling and landed it on the fan, it was hard. I then let my cousin Mallory try it. She wasn't very good at it but that was okay. My cousin Cameron then opened the same thing. His was blue. We both raced them around all morning. That was probably the most fun toy I ever had. Even though it was tiny. I then opened a few more things to go with my electric car. By then it was lunch time. We had pizza rolls. It was delicious. We then drove my electric car around in my house while the helicopters were charging. All day it snowed outside and we rode our four wheelers in it. We also sledded behind the four wheelers also. My uncle would bring us into our big field and then turned really sharply so we would fly off into the powder snow. If we were able to hold on the tube would get off the ground as he went around the turn. One time he turned to sharp and flipped the four wheeler. Everything was alright though. When we went back inside I think I drank 5 hot chocolates, both my cousins drank three each, it was delicious. That was the most fun Christmas ever.

All day we ran around trying out all of our new games. It all started with my dad coming down the hallway.

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