A Touch Tells

February 19, 2009
By Bells!!!! BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Bells!!!! BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Many of us have heard the old legions of creatures such as vampires-bloodsuckers- or werewolves-half man half wolf-, and even dragons-fire breathers. Most of us believe as a child, or never believe. But I know the truth, my name is Magdalena Porter, I am a vampire, and this is my story.

I have been to every continent, every country, every state, city and town in the world. People think the Eiffel Tower is amazing, I do to, but it dyes down after a dozen times.

The Amazon River, it?s beautiful, but most people havent swam from the top to the bottom, seventeen times.

The Great Wall of China, it?s unbelievable that anyone could build a stone wall that can be seen from space. Well as some people simply walk out to get their mail, or walk there dog for fresh air, I run the from end to end on the wall of China, then back again.

A long walk of the beach is a relaxing personal time. For me walking around Australia is relaxing.

Antarctica is far to cold to live on, I?ve swam there.

How is this possible for one person? Well first am one person to me, to others I am many. Second I?m not a person, I am deeply immortal. I crave the blood of those who are.

Immortals are indestructible, that?s what the movies say?sort of true. We feel pain, but it doesn?t leave a mark. A wooden steak threw the heart will kill us, no. I wooden steak threw the heart simply tickle. We sleep in coffins, heck no, I loath coffins, I?m costerfobic.

Sun light burns us, or makes us sparkle, no, it simply makes us blend in and look more human.

We are undescribluly gorgeous, no. I can easily describe myself. I am tall, skinny, knee length chocolate brown hair. Our eyes though are quite unique. No there not red, or gold or whatever you assume. They are violet while feeding, or if your in a cold apnosphere. They are a maroon when you?re perfectly satisfied with your appetite, or when you?re in warm, cozy weather. And brownish-orange if in hot weather or if around an enemy. I have full blood red-no pun intended- lips, behind those lips are perfectly strait teeth, unless feeding then I has one fang on both sides, and of course pale skin.

And as for physically we are very strong and very fast, so I suppose I should give humans credit for getting a few things right.

Do I hide from humans; no I can live among them as long I please, though one myth that is true, I don?t age. I will simply stay nineteen forever, and honestly that?s okay with me.
Okay so I sort of lied we are beautiful, but not all of us, and not all in the general since of beautiful. One of my vampire friends Rachel is a very different kind of beautiful than me.

She is shorter than me, she is around five-five I would say, I am five-eight, her eyes are the same as mine as well as her teeth, but her lips are more a light pink, and thinner. She is, well I could almost say pink but not as dramatic. More like she is pale just with a pinkish tint, or glow about her. Actually we all have a glow that we can turn on and off. Mine is blue, the glow is used for a few different reasons. One it makes us more attractive for or prey, and if we want we can glow so bright it blinds our prey. It also helps us express our emotions as well.

Rachel hardly ever turns off her glow or as she calls it her flame. Because she has a need for attention, though it has gotten her in some tight situations that I have to squeeze her out of. Because we are a team, we joke and say were a mini cult.

We go everywhere together and though she can be annoying, and snobby she is still fun to be with and helpful. We are currently on the plane to Australia from Maine.

?Are you not just ecstatic about coming back Maggie?? she asked nudging me. I looked around, once again accusing myself of being foolish enough not to feed before getting on a plane. I have very good self control but it can be difficult when my eyes are screaming.

?Maggie?? Rachel asked again flicking my arm lightly annoyed that I ignored her.

?Yeah, I?m really excited,? I smiled at her. She gave me a satisfied look then leaned back in her seat, only to shot up, a little to fast for a human pace, and locked her eyes on something. She had a hungry look in her eyes. I started to worry that I might have to restrain her, yet again, from outing us.

But when I followed her eyes I found that it was a different kind of hungry. Her eyes went from hungry, to flirty as the flight attendant looked over at her.

I rolled my eyes, settled back into my seat, and looked out the window. She reached up and turned on the flight attendant call light. We smiled and walked up to us.

?Hello ladies, what can I get for you?? he asked kneeling down in the aisle next to Rachel.

?A phone number?? Rachel said turning on her flame and winking. Pour boy, he doesn?t stand a chance.

?Um?I-I,? he said in a high voice, he cleared his throat; I looked away not wanting him to see how hard I was holding back a laugh. ?I think I can get you that.?

Rachel gave him a piece of paper and he wrote his number. ?Thanks.? she smiled then turned her back and looked at me.

?Ha, now I?m winning by three,? she said as soon as he was out of ear shot.

?Oh just wait, you don?t stand a chance in Australia, they?ve always liked me better,? I smiled, turning on my much practiced over the centuries Australian accent.

?Oh we?ll see about that,? she tested. We have a contest to see who can the most boys? numbers, and the most kisses. So far she has nine hundred and eighty eight, and I have nine hundred and eighty five numbers. And the same with kisses.

We got off the plane and on the way out of the airport I got two more numbers.

?Catching up fast, eh?? I smiled a smug smile at her.

?Just wait mate,? she said matching my accent.

?To the hotel then the beach?? I asked.
?Sounds like a plan,? she said, it?s an inside joke because neither of us ever have a plan?for anything.

The presidential suite at the Hilton was nicer than the one in Maine. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a big balcony.

We both put on our new bikinis in our rooms; neither of us has ever seen our new swimsuits, the other on got to pick it out.

She picks out an all black one for me, a bikini top that ties in the back and around the neck. It connects by a metal circle in the from. And the bottoms were shorts with a little belt with the same circle thing.

Hers was a red one that the top looked like a red tube top with a black sash that goes around the neck. The bottoms were bikini bottoms that were red but the string that goes all the way around the hips is black.

We put on our cover ups and met in the hall. ?Cute,? we said at the same time. Making us laugh.

The beach was fun, it always is. We had a race around Australia, and I won.

When we got back to the hotel we were both tired.

?Do you know where I want to go?? I said turning to face her, she was lying on the bed and I was sitting on a window seat.


?Las Calinas,? I smiled, and she perked up at the thought of our old get away spot. Las Calinas is a name we made up but it turned out to mean something like ?the haze.? We figured it kind of fit. We go there whenever things get tough or when we have to hide.

All it is really is a stone cottage in the middle of a forest. No one ever goes there for myths of mysterious killers living in the woods. The cottage is from generations ago Rachel and I built it in 1680.

We threw on some jeans and t-shirts, and locked the door on the way out. Once we got out side we started to run, if anyone noticed us it would only be the breeze and we wouldn?t be there when they turned around.

It only took a few minutes to get from one side of the country to the other.

I ran right into the cottage and slide to the floor beside the aged bed, leaning back on it.

Rachel who wasn?t far behind walked in with her nose crinkled. ?It rinks.?

She walked up in front of me and that?s when I smelt it. I turned my head and sniffed the bed. ?It rickets of werewolves.? I said turning back to her. We stared at each other for a minute before the squeak of a loss floor board made us jump up and get into defensive positions.

I could feel my eyes turn to the orangish brown as I intensively glared at the three boys in front of me who were also crouched into defensive positions, it was easy to tell -though they were in human form- that they were werewolves, they were standing in the position werewolves do when ready to shift at any given time.

?Who are you? What are you doing her? This isn?t your territory,? Rachel said, her usually friendly voice piercing. I stared at the boy in the middle; I figured he?s the leader. Though they all seemed in there twenties.

But then a small movement made my eyes jerks over to the boy who was in front of me. He was taller than me, six threeish I would say. He was muscular but not discussing body builder muscular?werewolf muscular. He had deep blue eyes, and brownish blonde hair. He was?to my surprise?beautiful. I mean werewolves are generally good looking but don?t usually appeal to us, because their our sworn enemies.

But something about him just hit me deep, and his eyes were fixed on mine as mine were on his. His face had very good smooth features and smooth, medium skin, and strait with teeth with thin lips. But his lips were one of the things that stood out the most to me. Because though he was in defensive position and in a situation that could easily lead to a death, his lips seemed to be smiling.

?And I suppose you think this is your territory?? said the leader.

?Yes, it is! We built it,? Rachel snapped. I could seem to break my eyes away from the boys. He straitens up, and looked at me in a questioning way, that?s when I noticed that I too had relaxed my position.
?Maggie?? Rachel said, shooting me frantic, worried looks trying not to look away from them to long. I waved my hand at her motioning to relax too. ?What? Are you insane? Maggie!? Rachel shouted at me as I walked up to the boy, slowly and causally, but this is something against our nature. I walked about half way into the space between us and held out my hand.

?I?m Magdalena Porter,? I said.

The boy took a step forward. ?What are you doing?? the leader shouted at him. But the boy held up his hand to silence him. Then filled the space between us and held his hand out too.

?Carter Jason,? he said.

?C.J. are you nuts? She?s a tick!? the one on the other side of the leader said. That?s when mine and Carters hands touched. And suddenly it was like I was watching a movie in his eyes. Then the movie became bigger and before I knew it was in my mind.

I saw me and Carter embracing each other like you would a loved one you havent seen in years. Then we were running together, next we were laughing, then kissing, then seriously kissing. Then it was like a electric jolt came from our hands and up to my head, throwing it back. We prelisted each others hands and threw our heads back down, both leaping back and getting into a more thence position than before, the others followed and Rachel and the leader leaped into the middle, faces just inches from each other, Rachel?s teeth bared.

I stared at him, and I felt something I hadn?t felt in a very long time. It felt like my heart was beating, thought that is impossible, my heart stopped hundreds of years ago.

?What was that?? I shouted as loud as I could without screaming it.

?I don?t know you tell me!? he shouted back. ?It?s your power!?

?I?m a vampire not a witch.?

?Is there a difference,? he cocked his head to the side, but he was just pushing his luck. I was in front of him before he could even notice me moving. It made him flinch. I stepped on my toes so that I was nearly face to face with him.

?This is our territory, leave,? I said making sure to show my fanged teeth.

I turned to walk away but he reaches out and grabbed my arm. ?No-? he started but was chocked off when I looked at him and saw the movie in my eyes that I saw in his. Once again it moved to my mind. But this time it was different.

This time I was slapping him, and it seemed like we were fitting with each other. Like really, really mad. He turned and walked out of a room. Then it was us running away from something together?the looks on our faces. We were so scared. He glared at me taking his eyes off the ground, ?this is all your fault.? He growled. The strange thing was how slow we were running?at a human pace.

I felt Rachel?s hand on my other arm pulling me back and when she did I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I looked up at Carter and he looked about as freaked as I did.

?Y-you?stay away from me! And get out of our territory!? I shouted.

?If you?re here tomorrow you won?t be the next day,? Rachel threatened following me out the door.

I woke up at like three in the morning, after dreaming of Carter. I couldn?t help thinking of him. I have met plenty of werewolves, vampires, and other creators in my life but never had anything like that happened.

I could help myself from remembering the first movie. Though it was only short clips it felt real. It was like I could feel his arms around me. And as strange as it seems, I want that. But at the same time it?s in my nature to crave the second movie as well, to want to fight him. And I do, I just need to decide which I want more.

I jumped out of my bed and threw on some jean short-shorts and a tank. I ran to Las Calinas without waking Rachel to go with me, which might be a mistake.

When I reached it I could smell there tracks leading out. It seemed so wrong to feel sad to think he was gone but I did. I Walked into the room where I had met him.

Werewolves are in ways like us, and in more ways not. It?s easier to say the things we have in common.

We both are nearly impossible to kill, we both don?t age, and we both have a lot of ways to lure prey in.

I set on the edge of the bed.

?I thought you weren?t coming until tomorrow?? I heard a voice come from behind me. I jump up and turned around. And to my surprise I smiled.

?Um?yeah about that?? I said wanting to beg him not to leave but thinking of how weird he would think I was. ?You don?t have to leave.?

?But I thought-?

?Well it?s not like we live here,? I said looking away, embarrassed.

?And what does your friend think of your decision ?? he asked smiling at me, leaving me breathless for a second. He has the most beautiful smile.

?She doesn?t know?but I think I can reason with her.?

?But why?? he asked his smile fading and his face turning serious.

?Is it so wrong to want to be nice to someone?? I asked tiring to hide the fact I just didn?t want him to leave.

?But?you?re a vampire?I?m a werewolf.?


?So? So, are you new to this??

?No but-?

?But nothing!? I cringed away from his harsh tone.

?Don?t yell at me!? I said.

?I?m sorry I have a temper,? he admitted and I scuffed a breath. ?Oh like you don?t? You were like all sweet one minute the next your were pretty much threading my life! And now?your?.your?.well I don?t know what you are exactly,? he said with a puzzled confused look.

?Nether do I,? I said looking down. But the first thought that came to mind was now I?m in love with a complete stranger.

He walked over and set on the bed and so did I, but we were still across the bed from each other. I longed to fill that space but I was scared to touch him.

?So I think I figured out those images,? he said seeming to blush but it was hard to tell in the dark.

?Really?? I asked anxious to hear what he thought.

?Well I think that they reflect off our mood?or emotions.?

?But are they of the future or?? I trailed off.

?I thought about that first too. But I don?t think that?s the case. We seemed different. We seemed human.?


?Memories of our human lives.?

The author's comments:
This is just one part of the begining of one of my...ideas. i like to write but can never seem to finish. I just figured why not send the begining of one.

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