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October 3, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. - T.s Eliot

Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

Stay away from the demon they said to the young angel who everyone adored.


She was young, kind, naive and beautiful. She was perfect they all said.


The angel tried her best to stay away from the demon but where ever the angel went so did the demon. When she was in danger the demon would appear and protect the angel.


The angel fell in love with the demons power and wanted it for herself. The angel not wanting to be weak no more came to the demon and asked.


"Demon how can I become like you?"


The demon smirked the demon laughed but then the demon told her the answer. "You love to much. Hate has never touched your heart."


So the demon handed the angel a rose and said. "Angel if you wish to become like me, eat the rose."


Without thought the angel obeyed and the next day the angel turned wicked in her heart. She was now a demon.


Together being the only bad in the land of good they tainted the lands. She had tasted the power and strength the demon had and would never let it go.


So when the people of the land begged her to come back to them she shook her head. As she could hold no love for them.


So one day she sat on the bodies of the ones she had no love for anymore and read a book called Tainted.

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