September 30, 2016

“Max are you ready?’’ Kyle asked.

“I was born ready!’’ Max replied.
Max and Kyle are best friends, they are also the two commanders in charge for their mission back to Mars. 
“So what exactly is this for again?’’ the rookie asked.
“This is so you don’t freeze to death when you're out there, whatever you do, don't take it off unless max says to.’’ Janet explained.
Janet is their ear back on earth, she makes sure everyone is okay and nothing goes wrong. I don’t know what they would do without her.
“Is everyone ready, we gotta get this show on the road!’’ Roger commanded.
“Yes!’’ they answered.
Now their all ready, they are going to back to Mars to check on the plants they put there. They had put them in an economic safe house that should have preserved them, and that’s what they want to know, did the crops survive, could Mars be a stable living place for humans?
‘’Count down in 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1!’’
They were off. They had successfully launched their ship and were in space. Later on they had all gotten up in  hurry they could see Mars, then all of a sudden a meteor was coming in hot!
‘’ Max where are you we have an emergency!’’ Kyle had asked through his walkie talkie.
“Kyle i’m in section B, what’s wrong?’’ he asked.
Then all of a sudden….CRASH! They had been hit. The meteor split the ship into pieces, all but section B, where Max was.
‘’Hello, Kyle are you there? Can anyone hear me!’’ Max yelled.
There was no answer, he was lost in space with no one else, he couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Max had sat there panicking and wondering what he could do. Then he just started to think about his friends and what had happened to them. He had decided to go to sleep in a machine that preserves your body while you sleep. Max had set it to five earth years. Alls he had left to do was sleep, he wondered if he really wanted to do it, but soon realized there was really no other choice.

He had woken up, but not in section B of the ship he was on earth.
“How did i get here, where am I?’’
Max soon realized he was in a car on the side of the road. It had seemed he was in his home town. He had drove down his street and pulled into his garage, and went inside but no one was home. He was worried so he went out back and there was his son and his wife sitting there, only it wasn’t them or at least not the real them. He had crashed on a planet exactly like earth so there was a duplicate of everyone from both worlds. They are never suppose to encounter there duplicate. Max didn’t know that, he had turned around and it was as if he was looking in a mirror. Then poof they were both gone, just like that they were dust. The difference between our earth and there earth is that they are advanced and knew we should never encounter each other.

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