The Boy Downstairs

September 15, 2016
By TurtleBoss65 BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
TurtleBoss65 BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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There once was a kid, his name was Jack. He and his family moved into a new house. After they moved in, strange things started to happen. Tables would fly, plates would smash. This was not an ordinary house. It was the Boy Downstairs. He, owned the house. Legend has it, that he was murdered. He was killed in the basement of the house. He lives in the basement now, he terrorizes the people that attempt to live there. No stay, or no live.

The Boy Downstairs  hated this family more than the others. He flung knives at them. He made noises when they were sleeping. He would stop at nothing. Jack, would spend most of his time outside because of the boy downstairs. His mom and dad wanted to move out but had no money. They worked and worked to get enough money to move. They  simply didn’t make enough money.

The parents had no clue what was happening, as they didn’t believe in ghosts. Jack, however, believed in ghosts and tried and tried to tell his parents it was a ghost. He failed. The family didn’t know what to do. The Boy Downstairs was furious. He tried everything, except killing them. As much as he used to hate it, he has killed people. He killed them in their sleep. He didn’t want them to suffer.

The Boy Downstairs now,  he doesn't care how or where they die. He doesn’t care if they suffer. Jack, was to scared to go back inside. He slept outside in a tent. The Boy Downstairs had the perfect opportunity. He killed the parents first, then Jack. He killed them all. He must now wait, for his next victom.

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