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I, Mage

Nalletrix Jasmine Haisan is very unusual, and has been that way her whole life. She lives a semi-peaceful life with her large family until, one day, she is attacked by soldiers who serve a very powerful man- but who is he? Why is this mysterious enemy after her?

Chapter 1: Prologue

Lein Kyra paced across the room. She was sweating profusely, and mopped her forehead with her sleeve. “The ruler of Jotham-Alathom…” she muttered. Then she turned and slammed both fists down on her desk. “Oh, Creator,” she breathed, leaning heavily on the wooden surface.
“Mage Kyra!” a voice by the door called. “Are you alright?”
“No,” she croaked. “No, I’m not. Get Narjali, will you?”
Footsteps retreated from the door. Lein’s head ached, and she felt dizzy. She fell to her knees, her legs refusing to hold her weight. She lifted her thick brown hair off her neck, and felt the cool air on her sweaty skin.
She heard footsteps behind her but did not look up. She felt a hand grip her elbow. “Narjali,” she gasped.
When she was safely seated in her desk chair, she picked up a glass with shaking hands. She muttered a word of power and the glass filled. She sipped, barely managing not to spill it down the front of her robes. “A… prophecy,” she told Narjali.
The young man came to face her. “Tell me. Let it go.”
She looked him in the eyes. “Will you remember?”
“Yes. I swear, I will remember every word.”
Lein relaxed. She closed her eyes and breathed, in… out… in… out. She felt her mouth reciting words that she couldn’t hear. A roaring filled her ears, deafeningly loud but inaudible to Narjali’s ears.
It seemed to go on forever. Lein gripped the arms of her chair, breathing hard.
Her thoughts were filled with bits and pieces of the prophecy, repeated over and over.

A Hosar who seems weak.
The ruler of Jotham-Alathom…
…no longer flee in terror
Powers never seen before…


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