Centaur's Forest

September 25, 2016
By , Beijing, NY

At first, there was only a pale coverage of mist in sight. Then the sound of thick forest leaves brushing against each other under the pushes of wind, and that the soft light of early morning shrines through the thin mist and reveals the scene. 
Rushing streams of water drive down the riverbed, a beautiful creature walks straight into the currents of water. Her long, curvy hair rolls down those well shaped shoulders, was decorated with red and yellow flowers. Her eyes, reflecting the morning light, were green as the new leafs on the tips of the branch. With such a nice half body of women till her waist, the half under parts, were sculptural four legs of a black horse.
Carla, she was the owner of this forest since her kind had been here. Humans came in later, curious and respectful, they found out her ownership of the forest, and had got her permission to stay. It was just one another day, when she was cleansing her body in the river. A human boy ran into her, she almost shot him the time he came out of the woods, the arrow pointing straight to his chest.
That’s when she recognizes him, son of the chief, named Leo. Living together in this forest, she had barely met any one of those humans, except for the time when she give them permission to live here. They look quite the same, not saying about the horse parts, but the upper half body, but him with more cloth on top. The boy smiles at her. That’s where this dream ends, she woke up.
It was hot and painful, with dangerous flames burning on the thick piece of wood, her hands tied to her back. With her awake, humans with hair that looks like gold surrounded her, speaking in languages which she never had heard of. There were no flowers, streams, or thick woods. She can taste blood, excitement and the urge of violence in the room. Those humans look nothing like the natives in the forest, with their bright blonde hair and light colored skin and eyes. They looked at her as if she wasn’t worth respecting; a toy, perhaps, could show the subject of how she felt being treated as. A new found, precious one, but still, an object, not a living respectable creature with soul.
Fear didn’t rush through her mind, nor did anything else than pure hatred. How dare, how dare these humans tie her up? Biting her downer lips till the color of blood is squeezed out of it, she struggled to stand up. There were suddenly hard cold things against her four legs; keen silvery blades almost slice through her skin. She ignored it, till it actually slices through her nice covered fur, and has been immediately withdrawn after that wound was made. The scent of blood and the sharp prickling pain make her mind much clearer, humans looking at her and shout unknown words, and then they surrounded her and force her out of the cave.
On the other side of the cave, Mr. Elliot was waiting in his cool tent for his team waiting to discover this magical forest only mentioned in legends. It was said that only the ones who show respects of the living creatures in the forest could be blessed and return safe from this magical place, which he view as complete none-sense. That means no animals hunted down, no valuable mines to be dug, and no profits from this forest? Ridiculous! Elliot grabs his hat and walks straight out with infinite confidence that nothing could stop him from getting this wanted place. His team was screaming something about a new discovery that was never been made, he have to take a look and see if it’s going to give him honor and money.
Mr. Elliot was both amazed and shocked, while he arrived in front of the cave, with little pieces of fear about the trustworthiness of the legend. A Centaur? These creatures only live in fairytales from when people still believe in magic exists. The stories shall not be true. He swallows his fear and turned to the possible bright future it would bring him. Tons of money, for the one and only centaur caught, how precious would it be. Look at that body! Circuses, that would be too low, this should be presented to the king! The women part of it is enough gorgeous, although with such weird combinations; yet it brought another sense of beauty, presented as natural’s creation.
Covering the tiny bits of worries he felt with the huge benefits he was about to get, Mr. Elliot turns to one of the team members. “Didn’t we have a native man? Bring him up front and ask for him to train this beast for us,” he said, can’t take his eyes off the Centaur’s face, “If it doesn’t work, get me a horse trainer.” As if it is sensing something, the centaur turns up its face and stares at his face; those soft green eyes darkened with flames of anger and hatred, horse hoofs are also kicking the ground anxiously. Shock by how human-like this creature is, he still didn’t hesitate when it comes to decide whether it is or not going to be tamed. Beasts are beasts; there would never be one day that they can be compared to human.
Leo was confused when he has been take down by a few men he never seen before, there are no tribes other than his live in this forest. Brought to the edge of this magical forest, those people settle him down in a hole on the ground, only giving him some fruits twice a day. He lost counts of how many days he’s been in here, but those people finally decide to get him out.
It was a silent morning, not even the most talkative birds speak a word, not even a whisper of wind past him. The forest felt lifeless. When lead to that familiar face, he was nothing but surprised.
“You! You know how to deal with this, huh?” a short bearded man shouts and pushes him toward the Centaur, the owner of the forest. Staggering due to the unexpected push on his shoulder, Leo kneels in front of the Centaur, mumbles her name with restrain emotions. “Carla…”
Those people ask for him to tame her, the soul of forest which their tribe worshiped. How foolish and ignorant they are, come into a forest not being grateful for the souls that live here? Leo speaks in the ancient language to Carla, ignoring the suddenly stopped chattering among the other peoples, of their situation.
Surrounded by man with blades, Carla remains her prideful gesture, crossing her arms to found that the boy who she dreamt about is brought to her and explained to her what happened. Her rage grows on, brings a strong wind across the forest, leaves fall off the trees forming a transparent bow. The bow seems to be composed of pure energy, stretched in Carla’s arm. She shout out distorted unusual syllables in order, turns to murmuring while her eyes wide open and was shining green light, wind surrounding her blocked any possible attacks, and she let go of the bow without arrow, pointing towards the sky. Invaders of the forest found themselves unable to move, but to watch the glowing Centaur picked up the native and runs into the woods.

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