March 5, 2009
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'We have to get back on the ship!!!' yelled Doug MacKenzie; a tall and scrawny 13 year old boy, while try to fend off Kalaxx Miners with his small dagger. 'What do you think we're trying to do?' Doug's sister Becca MacKenzie screamed back, while trying to do the same. 'Come on!' Captin MacKenzie (Doug and Becca's uncle, and the captain of the Expedient) yelled, 'Just forget the Kalaxx and run!' Doug and Becca ran as fast as they could, jumping over rocks and dodging the blades of the Kalaxx's mining tools. They jumped on to the boarding ladder of the Expedient, climbing up on to the ship's deck and joining their uncle in amazement. Doug quickly ran over to the artillery guns and fired a round off at the mob of Kalaxx. The shell hit the crowd sending bodies flying off in every direction. Becca immediately ran over to the engine controls and set them to full speed. Then they sailed off in to the Pacific Ocean. 'That was crazy.' Doug said.
'Yeah, tell me about it, one of them almost sliced my arm, but I'm ok, they didn't hurt me.' Becca said
'Thank god,' Captain MacKenzie said, 'we don't have any sort of first aid items on board. Did you get anything useful?'
'Nope,' said Becca 'What about you Doug?'
'Yea, I got this piece of paper, I didn't look at it yet though.'
'Well, open it'
Doug unfolded the piece of paper. It revealed 2 short poems, the first one read
' To choose the door to go through,
You must think more, about the direction Columbus
sailed in 1492'
and the second one said
'Once you're there,
The trip line is as thin as a hair,
Jump over that,
And there is the key in the claws of a carved rock bat'
'What does that mean?' Doug said handing the paper to Becca.

'I don't know but you might want to keep it just in case.' Becca said.
Just as Doug slipped the piece of paper into his pocket, a big wave crashed over the ship, everything went black.

''Doug? Doug! Thank god your awake, uncle says we were hit by a title wave, and we've crashed on this small island. You gotta come check this out!' Doug got up slowly, looking around frantically. Becca grabbed Doug's hand and lead him to a small tunnel entrance net to a jail house make with grey brick and motor. They went down into the tunnel. There were 3 old, rusty doors.

'Which one should we go through?' Captain MacKenzie said.
'Why don't we just go through all of them?' Becca asked.
'We shouldn't take any chances,' Doug answered 'we don't kn'
'Wait!' Becca interrupted 'Let me see that piece of paper! I think I know what to do.' Doug took the paper out of his pocket slowly, and handed it to Becca. ' It says to choose which door to go through, think more about what direction Columbus sailed in 1492' Becca said
'Columbus sailed west!' Doug screamed 'We have to go through the door that's west!' The three of them hurried through the door on the west wall of the cave. And there it was the key. It looked as if it was made of pure gold as it shined in the dim light of the cave.
'The next one says that the trip line is as thin as a hair. We have to find it; we don't want to trigger ant trap doors or anything.' Becca said. After about 2 minutes of searching, Captain MacKenzie found it 'I see it' he alerted Doug and Becca. Doug quickly stepped carefully over the trip line and grabbed the key, ever so slowly.
All 3 of them ran out of the room, out of the tunnel and into daylight. The bright light of day shined in their faces and stung their eyes. They ran over to the jailhouse and put the key in the lock on the massive door. The door opened slowly, inch by inch it creaked a deep and loud noise that echoed on the hard inside walls of the house. Then Doug and Becca saw something that made them almost fall over with surprise.

'Mom! Dad! Is that really you?'
'Doug! Becca! Oh my'' their mother's voice trailed off.


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