The Murderer's Necklace Part 1

September 11, 2016

People that say life isn't easy, don't even understand how hard it truly is.  If it was someone else in my shoes they probably would have killed themselves by now.  The pain in my life right now is my boss. At first he looked like a nice guy, but what l soon found out is that he is a slave driver who has no consideration for his employees.  I was supposed to clock out two hours ago, but my boss said that five stacks of paper that magically appeared, needed to be put into the system.
It was dark out when l left the office. I rushed to the bus stop, only to find out that no more buses were coming. My small apartment was ten miles away from here.
As l walked l felt that someone was behind me. When l turned around there were three guys with hoods behind me.
“Good evening”
“Just give us everything you have and you won't get hurt” he pulled out a knife
Surprised l threw on the floor my wallet and whatever spare change l had. The person on the left picked up my wallet and opened it.
“Are you kidding, there isn't even a hundred dollars in here, ” he said
“It’s all l have” l told them
The one on the right walked towards me. He grabbed up shirt and pulled me up.
“You see we don't want to hurt you, just give us your money and we will leave, right boss”
“That's exactly right just stop resisting and give us everything you have”
The boss walked forward and stared at me.
“My friend here hates hurting people, just do as we say and you won't be hurt” the boss said
“I told you that's all l have” l said
“I don't think he's telling the truth boss” the thug in the back said
“If he's not willing to cooperate, then we just have to show him a lesson” the thug grabbing me, said.
“Just don't kill him” the boss said
They threw me on the floor, l stood back up. I tried to run, but then one of them caught up to me and pushed me down. One got on top of me and started punching me in the face. The other two joined him and started kicking me. This continued for about five minutes before they stopped.
“Let’s go, this guy isn't worth our time” the boss said
The guy on top of me got up and joined the other two as they walked away. As they walked the boss the boss put his hands in his pockets. On his right hand he had a Snake tattoo. I passed out after that.
When l woke up l was in the hospital bed. I looked to my side and saw a nurse in the corner. Her hair was blond and she couldn't be taller than five and a half.
“Good to see that you’re awake, I'll get the doctor” she then left
In a couple of minutes the Doctor came in.
“Good to see you’re conscious, when you came to us you were in a pretty bad state, lucky that someone found you in time” the doctor got a closer look at me
“Tell the nurse here to call your family to tell them what happened” he then left
“Is there anyone you want me to call” the nurse said
“No, l don't get along well with my family” l told the nurse
“Any friends then” she asked
“No l have no friends” l told her
“Strange, you look like the guy who would have lots of friends”
“Looks can be deceiving”
She laughed and left the room
After a couple of hours, they dismissed. When l left the receptionist asked for my insurance card. I told her l don't have insurance. She then gave me a bill, the sum was more than l made in a month.
As l walked towards my apartment l saw a group of kids playing on a playground. My childhood was nothing like that. I only had myself, never had anyone else to play with. Across the park was an antique shop, owned by a strange lady. As l had nothing better to do l went into the shop to see what was inside. As l walked the strange lady greeted me.
“You looked troubled” she said
“I could be better” l told her
She started carrying boxes outside.
“What’s in the boxes” l asked
“Things that will never sell” she dropped one of the boxes and the contents spilled.
I bent down to help her pickup the things. When l was putting the contents back into the box l saw a necklace with a strange black stone.
“What’s this” l asked
“An old necklace that makes everyone turn the other direction. It’s been here since the shop opened, no one has ever wanted it” she said
“If you're gonna throw it away can l have it” l said
“If you want, no one gonna miss it in the dump” she said
“I helped her put everything back into the box and left. I put on the necklace, it felt weird.
“Maybe l should've left it, gives off a weird vibe”
When l got to my apartment I made a microwave dinner. I looked over the bills that were stacked up on the counter. Took a bath to calm my nerves, went to sleep early to apologize to my boss in the morning for not working today
I woke up, got dressed and ate breakfast. The necklace was still on my neck.
“I'll take it for good luck”
I caught the buss and made my way to work. My boss was the only one there when l arrived.
“Mr. Phillip l sorry for not showing up to work yesterday”
“Don't worry about it, l took care of it”
“Really, I'm­ happy you're not mad”
“Pack your things and go”
“Your fired, pack your thing James”
“But Sir”
“No buts, pack your things”
“I was in the hospital”
“I don't care about your personal life, all l know is that you weren’t at work yesterday”
“You can't do that”
“I gave you a chance kid now leave”
I went and packed my things and left. As l walked out l heard a voice in my head.
“Wouldn't the world be better if he wasn't around?”
I made my way home and sat down on my bed. I laid down and fell asleep. In my dream, I saw myself and my boss. He was working me to the bone. I was exhausted as always while he sat back and did nothing.
“Doesn't it make you angry?”
The voice was the same one l heard earlier.
“Don't ignore me, I'm only here to help”
The voice was feminine, it gave me chills. I turned around, l saw a human like shape. The pigment of the body was a purplish black, it had no face.
Startled l fell down to the floor.
“Who are you” my voice cracking
“You don’t need to know right now”
“Let me rephrase that, what are you”
“I’m a being that was born out of people wishes, I live in that necklace that you picked up”
“The necklace?”
“Yes, only certain types of people are attracted to the necklace”
“What do you want?”
“The real question is what you want”
“Stop being cryptic, and tell me what you want from me”
“Very well l will explain why I'm here. You see I’m very generous. When l see someone like yourself in trouble l give them a helping hand. I will leave once your greatest desires are met. Is that simple enough James?”
“How do you know my name?”
“I know everything about, from where you grew up to what you plan to do with your future. Our meeting wasn't a coincidence, this is destiny.”
“What do you mean, you will help me get my greatest desire?”
“What else does it mean, what you most desire in your heart l will help you achieve”
“What do l want?”
“Only you can answer that”
“When the time comes l will help you. You will soon realized what you want”
I woke up, sweat dripping from my face.
I went to the kitchen to get some water. I looked into pantry l had barely anything in it. I made a trip to the grocery store to spend the little money l had left.
I bought some supplies that would last me to the end of the week. As l walked out l saw a guy buying a couple of boxes of beer. He lifted his hand and on his right hand l saw a snake tattoo. The room froze, all l could focus on was on the person who had the tattoo.
“What are you gonna do” a voice coming from my head
“Will you let him get away or will you get your revenge, you have to decide now before it's too late” the voice became louder
The guy left the store and left and walked away. I walked behind him staying a good distance behind him. As we continued walking l wondered, why he didn't notice me. He made his way to an abandon building and walked in. I took a peek inside one of the windows and saw the other two that had mugged me several days before. I ran back to my apartment. I noticed that l was still carrying the bags l had bought in the grocery store.
“How did l carry this from the store to that building? How did he not notice me after all the noise these bags made”
I put the bags away and sat down. My head was spinning. Everything was a blur, the voice kept on getting stronger. I couldn't block it out.
“Kill....Kill...KILL” my head was about to explode
“Don't resist it, embrace it” l couldn't hold it back
I went outside to walk to get rid of the voice. I walked aimlessly for several hours. My head still bursting from the voice. Before l realized it, l was at the abandon building that the thugs had made their base. I could hear them, they were playing poker.
My mind was telling me to leave, but my body was moving forward. I entered the building, and walked to the room that they were in.
“Who the hell is that” one of them said
“Its that guy from the other day, what is he doing here” the other said
“Let’s show him a lesson boys” the boss said
Then their face turned grim, they started to struggle.
“Why can't l move” one of them said
“What the hell are you doing” the boss said
My mind blank l moved to other side of the room. I saw something shinning in the sun; the knifed they pulled on me that night. I grabbed it, and walked back to the group of men.
“Calm down now, we will give your things back, no will give you everything we have”
I stayed silent, and stared at the thug that got on top of me.
“Stop please, we didn't mean to hurt you. Please l don't want to die”
I stuck the knife in his throat, blood spattered on the table. His friend next to him bathed in blood were terrified. The thug who grabbed me, was trying to get out of his chair. The chair fell sideways and he was on the ground unable to move. Tears in his eyes he was begging for mercy. I stuck the knife in chest he stopped pleading seconds later.
The last one left was the boss. He was sweating, in his face l saw nothing but fear. He had soiled his pants. He tried to say words, but all that came out was gibberish. I stabbed him on top of his skull, he fell straight down. 
It took a couple of minutes to process what l had just done.
I fell down to the floor, next to the men l just murdered. I pushed myself to the corner breathing heavy. After what felt like an hour, l stood up and looked at the dead bodies. The blood was all over the floor. I vomited. I walked out of the building drench in blood. As l walked the street no one looked at me. No one was surprised by my appearance. I stood still wondering why people aren’t saying anything.
“Are you all f***ing retarded, I'm drenched in blood and you people aren't doing anything” l yelled as loud as l could.
No one heard me, they all just kept walking. It was as if l wasn't there.
“I just killed three people in cold blood” l yelled
I began yelling out how l killed them and how the bodies were left with vided detail. Not one person even looked my way. I ran back to my apartment. Sweat pouring down my face. I took off my blood drench clothes and took a shower.
When l got out of the shower l took my blood drenched clothes and turned on my stove. I put the clothes on the fire and saw them ignite. The fire soon spread over my apartment. It started to consume it, then soon what l hoped for happen. I was on fire, hoping that it will be over soon.
After a second of relief l notice something disturbing l was not burning.
“Why am l not dying? I don't understand”
I fell down to the floor and started cry.
“Do you want me to explain?”
Siting on the one of the burning kitchen chairs what the thing from my dreams. I stood there speechless looking at the black figure in front of me.
“I get it know this is all a dream” l said still crying
“No, all of this is real” the figure said
“What the hell are you talking about, there no way this could be real. For one you’re just a figment of my imagination. I'm on fire but I'm not burning. If I'm not dreaming then what messed up hell is this”
“I am as real as you, as l said before I'm the being that lives in that necklace you have. The reason why you are on fire but not burning is because of me. I will help you as long as it takes for you to complete your wish”
“You’re saying this necklace is the root of this”
“Yes exactly”
“So if l take this off this, will all be over”
I put my hands on the necklace to lift it. My hands wouldn't move. The necklace didn't want to come off.
I looked at the thing sitting in the chair.
“Why are you doing this to me?”
My face fell to floor. I started to cry uncontrollably.
“I'm doing nothing. The reason why the necklace isn't coming off is simply because deep down you don't want it to come off”
“You said that you were born out of people wishes, this doesn't look any normal wish”
“Yes l was born out of people wishes, but not the kind you’re thinking of. The wishes that l was born from where wishes of murder. That necklace only attracts people who have a strong wish to kill”
“Let me make it simple. I never forced you to do anything. Everything was done out of your own will. I only gave you the to resources to do it”
“All those times”
“Yes, stopping their movements, stopping people from hearing you ,during your nervous breakdown, and even when you were following him. I made so that you can't fail”
“That doesn't explain why I'm not dying”
“Oh that, simple I'm not allowed to let you die until your wish is completed or you take off the necklace”
“But it won't come off”
“Here's the catch, the only way to take off the necklace is if the person completely loses there wish to kill”
“I never wanted to kill in the first place”
“Did you now, even you noticed it didn't you”
“What are you talking about?”
“The thrill of killing, the excitement of their cries for mercy, that sweet feeling when their blood spatter all over your face. You felt it didn't you. After all you could have pass as a clown after that smile you pulled there”
“You’re wrong, I'm not like that”
“Really now, maybe l should remind you”
The room went black. Then it we were back at the abandon house. I saw myself killing all three men. Next to the men crying begging to be spared, there was a familiar face, laughing and enjoying the sight that was happening. I was smiling, laughing at the three men that l was killing.
“You now see, you wanted to kill them” the black figure walked closer to me.
“That…can’t be me”
The black figure moved in front of my face.
“The faster you accept it the more fun we will have”
“What do you want?”
“There are only two things that l want. To reach your wish, and to enjoy all the fun that we will have together”

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