The Secret Wizard

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

'What!' Lizzy yelled to her dad. 'I have a mom?'

Her dad had never told her about her mom because she was too young to understand. Now that she is 13, it must be the time.

Lizzy's mom left when Lizzy was just born. They said wizards aren't supposed to ever live with their kids or even talk to them. That wizard law that has been keeping a mother from a daughter has just been passed, so now Lizzy is able to see her mother for the first time. The only thing is that since Lizzy's mother is a wizard, then that means that Lizzy is also a wizard, but she doesn't know it yet. Her parents have talked and decided that maybe Lizzy should go visit her mom for about a month in the summer.

Lizzy started packing almost weeks before she even left because she was so exited, yet so nervous. She wondered what her mom looked like, if she looked like Lizzy at all, or what she sounded like and everything. Those thoughts ran through her mind the whole plane ride there.

As she finally reached the street, she almost fainted, she was so nervous. Lizzy rang the door bell, and she wanted to close her eyes but she just couldn't. As the door opened, there stood the most beautiful women she has ever seen.

'Are you Amy Henshaw?' Lizzy murmured innocently.

'Why yes I am, are you Lizzy Henshaw?'

Lizzy nodded her head with excitement. Her mother let her in and they had a bite to eat, they talked all about each other and they learned a few things, like how Lizzy hates pepperoni on her pizza, and how Amy (her mother) has a huge fear of spiders. Now those aren't the only thing they learned they learned that day. Lizzy's mom was missing one huge part of her life.
Her mother new she had to tell Lizzy but she didn't want to, and she didn't know how. She
wanted Lizzy to be a normal 13 year old girl, but that just isn't and option.

After having the best day ever Amy told Lizzy about her powers.

'What!' Lizzy cried, 'I'm a wizard? And you're a wizard too?'

'Yes,' her mother said. Right then Lizzy wanted to test them out, but she wasn't quite trained yet. Although you only have to be trained for a week, to be able to use your powers anytime, it is the law. So that's exactly what she did that very week.

For the next week her mom taught her all that could be taught. Man was it a lot of information, but she catches onto things quickly, so it was no big deal to her. Now she has been training for a total of 6 days and she was not waisting any time tomorrow morning at all. Her mother agreed to it and so that's what she planned.

The next morning she woke up quickly, got dressed and remembered that she was able to use her powers today. Man was she exited. She ran down the stairs and made breakfast with just a zap. Right then her mom came in.

'Didn't I tell you not to use magic unless it's necessary?' her mother questioned.

'Yes, well this is necessary, I need to eat breakfast.' Lizzy replied.

Her mom gave her the your-not-getting-away-with-this-look, and Lizzy zapped the food away.

'You may only use unnecessary magic if I tell you, okay?'

'Okay.' Lizzy muttered.

That evening Lizzy wanted to just have fun. They were at the mall and Lizzy wanted a hot dog but didn't want to walk all the way over there to get one. Instead she brought out her wand and as she pulled it out it hit the fire alarm. She quickly then put it right away into her purse and ran outside. As she ran, guess who she ran into..... her mom. All Lizzy could do is act all innocent like she didn't do anything. She gave her mom the I'm-sorry-I-won't-ever-do-it-again-smile, but her mom didn't buy it. Her mother gave her the look, and stopped time so that she could talk to Lizzy without anyone hearing.

Her mother luckily knew how to fix everything. She turned back time and made sure that Lizzy didn't pull the wand out of her purse. Although it was fixed, her mom was still very angry at her. She must not let anyone figure out she is a wizard.

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