Liam Goes To Vietnam

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

This is Liam the baby Leopard, and he lives at the San Diego Zoo. Every day he does the same thing. He wakes up, eats, shows off to the people how cute he his, eats again, takes a nap, and then plays in his small cage until the day ends. He's tired and he wants out. He tries everything, even his cute please-let-me-out-of-here face. He misses his friends and parents so much he would do anything to see them again. One day, his wish came true! When the zoo keeper got done feeding him, they didn't shut the door all the way. The zoo was going to open in a half-an-hour so Liam secretly dashed out of his cage. He hid behind bushes and rocks whenever a zoo keeper strolled by, until he made it out of the zoo. Liam was so happy! He started sprinting away from the zoo, playing as he ran, and jumping around on the sidewalk. When all of a sudden some little girl named Maria, picked him up and ran to her parents and said........

'Mommy, Daddy, can we please keep him???'

The parents thought Liam was a cat so of course they said yes. Maria decided to name Liam Fluffy. When Liam got home with his 'new family,' there were three suitcases lined up on the floor, a cat carrier, & a small bag that was just put down next to the suitcases. There were many fliers on the table about Vietnam, so Liam walked over to one that was open and sat down to read it. He read.....

'The population per square mile n Vietnam is 672 people, the population per square mile for the U.S is 84 people. There are 588 more people per square mile in Vietnam than the U.S. So the ratio of people per square mile in Vietnam to the U.S is 672:84'

Liam thought to himself...

'Wow there's a lot of people in Vietnam!'

He started to doze off, and then he fell asleep. He dreamed of being in the wild and seeing all of his friends and family again, when all of a sudden he woke up to......

'Welcome to flight 6510! We are on our way to Vietnam so sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!' a flight attendant announced over the intercom.

Liam looked around and saw dogs, heard cats meow, and even noticed pet snakes that were as long as meter sticks all around him! He also realized he was in a cage too! Liam looked at the cat across from him, and asked......

'Where are we???'

The cat said...

'We are on a flight to Vietnam, didn't you just hear the flight attendant?'

'Sorry, I'm just confused,' Liam replied.

The T.V hummed as Maria's mom turned it on to watch the news.

'This just in, Liam the baby leopard from San Diego zoo has escaped this morning from his cage! The zoo has been closed down for searching.' The news man said.

'Oh my, that looks just like fluffy!' She exclaimed to her husband.

'No, that's probably not,' her husband replied.

When they got to Vietnam it was late so they checked into a motel to sleep. When they woke up in the morning, they had a quick breakfast and then drove to Fansipan mountain. There were about 20 people thee waiting for a tour guide to come out. Finally when the guide came out, it wasn't what you would expect. She was CRAZY, she was so crazy she looked like she was on a sugar rush, so crazy her hair was died pink, so crazy she dressed like a rainbow. She said....

'Welcome to Fansipan mountain, today on our hike up part of the mountain I will be telling you about it. The reason why we are only hiking up part of it, is because it takes 6-7 days to climb up the whole thing,' she explained.

' You guys chose the best time to tour -between February and April- because it's when all the flowers bloom!'

Fansipan mountain was planted a landmark in 1905 by the French, it was branded to the roof of Vietnam at 3143m tall. Not a lot of people climbed it when it was first claimed,' the tour guide commented.

'It feels like I've climbed 1,000 miles,' her mom complained.

'Fansipan mountain means tottery giant rock. It is Vietnam's highest peak. This mountain is very steep and it gets lots of moisture.' The tour guide said.

' Can you guys believe it, while I was talking we have climbed up and down part of the mountain!' She yelled

'Well buhbye, you guys might want to get under some shelter, it looks like its going to storm soon.'

Everyone dashed to their cars to drive back where they came from. As soon as everyone was in their car it started raining cats and dogs! Liam was so tired he would sleep anywhere, so tired he wouldn't mind sleeping outside when its raining, so tired he slept the whole ride to the motel. When they go back to the mother, it was thundering and lightening. The weather man said it was supposed to get worse in the night so the family packed their bags to go home. They took the soonest flight home. When they were back in San Diego, the whole family took a walk. Liam was on a leash, and he hated it! It was itchy and uncomfortable. They walked right past the zoo and Liam dashed toward it. The leash slipped out of Maria's hand and Liam ran into the zoo. Maria and her parents sprinted after him. When they caught up to him he was in the zoo keeper's arms. The zoo keeper said....

'You found him!! Where was he??'

' What do you mean he's our cat. When we were taking a walk one day Maria found him and asked if we could keep him, so we did,' her mom explained.

'Oh, well thank you for taking good care of him anyways!' The zoo keeper replied.

Maria started to cry when the zoo keeper was taking Liam back to his cage, the zoo keeper heard her crying and said....

'You can come visit Liam whenever you want.'

The zoo keeper walked away with Liam, and when Liam saw his cage all of his friends were in there playing around. His mom and dad were there too!!!! He knew he was where he belonged.

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