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March 2, 2009
By slizzzurp SILVER, Park City, Utah
slizzzurp SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Vladimir ' Protagonist: Vladimir is a sixteen-year-old boy who is the leader of the 'gang' of vampires. His is small for his age, rather petite and he isn't getting any larger. His body looks rather fragile, and muscles aren't visible if he has any under his skin. Though speaking of skin, it is pale but not even the light off-white color. His skin is almost colorless, though in certain light you can tell that his color is a light cream. Vlad has pitch soot black hair, running long and completely straight. Which makes his skin even the more frightening, as it makes him look more of a zombie. Vladimir's eyes are probably one of the most admirable things on his frame. Around the edges they are a pale icy blue' and as they fade in closer to the pupil they become darker and darker finally reaching deep navy blue. Born and raised in England, London he has a thick and actual formal English accent.

His clothes differ, though he mainly wears quite average clothes, keeping up to date no matter how long he has been living. Vladimir normally either wears a black or white t-shirt, which normally is a 'v' neck. Then he wears rugged, faded and beaten up old jeans. Normally too long for him, and he doesn't low-ride. Shoes aren't normally necessary, and he runs around barefoot. A necklace falls in his pocket, which is a small gray crystal, but it isn't seen much around his neck. Normally in the same place (' his pocket) or, elsewhere.

Vladimir's personality is something you can fall in love with, or something that can send you running in fear. He is generally quiet, watching and observing, most the time. A scowl is prominent on his face, as it stays there. He looks like a gentleman when he stands around, but there is evil lurking around in his soul. When Vladimir is to speak, it is quick and has a natural hiss to it. There is something there for Vladimir to hide, something vile, and he shows it strongly through body expressions and words. He is regal, and demands respect from anyone, for the sixteen year old is blood thirsty for power (and humans too') Despite his young age, Vlad has been around for numerous of years, far more than you have been alive, and he has deep knowledge that no other man could have. He uses it against people often, to show them that he has much more power. Which then comes back to which is why he is regal, but we already have spoken about that. But; the way you could fall in love with Vladimir, is how he appears at first. When you are first meeting the boy, he doesn't seem so disgusting and power worthy. He comes to you with gentle words, seductive, and manipulative you could say. He draws you in live his own kill, loving you until he is ready to strike'

Besides the strong, confident way the teenager appears, there are always flaws hiding inside of the shell. 1880, that was the year Vladimir came to the world being what he is today, a vampire. Since then, when he realized what he truly is he tried to deny it for many years. He went into denial, not doing anything but sitting on a street alley bench watching the days go by. Killing when it was truly necessary. He hates what he is, and even at the age he is now (as it is the year 2000), he is just now learning has to live with what he is for the rest of his life. For that is his flaw, his weakness, to tell him what he has.

Smith ' Antagonist: Smith, is almost, the complete opposite of Vladimir. He is a mortal human, and ranging in about his 20s, 24 to be exact if I must. The twenty four year old has a large bulky build, his shoulders broad and in shape, but not 'over' shape. Muscles shape his frame around thick bones, giving him this huge, monstrous look. He dresses very formal though, despite his size. He normally wears a suit (ranging from a dark beige, to an average black.) He carries a briefcase, around and who knows what is in it. He has a thin, pale color to his skin, but it is tan in other places where his clothes don't happen to cover up. He has properly cut, red-brown hair, looking much like an autumn leaf. His eyes are a bit darker, deepening into a thick, chocolate brown, and his pupils are hardly visible.

But, there is a strange feeling to Smith. His occupation lies as a reporter, but he isn't the average paparazzi reporter, he is very superstitious. He gets the strangest stories, probably the strangest he can find, and screws them up even more. Most people shutter at what he writes, and throws it away. Now his superstitious ways don't only come out in his writing, it also comes out at his home. He has strange luck charms everywhere, garlic right beside his bedside, and if anyone is to come to his house with anything to do with spirits he burns sage. Most, would call Smith insane, and they avoid him as much as possible. He writes in his home, on a typewriter, in solitude. He doesn't enjoy being around others, as he would much rather be alone and write. Smith has dark, thoughts, and most people that live in the town believe that he is to commit suicide one day.

His flaws are simple, and mostly are shown in his personality. For superstition has taken over his life, it is everything he does, if you cannot tell. His main purpose in the story is to try to expose the gang on vampires, (and mainly Vladimir) to the real world, to show that there really are immortal creatures lurking about in earth. Smith wants to make him self-known, and to use what has taken over his life to get him self-popular. That is why he happens to be the enemy; he wants to reveal what is a secret to some. And it would be better for the world, not to know.

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on Jan. 22 2010 at 3:07 pm
slizzzurp SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Ew. I wasn't going for that.

Desanyx SILVER said...
on Mar. 16 2009 at 11:03 pm
Desanyx SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
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