Because of You

August 21, 2016
By michelledunn BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
michelledunn BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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For many years the moon and the earth have danced their duet together. They have been with each other from the beginning and have fallen in love since then. The moon loves the earth’s many colors and enjoys watching it change throughout time. Every year it watches animals live amongst each other and the hurricanes for in the tropics. Later on in time, humans began living on earth. Many things have happened since then that the moon has enjoyed watching. The Great Wall of China was built. Electricity was invented, and at night it would make the earth glow. Technology advanced so much that humans were even able to visit the moon. They tickled. Watching them live and make earth happy made the moon smile.
However, the moon has noticed earth hasn’t been feeling well. It sees the smoke in the air from factories and cars. It sees the trash lying on the ground and floating in the water. It sees the humans starting wars and protests to fight against each other. It sees the rich in their homes and poor on the streets. It sees those who care for others and people who could not care less.
But that’s all it can do. It wishes people would change before it is too late. Before its beautiful earth becomes too sick. It wishes it could reverse time. Back to when humans cared about its earth. But it can’t. It can only watch as the earth gets sicker and sicker.
The moon can’t think of what its earth will look like in the future, for fear it won’t like what it sees. When the thought crosses its mind it’s sad and doesn’t want to worry the earth. So instead it keeps dancing in circles and tells the earth everything is going to be ok, even when it knows it’s not.
However, a thought has been knawing at the moons mind for some time now. It is an awful thought indeed but a clever one at that. What if humans no longer existed? It would fix everything. No more pollution. No more fights. No more starvation and no more hate. The earth would be free of its illness.
The big question though was “how?”  How could the earth be rid of all humans. The moon could try to use its gravitational pull to flood the earth. However, that could take too much energy. The moon had to think small yet powerful.
A couple more years passed and the earth was still getting sicker. The moon couldn’t take seeing it that way. During this time, the moon could see new mushroom shaped clouds form in the earth, not from the environment but from bombs dropped by humans.
This gave the moon an idea. What if it created its own bomb? Not a bomb like the humans use, but instead a really big meteorite. It’s the moons only way to try and help the earth. It has to do something, even if it hurts the earth for a little while.

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