Blood Moon

August 13, 2016

The icy wind is digging into my skin, the freezing temperature chilling me to the bone as I run towards the shore. The biting cold not bothering me as I ran as hard as I could. My feet pounding against the uneven ground. My bare feet moulding into whatever shape needed to propel me forward. I saw red as my anger slowly started to get the better of me. The other footsteps were louder and clumsier than mine, but they still barely managed to keep up with me. Humans, they try so hard, but don’t they know not to follow us? I move nearly silently through the forest, a ghost, and not a friendly one. I find myself at the cliff where those following me would meet their end. I don’t really like killing them, they're so fragile. But it is how things are. If the moon asks for blood, then we must give it to her. It is the tradition. It’s not often, just blood-moon nights. In return, she offers us all the protection she can give, along with our lives. The humans crash through the underbrush, eyes glaring and flashing with anger. I had picked a fight with one of them. A gang who had hurt other humans before. I stand at the edge of the cliff that a few daredevils would jump off in the summer. I’m sure when the gang of male humans turned to find me smiling toothily at them they were shocked, by the wide eyes, and open mouths, I was right. I couldn’t help giggling when the full blood moon rose above the mountains. I leapt, and when I landed I had changed form. My black fur reflecting off of the blood light, my yellow eyes looking down on them. I was taller than them, their heads just below my shoulder, my four clawed paws digging into the rough stone earth. I changed my mouth just enough to give them my signature mark. A fanged smile. Then I lunged.

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