August 4, 2016

   The year is 329, based on the Ragnarack of the world Rakan's calendar. The Human race has been pushed to the brink of extinction by Dragons, AKA Kings. The Kings appeared suddenly 329 years ago, as of two days past. The Ragnarack’i were forced to flee from Kings Den, a once prosperous land, due to the sudden arrival of the Kings. The Ragnarack'i now live in underground bunkers only leaving while the light of the sun beams down onto Rakan. Each bunker is built to withstand the six elements of which the Kings control; Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Shade, and light. Bunkers can be massive underground cities to small underground buildings. The only reason the Ragnarack'i have survived so long is because of a weakness of the kings. Upon death of a King, the slayer is given possession of all the king controls (memories, knowledge, and the power it controls). The Ragnarack’i are now having a mass famine due to the destruction of a farming bunker that supplied Ragnarack with 43% of its food. This is where our story begins...

    Yellow, The light of the sky began to change. I jumped from my limb onto the red leaves I had plucked from the Hallow Tree. This tree was my tree. I had spent days of work free hours on here. Its beautiful white bark, limbs bent out and down into a mushroom like structure, and its red leaves that never failed to regrow no matter how many I plucked from its limbs. If only I didn't have to go. Orange, I had to move. My legs began to walk as my head kept staring at my perfect Hallow Tree. Maybe if I didn't live on the Kings Branch I wouldn't of had to leave. Then again, if that were true I wouldn't have my perfect Hallow Tree, or this view of Kings Den. Even from here, over all the islands, oceans, and trees, I could see the tall mountains with their sandy blond cliffs and strips of black charred rock. Oh, how well they looked in the colors of a darkening sky.
    I began to run now. The sky was shifting Red. The edges a dark blue. If I didn't make it back in time... No, I would make it. The ugly stumps of Hallow Trees were breezing past me. I had always been fast. The ocean shore was just beneath me. One misstep to the right and I would tumble down at least 20 feet.
The pond, I could see it. It was Bunker twenty sevens water supply. The bunker I survived in. Not too far now, I thought as I glanced at the blood red sky. I could see the bunker. I bolted to it. Before I reached the vault I heard a click, the sound of a locking door. I reached out in disbelief. Banging on its cold metal, I cried out "Open the door!". An autonomies voice replied, "Due to rule number 94 in the protocol rule book the door has been locked until dawn. Please back away from the door. Thank you. Have a good night."
I failed to recognize the orders. I banged on the vault once again only to hear the same reply.
    Black, some time had passed since I last tried to open the door. They were built to keep something far stronger then me out. They didn’t always work. My heart had been filled and emptied with fear many times before... this was not one of those times. I gave up on my life many years before this date. This fear, was nothing new. I was leaning up against the wall of the bunker. Its short, cold, divine steel stood between me and the safety of the bunkers depths. I gripped onto the dirt and let its sandy texture flow through the gaps of my fingers. I took a look around, got up, and began to walk to the Hallow Tree stumps cut down many years before I was born.
The lush had began to grow back. It was the beginning of spring. Small ferns were scattered in between the stumps offering small amounts of cover. The dirt here was much thicker, not sandy like back at the bunker. I was near the pond. I figured it would be a good place to set up for the night.
A crack. Nothing but a crinkle of some ferns. I dived to my right. The gust of wind blew past my face. A glimpse of its white eyes dissolved into my mind. I had seen this type of King before. Class 1, Air. My face hit the dirt before my arms, scraping against the thick wet ground. Quickly I rolled around to see more of this beast. It had light white scales, as if it was a cloud in the shape of a King. The shape of a winged demon. The darkness of night, made it look more like a grey towards its short growth of a tail. The wings of the beast were a storm cloud, expanding to a length of at least double its body. It stared at me. Circling me. Studying me as I studied it. Each step left it took, I took right. Suddenly one of my feet felt damp. Then the other. I had an idea. I dove into the water. It began spinning around in the air preparing to pounce. The chilling water touched my hands first, then my face. The water stung and the chill of the water froze my exposed hands and feet. The King dove in after me. I was a prey that would not escape its blue, razor sharp teeth. Or so it thought… This was a shallow pond and it just dove face first into the mud beneath the water. I stood up. Watching it struggle to escape the grip of the mud. Earth always was the enemy of air. Franticly I looked around for something to kill it with while the mud still held it. Bending down to pick up a sharp looking stick, I heard a crunch, and a whimper of the beast. Turning around with the stick now in both hands. Nothing was left where the King once tried to escape. The mud and water around the area was still settling. Ripples of mud filled the water. Where had it gone. Only one thing could have done that… another King. I ducked under the cover of the lush tall grass. I waited, staring at the stars, for what seemed like hours. Then, there were no stars. Two piercing red dots stared down at me. A thick dark red dripped from just below those dots. The black mist slowly closed in around me. It was too late when I realized. This was no mist. These were the wings of a class 7 shade King. I always was fast, but speed could not help me here. There was nothing to be seen other than the King that enclosed me. I was trapped in its wings. A growl began to bellow in its throat. A thick blood red dripped from its icy white teeth. They showed a gleaming grin. Everything went cold. My mind went dark. My muscles began to relax. Shade, a weapon that can kill you without ever touching you. Everything, went blank…



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