The Antique Box

August 2, 2016
By Carolinathompson BRONZE, São Paulo, Other
Carolinathompson BRONZE, São Paulo, Other
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CREEEEEAK! The Antiques store door made a loud noise as Margaret opened it. Margaret had just moved into a new house and loved to decorate it with antiques, but so far she didn’t like any stores she had visited. She was hoping this one would be different and surprise her. As she walked in, she spotted an old man, maybe the owner of the store, sitting in the back. She didn’t have a really good feeling about that man, but she continued to look through the store. Margaret was amazed with everything, and she wanted to buy everything, but there was a little box next to the old man that caught her attention. It was made out of wood and was carved with Chinese drawings. She soon decided that she was going to take it home.
“Excuse me sir, I would like to take this box,” she told the old man.
The man had a suspicious look on his face, but soon hid it. After paying for the box, Margaret went straight home, really excited with her new purchase! As soon as she arrived, she put the antique right next to her front door, but when she tried to open the box, it was locked. Margaret was confused and curious; she wanted to know why was the box locked. Thoughts went through her head. Does this box being locked have something to do with the creepy old man at the antique store? Maybe the man didn’t want the box to be opened.
She decided that she was going back to the antique store to find out what was in the box. As soon as Margaret arrived, she went straight to talk to the old man who looked like he was expecting her. She then explained to him that she had bought this box and that it was locked.
“I’m sorry dear, but what’s in that box wishes not to be seen. Maybe, you would like to bring the box back and exchange it for another thing,” said the old man, with a desperate look on his face.
“No thanks, I really liked the box, I’ll keep it,” answered Margaret.
Margaret realized that the man wouldn’t help her, so she had to do her own research and open the box by herself. She also didn’t want to discuss with the owner of the store because she had a bad feeling about him.
She then drove back home, where she had left her box, right beside her front door. When Margaret walked in her house and didn’t see the box she was surprised and afraid. Where did the box go? She searched her house for about two hours, and when she went back to her front door, the box was there, in the same place she had left it! Margaret didn’t know what to think. She felt scared, but still wanted to know what was inside the box, and after the disappearance of the box, she was even more curious and determined to open it.
Margaret went to her kitchen and grabbed a hammer, to try and break the lock, but it turned out that it wasn’t so simple. It would take a lot more than just a hammer to open that box. She sat at her couch for a long time trying to come up with an idea, when suddenly she remembered that she had a friend that was great at opening locks, hacking systems, and technology. She didn’t think twice and called him, and all that she said was that she had a problem to open an old box. Her friend, Julian, soon arrived, but when he saw the box, he almost fainted.
“Where did you get that, Margaret?” he said trying to maintain himself as calm as possible.
“I got it at an antique store. Why are you so surprised?” answered Margaret confused.
Julian then sat down with her and explained all about that box. He told her that he had been looking for it for years and years, and that the man that sold her that probably didn’t know how powerful it was.  Inside that box, was every bad feeling and chaos, and that it should be destroyed. He also told her that the box tried to escape sometimes, that’s why it disappeared for two hours later that day.
“Margaret, we need to destroy this box right now, before it tries to escape again. The only way to destroy it is where it was created, which is in that antique store, I believe.”
Margaret agreed with her friend right away. She grabbed her car keys and when both of them were in the car she drove to the store as fast as possible. As soon as they got there, she saw the old man, standing right in front of the store. It looked like he knew that they were going to come to destroy the box.
“It seemed like you found out about if Margaret. You are the chosen one to destroy this box. Only you can do it.”
How did he know my name? What was he talking about? He knew about everything since the beginning? This was only a few of the many thoughts that went through Margaret’s head at that moment.
Margaret was so confused at that moment, but decided that she was going to obey the old man, because it looked he knew about what he was talking about. She looked at Julian, who nodded at her, and told her to destroy the box. She then set the box on fire and watched it as it burned.
It turned out that Julian and the old man already knew that Margaret was the chosen one to destroy the box, but they couldn’t tell her or else it would ruin the prophecy.
Margaret had never felt so relieved in her entire life after destroying that box. Thank god they had destroyed that box. What if she had open it? What if she had never called Julian? If she had done anything differently, she would’ve put the world into big trouble.

The author's comments:

I have always loved to write fiction short stories. I was inspired to write this piece by one of my friends and an antique store next to my school.

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