The Creatures in the Wood

July 28, 2016

Where the light of the full moon does not shine is where you'll find us. We're hidden behind castle walls and thick, overgrown woods. Sometimes, when you're on a stroll on a sticky, summer day and you bring your hand up to wipe the slick, salty sweat from your brow, you'll catch a glimpse of us from the corner of your eye. When you whip your head around, you'll hear the faint jingling of bells. You may catch the shimmer of an arm bedecked in gold and jewels, or a pointed ear sharp enough to cut your finger on. Just pray that you do not catch our gaze. A glimpse of those lush, green eyes and you can say farewell to the life you once knew. You are ours now, to do with as we please.


You'll quicken your pace and never think to take just one teensy look over your shoulder, making your capture that much easier for us. When you think you see a shimmery, elongated figure in the distance, you'll rationalize that your eyes are playing a trick on you, never realizing that we are the tricksters. Aha, and there goes that jingling again. You humans never have been able to recognize a fairy's laugh.

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