Ma'ama George

February 25, 2009
'ma'ama' George

'Are you married?' asked little Joey

'No,' she replied irritably; 'and I don't ever plan on it either.'

'Why?' he asked,

'Because....... bec.....listen here, you're too young to understand.'

It's 1922 in east Texas and it was so hot you could cook an egg on the asphalt out side. My names David I'm 12. and my little brother Joey is 6. we are at my grandma's house visiting for a week. Grand ma is in her big black boots and a gown knitting while she hummed, 'row row row your boat.'

'Where are we sleeping?' I asked eagerly.

'First right, down the hall, last door on the left,' she said quietly

I picked up my back pack and headed towards my room.

I got to my room and threw my back back on the ugly avocado colored bed. Then I took out my prized possession; my baseball signed by Babe Ruth. I placed it gently under the bed. But on the way out my hand hit something, it was a book. I pulled it out and blew all of the dust off. It was an old,CONTINUE tore up leather book.

My grandma ripped through the door way causing me to jump she snatched the book out of my hand and said
'don't go medilen into stuff that don't belong to ya, ya hear.'
'yes ma'am' I said with remorse.'

Dinner was silent that night. the warm beef stew mama George prepared was delicious it ran down my throat warming my whole body. The cornbread was good too, it was sweet and moist. She also made a weird sort of purple punch that tasted like sweet tea.

That night I thought about the book until about mid-night. I flicked on my oil lamp and walked down stairs. I flicked th light of when I saw one coming from the hall way. I set it down and peeked around the corner. Mama was asleep on her rocker. I went into her room and saw the book on her bed.
'yes' I whispered a little bit louder than I wanted to.

I got to my room with my oil lamp that I almost forgot to pick up off the stairs. I threw the door shut. I opened the book and saw a journal entry.

Dear Miss George,

we have the cornfield ready but were afraid they will be mildly disappointed with its condition because its wet and a foot and three quarters off size. Further more this journal includes photos and the backnerian converter.

Your friend,

David Schwartzkopf

backnerian converter, I thought? I don't even know how to pronounce that. I turned the page and a faded yellow picture packet flopped out it was dated 9-11-2001. I gasped, surely this couldn't have been from the future I thought.

I pulled the string from around the packet and another letter popped out onto the bed I opened it and saw the same hand writing.

Dear Miss George,

The landing was a success but it had a few major setbacks. First of all a building entitled 'the Twin Towers' was hit by ship fragments and demolished. Second of all a new building called 'the Pentagon' (it's the center of all American officials and forces) was missed it by about a mile. And another incident occurred when a few fragment passed through the space time continuum and landed in Nevada in a place called area 51 in 1947.

Your Friend,

David Schwartzkopf

Wow I thought, this Is pretty convincing as I looked at the photos included in the picture packet. I placed them carefully back in the book and turned the page. There was a hollowed out space in the book wit a metal box that fit snugly. I popped it out and realized that it had symbols lightly engraved on the side. I touched one of them and watched as it lit up in red and then shut off. It's a code I thought I placed it on the bed and pulled out a jagged slip of paper with that same hand writing on it. I took it and saw it wasn't English.
K h k t I f u d h I o u

Put in this code after you put the converter in the new dresser (sorry about the avocado green)

I took a second to examine the box it had a blue button on top. I looked at my pocket watch it was 12:30.

I walked over to the dresser that had an ugly green avocado color and took out the drawers revealing a hollow box. I then realized I was supposed to put the box in side of this one , it was a socket. I put it in and the blue light lit up after flickering a few times. I punched in the code on the note. The box split in half revealing a key pad with English writing on it. Then I heard a lurch above me as a panel descended from the ceiling. A gray hard-shell case came down with a note in front of it.

Great you've came this far I know your in the year 1922 an all but in this case is a remote .
Note: when any body exits this portal to any time zone all time will stop everywhere except the one you are in.

Remote? I pulled on the latches on the side of the case for a moment it opened and a another note popped out.

the remote has 8 buttons on it
g=go forward f=rewind d=open portal q=Bacnerian call
f=go to last s=stop o=reset m=self destruct

I pulled out what looked to be a piece of metal about 5 inches long I looked at the note and read the last few words.

The case is also the control panel.

I looked back in the case and saw numbers and arrow keys I remembered 2001. I touched the 2 and the screen flashed to life
........STATE YOUR LANGUAGE...........

'English' I said quietly then a metallic voice said 'thank you, please place your hand on the scanner.'

a piece of metal slid out from the side of the brief case it had a dimly lit blue hand print on it. I hesitated as I laid my hand down on the metal. A red light flashed across the metal twice and the voice said
'please remove your hand and push in the desired year'

I pushed 2..0..0..1
'OK' I breathed
'place please'

I looked through the options and came to a familiar one, New York
a blue tunnel swallowed me and then I felt as if I were under water yet I could still breath. I saw an opening at the end of the tunnel but when I made an effort to swim for it my feet touched the ground. I started waking but then it just washed me of the hole. I opened my eyes only to reveal a dark alley. Cars were rushing past, clothes were strung on a line above me, people were pushing shopping carts past me. A sharp hand grabbed the back of my shirt collar and a deep comforting voice said 'walk along'
'OK' I said faintly

I got up slowly and walked backwards. After what seemed like a mile he said
'watch your step'

I soon saw why as I felt the ground turn into stairs. I unknowingly got to the bottom where I took an extra step only to find flat ground. He sat me down in a velvet red arm chair next to a fire place.
'who are you' I asked
'my name, is David Schwartzkopf '
my eyes widened 'your the one writing all of the notes'

he nodded his head. 'this is my lab, I invented the time machine and placed in your grandmother's house.'
'it doesn't look like a lab to me' I blurted out

He beckoned me. I walked swiftly towards him as he hunched over his book shelf.
'how did you find me' I asked
'with this machine' he said as the book shelf spun halfway around revealing a room filled to the brim with metal objects doing a plethora of things from cleaning to shaking test tubes.
'wow' I said
'its taken years to complete he said'

then I saw the machine he referred to. It was a large metal box that looked similar to the just recently released TVs of 1922 only more colorful and much larger. I saw a map of the world and suddenly a blue flash with a number next to it.
'whats that' I questioned
'someone is either arriving from another time period if its blue or leaving if its red.'
'then whats with the numbers'
'it shows there altitude'
'whats that'
'how high off the ground they are'

I walked around with David for an hour while he showed me all of his cool inventions. I was in awe as he showed me all of the robots. They weren't at all similar to the ones in the talkies from my day.
'what you are about to see never leaves this lab' he said sternly 'understand?'
'yes Sir' I answered excitedly.

He went over to the only blank wall in the entire lab and said 'open, David Schwartzkopf' the door slid open revealing a a shiny disc on for stilt like legs made of a metal unlike any thing else.
'what is it' I asked
'A ship' He said quietly

there were glass tubes off to the left about twice the size of a tree trunk. To the right was what looked to be a large workbench. There were metal objects, blow torches, knives, spears, and amazingly sterling guns that seemed as if they could blind in the rite light.
'why do you have all this stuff' I asked 'theres no way it came from the earth'
'it didn't' he said 'it came from the planet XPD154 they refer to it as Backneria.'
'who is them?' I asked.
'the backnerians of coarse'
'what do they look like' I asked

he pointed towards the glass tubes and let out a long weezey cough. As I walked over to them he drew a pipe from his pocket and put a pinch of tobacco inside. I soon found out that the glass tube contained aliens. Grey in color with long limbs and huge eyes I tapped at the glass and David shouted
'OK' I said

I turned around to see that he was gone I walked out and saw him facing the large steel screen. I heard my grandmas voice.
'uh,oh' I said

then I felt a sharp pain in my back. Every thing went black.


grandma sat in her rocking chair early the next morning. She picked up the walkie talkie that David had given her; a line of static streamed out
'thank you for sedating him' she said
'any time' he laughed
'what were you thinking showing him that room'
'I thought he was old enough to know'
'i didn't'
'never mind that how is he?'
'asleep, he'll probably think it's all a dream'
'I'm so sorry'
'it's OK I just don't want him to find out that his origin is not from this time period, or world.'
'I love you, bye'

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