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Shattered Illusions #4

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I sat by the feat of the God of the UnderWorld, when the doors open and a woman walks in. She’s young probably only a hundred or thousands of years old. Her aura dark and becomes sickening quickly, filling up the room. Her sharp claws are painted black while her hands are covered in blood. She sends a smile our way and flashes teeth sharper than blades. Her eyes a crimson and soulless, even though twisted laughing souls surround her body.

Her hair the blackest of nights and with wings to match but they’re covered with powder as red as fire and as black as ash. When the red powder falls to the ground though it lights. She wears a dress that’s ripped showing symbols of all different kinds. Curses,hexes,voodoo, spells and each one getting worse the more you look.

“May I help you?” UnderWorld says with anger rising in his voice.

The other shadows in the room scattering and disappearing but I remain. I want to see how this plays out. Maybe it’s time for UnderWorld to get put in his place. I might even help her. I did learn a new trick.

“I hate it when my dinners talk.” She shakes her head and a mark goes around her left and right eye. The mark of the Invisible Moon and the Invisible Sun. Now things have gotten very interesting. Oh, I’m definitely going to help her.


Master kicks me in the back and I stand up. The chain around my neck falling to the ground. “Show yourself shadow. You know how to fight become my sacrifice.”

I forgot. I learned a power that makes me invisible to anyone but my Master. I look at him and hiss. I walk up to the girl and putting my hand to her heart I connect to her. Her power pulses through me. Everything is black around me and the only thing I feel is the pulse of a heart. Wait! She has a heart.

I pull my hand away and face towards my Master. Lifting my hand up the chains wrap around him and the laughing souls around us enforce them. Showing myself to our guest, I bow.


“Enjoy your meal.” I say smiling.

“You crooked shadow.” He snarls.

“That’s your fault for trusting me. I’m not a normal shadow, I’ve been here the longest and have the most power. Also I’m not a shadow. I have a name.” I say making my fist into a hand crushing him more. I click my tongue at him and look back to the guest.

“Thank you. I’ll be enjoying me meal now.” With one hand she grabs his soul and consumes it. His body goes limp in the chains. Tossing his body to the side she sits in the thorne. “Come sit.” She hits the arm rest next to her.

I sit obediently on the arm rest. “What’s your name?”


“That’s an unusual name. You’re a shadow, you cast no light.”
“No but the darker the shadow the brighter the light.” I look down at the woman as she gets comfortable.

“You said that you’re the oldest and strongest shadow here. Why is that?”

I laugh. “You like asking a lot of questions.”

“Don’t disobey.” She tries to grab my arm and my body fades instantly. I end up on the other side of her throne and tap her shoulder. Her head whips around and our eyes meet. Well I don’t have eyes.

“Remember I helped you. While you may say like many vain narcissist have said to me before. ‘I didn’t need you help.’ Or how about my favorite? ‘You are just a shadow and should obey your master.’ You're not my Master.” I scowl. “I’ve been here for..well I lost count. Usually shadows like myself would go to the Void and work their way for their souls to be recycled. Not me. I stayed here and being the prize for all of the UnderWorld rulers. They shower me in treasures and give me anything I ask for. I can’t remember anything about my past life which makes me a perfect subject for the Void but I will never go there. I want my old life back. Whatever that was?” I stand in front of her.


“Yes, I’m a prize. I’m a shadow that’s acquired a name. I’m more powerful than anyone here, even the Gods. I’ve been here the longest and can show you any place your heart desires. I can travel to any world I want. I read every book in all of the sacred libraries and know everything. I’ll do almost anything you ask of me but for me to do something for people is very rare. I’m more prized than the crown you so desperately wanted.” I stifle another laugh. “And while I have everything and anything I ever want. I could be described as the perfect being. I am not happy because I rather have my old life back, even if I don’t know what it was. Though that’s crossing the line.” I sit on the armrest again.

“Though your life is perfect here. What if the life you left was horrible. Do you really want to risk that?” The woman says confused.

“Well that’s just something I’ll have to deal with. Now what is your name?”


“Well it’s nice to meet you Yin. Now time goes pretty slow in the UnderWorld. Let me tell you a story. It’s a real story it’s about the God of Nature.”

“Wait you know the Gods in the Upper World?”

“Of course I do. I’m actually known well there and here.” Didn’t I say that I could travel through worlds?

“I never heard of you before.” She exclaims.

Does she come from the Upper World but I don’t remember a person like her. “Nor do I. That’s not important though. Now back to the story. So my third Master wanted a Rose but everything they touched turned to ash.”

In the Upper World
Visiting the God of Vanity one day I asked if she knew of anyone named Yin and she just shook her head. I than asked if anyone from here went to the UnderWorld and that’s when I got my answer.

“Sun and Moon’s daughter went to the UnderWorld after causing some chaos in the Middle World and now here. Haven't you noticed something strange in the Middle World? Also why do you ask? You usually don’t concern yourself with our drama.”


“I thought the Middle World seemed different but since I didn’t go there for a thousand years I thought I just didn’t remember right. To answer your second question, she’s the new ruler of the UnderWorld.Though I’m confused, I’ve never seen her before.” I shrug and grab the coffee that’s placed in front of me by a servant.

“No way she’s the ruler of the UnderWorld. She was always promising, never failed. Perfect. Also you probably never seen her because she liked staying inside the Sun and Moon castle.She came out early to paint when she got older. She wasn’t like Sun that loved to talk for hours. I’ve seen her and met her only a handful of times in the 20,000 years she’s been alive.”

“Wait she old enough to be my grandchild. Gosh I babysitting two Gods kid.” I rest me head on the table in defeat. “But I can trick Sun and Moon.” I raise my head from the table and get up quickly causing the chair I sat on to fall over. I walk towards the doors of the castle.

“Where are you going?”

“Going to get my life back.” _____________________________________________________

I stand in front of the two most powerful Gods in the Upper Kingdom. They don’t tell me to get out but actually listen to me and with my words the Sun God breaks into tears of light and the Moon God looks on the verge of breaking themselves. Though I didn’t want to ruin their happy celebration I gave them my catch and they agreed without further question of why.
Thousands of years pass when I finally visit the God of Wisdom. I lean on the column as he scurries around trying to pick up fallen documents. He’s also the God of Clutter. When he gets everything settled he sits in his throne covered in dialectes and our eyes meet.

“What are you doing here?” He says angrily.

“Are you still mad I won’t give you the knowledge of the UnderWorld? Well I’m not going to the God of Secrecy both agreed on that.” I say with poison laced in my words.
“How can I be the God of Wisdom when I don’t know everything?” He frails his arms out.

“I don’t know everything. I don’t know who I am but you do and you won’t tell me! I don’t know how I became a shadow but you do and you won’t tell me! So isn’t just a sweet satisfaction of driving you mad that you don’t know much about the UnderWorld, but I a mere shadow does. I sometimes have visions and have no idea what they mean.” I turn around to leave when his voice breaks the air.

“You are the most powerful to date. You weren’t labeled the prettiest or the smartest because you aren't good with people and words but you are the strongest, the smartest and the prettiest but you’ll never show your true form to anyone.”


“You still never told me who I am. I don’t like surprises but I guess I could wait.” My body fades but I do leave something for the God of Wisdom. I leave him behind a children's book made in the UnderWorld. _____________________________________________________One day Yin brings me to the Middle World to look at the night sky. She brings me here a lot. Though I realize she never touches the flowers in the field. Then one day I find out why. When her paintbrush falls to the ground and she picks up her hand brushes the grass and the grass lights on fire and turns to ash.  My time will be expiring soon. I guess I’ll leave her a present.


“Light, do you know why I went into the UnderWorld even though I had a Yang side that could see through Yin’s plans? That’s because even though I am evil and Yang is good we both loved our parents and wouldn’t dream of hurting them. I will have to fight them in the future and I will not despise them if I loss. I hope they do not despise me if I win. I do love my parents but if I stayed around I was bound to hurt them. Yin was always more powerful than Yang that’s facts. Yin is an uncontrollable chaos that would hurt anything in her way.Thing is I’m not completely Yin. I still have some Yin in me. Well let’s go back home.”

Now I have to leave another present. _____________________________________________________When we get back to the castle I go to my room and glance at the mirror. I see something strange in the mirror and I freeze. I see a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. I move my hand up and she does the same. Is this my reflection? I look down at my hand and see only my shadow palm.

I put my hand on my cheek and scratch downwards. The shadow skin flakes off and falls to the ground revealing human skin. I cover my mouth as tears fall to the floor. I’m wasn’t a born a shadow I was made into a shadow. By who? A vision pops into my mind of a elegant castle with many things in it and a throne covered in silk. Then a vision of me on the throne. I’m a God.  

I bandage my hands with white bandages. When the last of the shadow comes off I remember almost everything. I still don’t know who did this to me but I really don’t care.


That night I have concluded to leave. I leave presents for the following people Yin, Sun, and Moon. For Yin I leave a vase of flowers that she can touch and that never die. Sun and Moon I leave them a note of what their daughter told me. With that I return to my castle.

In the Middle World
I sit in my old and dusty castle. Resting on a windsill I look up at the Moon an unanswered questions linger in my head. What did Wisdom mean that I’ll never show my true form? What true form?

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