The Trail of the Mythics

July 24, 2016

When the world first began, there were only four life beings none others existed. These beings were called Mythics. The first Mythic was a Basilisk that lived in the ocean.  The second Mythic was a Dragon who ruled the sky. The third Mythic, was a Griffin who roamed the earth.  The last Mythic a Hydra hid itself in the earth.
After several eons had passed, humans began to appear.  The humans at first tried to avoid the four Mythics.  When the humans were on the void of extinction, the four Mythics aided them by helping them to better their civilizations and avoid extinction. The humans gravitated towards a Mythic they favored and went to live beside it.  Those that favored the Basilisk joined it and made a village beneath the ocean.  It was called the Water Village.  The ones who joined the Griffin made the Forest village.  Those with the Dragon started a village in the clouds and called it the Sky village.  The ones with the Hydra started a village beneath the earth and called it the Ground Village.
The Mythics gave the humans resources to help build their villages.  They taught them how to care for livestock, and how to plant and harvest plants. Each Mythic picked one villager to teach them all that they knew.  Those people then became the leader of their respective village. The leader of the Sky Village was named Dragana, the leader of the Forest Village was known as Griffith, the leader of the Water Village was named Basil, and the leader of the Ground Village was called Hyder. They were taught how to govern and assist the village when the Mythics had to leave.  The Mythics also gave the leader the task to educate the villagers.  The leaders all worked tirelessly aiming reach the goals that the Mythics had set for them. 

Several years passed after the leaders were chosen, and that’s when Basil the leader of the Water Village grew ill.  Each day he grew weaker and weaker.  After a year's time he could no longer move or talk.  The Basilisk decided that there had to be a new leader. It chose the person best fit to lead, and changed his name to Basil in memory of the first leader.  This became the custom in all the villages, every new leader would be named after the original leader. 
After the villages were created the Mythics wanted more power.  They wanted to rule over more land than what they had. This happened as each Mythic saw how well each of the other villages were doing, how those villages grew and expanded. The Mythics battled one another to gain more territory.  The battles lasted hundreds of years.  Intense and brutal fights between the four beasts ultimately destroyed everything surrounding them.  The Battle began on land with all five of them.  They would attack recklessly; nobody could recognize the landscape after they were finish.  The Dragon and the Griffin took to the air and had a sky battle.  The Hydra and Basilisk fought on land.  As timed passed, the Basilisk moved the battle into the water.  The Hydra didn’t care where he fought for he could fight in water as well as he fight on land. 
         After a week of fighting, one of the Mythics came out victorious and the loser retreated to its territory.  The showdown between the victors than began.  Most often, the winners were the Dragon and the Hydra.  The Dragon had the advantage of flying through the air.  The Hydra did not care for this and waited for the Dragon’s attack.  When the Dragon attacked he aimed for the Hydra’s heads. He soon discovered this to be a wrong decision, as soon as he took down one head, two more grew in its place.  The Hydra would attack using the venom it produced.  He would spit it out and aim for the Dragon’s wing.  The Dragon was quick to dodge, but eventually would get hit in its wing and would no longer be able to fly.  At this point, the Hydra had the advantage and attacked the Dragon.  The Dragon didn’t go down easily, it fought back by breathing fire or used its uninjured wing to force the Hydra back.  The Hydra attacked furiously, not holding back.  The scales of the Dragon where hard, but that did not stop the Hydra from biting into them.  The deadly venom from the Hydra flowed through the Dragon, forcing it to retreat.  The Hydra wanted to land the finishing blow upon the Dragon, but had no energy left to do so.  This is how most of the battles went, the Hydra would always be among the last two remaining but could never finish the job.  The area where the battles happened were usually completely destroyed.  The landscape would be completely changed with thousands of craters, lakes and rivers disappearing.  Sometimes whole mountains were gone.  Any vegetation in the area would be destroyed.  Any humans that were in the area would be killed as the Mythics battled.
The Hydra, having been fed up with the standstill took it to another level.  The energy sources for each Mythic was magical, but they had a certain limit before being able to fight again.  Humans have a small amount of magic in them, but not powerful enough to be use for battle.  The Hydra took advantage of the humans and the magic they had.  It ate its own villagers to make itself stronger.  The other Mythics decided that the Hydra had gone too far and that it had to be stopped.  The Basilisk, the Dragon, and the Griffin decided to go against the Hydra.  The Hydra had increased its ability.  It had eaten enough humans to double its power and size.
Another battle started as the sun rose, with the Dragon, Basilisk, and Griffin waiting for the Hydra to attack.  When the Hydra appeared they were astonished by its size, it looked like different creature.  The Griffin and Dragon both took to the air.  The first strike came from the Griffin, it commanded roots from the ground to hold the Hydra.  The Dragon then threw a fireball at the Hydra, but the Hydra’s thick scales didn’t let the fireball do much damage to it.  The Basilisk looked directly into the eye of one of the Hydra’s heads and killed it.  After the head died, two more heads grew.  The Basilisk then charged at the Hydra and bit the Hydra's body. In retaliation the Hydra starting biting the Basilisk’s body.  The Basilisk is known as the most venomous creature to have ever lived.  Its gaze alone could kill millions of people, but the Hydra was able to withstand the poison of the Basilisk.   The Basilisk backed off and rejoined the other Mythics. 
The other Mythics knew that to beat the Hydra they needed to use all their strength combined.  The Griffin grew giant vines and enwrapped them around the Hydra, the Dragon flew up into the air and started blasting its fire, and the Basilisk drew all of its poison to its mouth.  The Hydras prepared to attack, it had its heads pointed at each Mythic.  The Hydra started spitting venom out of its many mouths.  The Griffin grew a vine wall to stop the venom, as the Dragon moved around, and the Basilisk absorbed the venom.   The Basilisk knew that its body was not affected by poison as easily.  The Mythic started its counter attack, as the Griffin tightened its grip against the Hydra. The Dragon shot its Fire, and the Basilisk bit the Hydra.  These series of attacks were so strong that the Hydra was unable to withstand it. The Hydra drew back and returned to its normal size.  The other Mythics had used all of their strength and knew they had little time left to live. Seeing that the Hydra had been reduced to the same size as they, the other Mythics decided to let him see off his villagers. 
They dragged themselves back to their respective villages.  Even the people from the Ground Village were sad to see the Hydra die. They didn’t like him because of what he had done, but they felt some respect for helping their ancestors survive.  When the four Mythics died their energy began to surge through the villages.  The villagers started to change.  The Water Villagers that used to belong to the Basilisk had the ability to produce poison.  The Sky Villagers that lived alongside the Dragon, now had the ability to fly.  The Forest Villagers who used to live with the Griffin, had the two ability to grow plants and control them.  The Ground Villagers had the Hydra's ability to regenerate, and also acquired the Hydras taste for humans.  If the people of the Ground Village decided to eat something other than human they would get severely sick.   After the people in the Ground Village realized what had happened to them, they went mad.  A cycle of betrayal started among the villagers.  Friends started eating friends, siblings started eating siblings, and parents ate their children.  No one was safe in the Ground Village.  Just walking around was dangerous.  People started hiding in corners ready to attack unsuspecting victims.  The population of the Ground Village was divided in half.   The village was on the verge of being completely destroyed.   Then someone rose up and declared himself the new Hyder.   He would be the one to save the village from its impending doom.  The only solution that Hyder saw was to quench their hunger by attacking other village, kill and take their corpses back to his village.  The Ground Villagers proved to be very hard to fight because of their regenerative ability.  They would start their raid at night.  At night they raid their victims.  If they were raiding the Forest Village they would use their own tall trees and plants to hide and attack so they couldn’t be seen, then drag the bodies back with them.  If they were raiding the Water Village, they would wait for one of the Villagers to resurface, then force him to bring one or two of them down, where they would then kill several people and bring the bodies back to the surface.  If they were to raid the Sky Village the plan would be similar, they would force one of the villagers to take them up so they could kill several villagers and take them back home.
Ten years after the death of the Mythics, the people of the Sky, Water, and Forest Village were tired of all the destruction and death brought upon them by the Ground Villagers.  They all decided to work together to stop the Ground Villagers.  They united their villages and became known as The Village of Life.  This Village was lush, with gardens and vegetation.  It floated in midair over the ocean.  The Villagers at first struggled to get along with each other, but over time got used to the new arrangement. 
The Ground Villagers were in trouble. With the formation of the Village of Life, they couldn’t get enough food to feed the whole village.    They started going in bigger groups for the raids.  The people in the Life Village were not easy to surrender.  They almost immediately brought down the Ground Village.
The leaders of the Village of Life decided that they needed to destroy the Ground Village once and for all. As one massive army, the Village of Life attacked the Ground Village.  Just like the battle between the Mythics the battle started at sunrise.  The Village of Life arrived ready to fight.  The Ground Villagers waited for The Life Villagers to make the first move.  The Life Villagers rushed inside the Ground Village.  The Ground Villagers counter-attacked them.  The Ground Villagers were outnumbered three to one. Every Ground Villager had to face at least one former Sky, Land, and Water Villager.  Like the battle between the Mythics, the Ground Villagers put up a good fight.  But they could not handle the combination of attacks from the Life Villagers.  They held them down with vines, while the other would grab them from the air before finally injecting them with poison, and resulting in a quick and painful death. 
Soon their army had perished and all that was left were the civilians.  It was a terrible job that faced them next, but they had no choice. They went to each house and killed everyone inside. With tears in their eyes they slayed everyone, no matter what size, gender, or age they were. One of the soldiers of the Village of Life went outside after leaving one house and stabbed himself.  The house he had left was an orphanage. The last one standing was the Hyder, he knew that his time had come and that the village was about to meet its end.  He ended up drinking poison and killing himself. The Ground Village was completely destroyed.
The current Dragana, Basil and Griffith felt pity for the Ground Villagers.  They knew they had no choice but to do what they did.  They couldn’t let themselves starve to death. Out of respect for the Ground Village the Villagers from the Village of Life made a statue of a Hydra and placed it in the center of the village.  They would all gather around it once a year on the day they had destroyed the Ground Village, to remember it and to give them their respects.

Eventually, the villagers of the Life Village started to lose their powers.  The Life Village tumbled down from the sky.  They all evacuated from the Village and went back to the Mainland.
Centuries have passed since then.  The Mythics and Villages have been long forgotten.  The Village of Life remains at the bottom of the ocean.  The Hydra statue, in the center of the city, is still intact.  And the Villagers went their separate ways, hoping to start new civilizations, ones that would not end up suffering the fate as did the very first villages of earth.

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