July 21, 2016
By , Midvale, UT

There once was a time, it was called the Twilight ages. This was where the sun neither rose nor set, it was forever stationed at the horizon. During this time, there were only twenty-three islands across the globe (One of them was only known by the royal families of the other islands).This was the result of the Ruth rains, a storm that flooded the Earth. The largest island was called Summer Hills. This is where our story begins.
Today is my birthday. But there will be no celebration, no cake, no presents, nothing… Nothing except a few nice “Happy Birthday”s and work. The kind of work that you only do in the outskirts of the kingdom of Summer Hills.
What I do, it's dangerous, it could mean life or death. It is never easy, ever. I am trying to find the cure for the doomed Earth. Me and a group of my closest friends are seeking the “Horizon Answer” as we call it. In other words, we are trying to get the sun to rise and set again.
“Hey guys!!! I found something spectacular!!!” Shouted my friend Nicole Lee,” I found it while I was digging for Earth samples!!! It's a map!!!” “What does it lead to?” I asked. “I don't know, but does anyone know what language this is?” She held up the map and Paige Holt, a few colleagues  and I huddled around the map anxiously. “It's Latin.” I said quietly. “But how would someone know Latin? That's impossible… I thought I was the only one who knew Latin…” Unfortunately, everyone heard me. “Scout,” said Nicole,” don't sound so disappointed.”
But it was hard not to be. I thought that this one talent set me apart from everyone else, that I was special. Now I am just like every other commoner…
“Can you translate it for us?” Asked Paige. “Sure, why not.” The map read, Est Draco in exteriorem partem militis absentis regni oras. Roughly translated to, The missing piece lies in the outer edges of the Dragon Knight kingdom. I told this to everyone. “What missing piece?” Asked someone in the crowd. “The missing piece of the map obviously.” Said another. And they were right, someone had torn the map and left a big piece out.
“Where the heck is the Dragon Knight kingdom?” Asks someone else. “I've never heard of it. But that doesn't mean it's not real.” Says Paige. “Well it's certainly not one of the twenty-two islands of the world.” I reply.
“I say we should go on a Quest to find this missing piece so we can figure out where this map leads.” Nicole suggests. “And Paige, Scout, and I shall be the ones to uptake this Quest.”
“No!” Says a booming voice that rings through the large chamber. “This is not a job for three ignorant girls!” Now I know who it is, it is my guardian, Dr. Richard. He is a tall, built man, with dark brown hair and a chiseled complexion. Next to him stands his wife Michelle. She is small compared to him, but taller than all the other girls in the room. She has long wavy light brown hair and a kind smile, her skin is fair and her eyes are a bright blue. Which contrast the deep sea blueish green of my eyes.
“We're not ignorant!” Says Nicole,” We've been training for this our whole lives!!!!” “No, absolutely not.” Says Michelle. “Why not?!” Complains Paige. “Because you are too young and we cannot risk any more young lives.” Says Dr.R. “But this will get us closer to finding the Horizon Answer!” Shouts Paige.
“Fine.” Michelle quietly replies,”you may go as long as you take Jack with you.” “Who's Jack?” I ask. “Jack Wood, he is our most trusted ally, and he will protect the three of you.” Replys Dr.R.
Just then a handsome boy walked through the door behind them. He was tall and muscular, he had a sly smile and disheveled hair which somehow made him look even cuter. He had dark green eyes, and his hair was dirty blonde. “This, girls, is Jack.”said Michelle.

1 week later
We are all packed, and ready to go. We have decided to start in the kingdom of Summer Hills, since that is also where the map says to start. We will look for clues and be on our way to the next location.
The road the kingdom is very bumpy, and I can understand why no one comes by very often. That's why we are in the perfect location for our job.
It has been about 20 minutes and the castle comes into view. It is a tall, broad and grand castle. It is light Aqua, and it has four towers, one at every corner. It has many balconies with flowers bursting at the edges. When Nicole sees it, she gasps,” That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Actually, I take that back, second only to the Dahila that I found in the forest… But it's pretty close!”
I could tell Paige was speechless. But for some odd reason, the castle was familiar. That sounds crazy doesn't it? But it looked so familiar, it's going to drive me insane if I don't figure out why. But I don't say anything. My friends already think I'm crazy, no need to add to that.
I couldn't see Jack’s reaction to it, but I had the sense he'd seen it before. He'd been so quiet the whole ride. Even when we'd asked him questions, he'd decided to imitate a stone column.
We pulled into the palace driveway, and I realized I hadn't even noticed the city around us. The driver got out and opened my door and I stepped out. I transformed my jeans and t-shirt into a glittering blue dress. It was strapless and it flowed smoothly down to the floor. Yes, we do have magical powers, that came with the flood and the curse that we are trying to lift.
We walked up the stairs to the front door where a small man, about four feet tall stood. He has short curly red hair, and he has a little round nose, chubby cheeks, and freckles splashed across his face.
“How may I help you today?” He asked in a high squeaky voice. “We have an appointment with the royal family. So would you let us in?” asked Jack impatiently. Those were the first words he’d spoken the whole trip.
The little man pulled a list out of thin air and scanned it carefully. “Name?” He asked. “Wood” Jack answered. “Right this way, please.” The man said, and opened the doors. I wondered how we’d gotten an appointment, and why it was under the name Wood.
As we stepped through the door, my breath caught in my throat. It was even more beautiful than the outside! There is a grand staircase made of marble leading up to the second floor. On either side of the stairs was a wing with lots of corridors branching off like a tree. Behind the staircase was a long hallway, that led into the throne room. We walked down the long hallway and into the throne room to meet the King and Queen.
As we entered I caught my breath. The Queen looked like an older version of me! Why is this happening? In a flurry the King and Queen run and embrace me. Though I am not entirely sure why. Then I hear it, they are both whispering,” Oh I can’t believe you’re actually here, my daughter!” Wait, what? Daughter? They must have the wrong girl...

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