Battle Tower (Part one : Retribution) Chapter one: Mitsu

February 27, 2009
By Dylan P. BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
Dylan P. BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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It was a long and hot road. Good thing Mitsu was wearing his green bucket hat. He was nearing Togawa village, his home. He hadn't been to his birth home since he was ten. It has been a good six years now.

"Agh...It's so hot out here. If I don't get home soon I will run out of Sake." Mitsu said shakeing the wine bottle.

As he approched the villige he saw that the animals were less and less afriad of him. They were bravely getting closer to him. Most of the villigers fed and cared for the animals, making them less afriad of humans.

"I have no food. I am sorry." Mitsu said to a deer that walked up to him and nudged him. The deer seemingly disapointed jumped into the bushes.

"HEY! Who goes there!" A voice said from nowhere. Mitsu reached for kagego(Japanese for: shadow gardian), his sword.

"I am Mitsu Kariama, of the Togawa village. Show yourself or I will have my blade judge you for any wrong doing." Mitsu yelled.

Down from the oak trees came three persons all in shinobi shozoku's. Two of them were male, one with long black hair that coverd his eyes and the other with short white hair and golden eyes. The female had long brown hair that was tied into a bun.

"Crud...Ninjas!" Mitsu thought." I don't think i can take on three at once.."

The white haired shinobi walked over towards Mitsu, drawing a crimson blade. Mitsu drew Kagego and got into his defencive position. Suddenly the brown haired girl appeared infront of him and they locked eyes.

"Mitsu...(gasp)...Its you!" The girl said. She jumped over and hugged Mitsu. The other two ninja looked at Mitsu for a second then jumped over and hugged him as well.

"Whaa? Who are you people!?!" Mitsu screeched.

The girl looked up. " Don't you remember us? Its me Autumn! Autumn Horisake!" She said. " And its Jacob Hisama and Kisaru Kimatora!"

Mitsu gasped. It was his old school day friends!!!

The author's comments:
I am actually working on turning this story into a comic. I am still developing the plot though. I have studied Anime and through it learned alittle japanese. I hope that i am useing the wording correctly. Kagego is actually a weapon i made up a long time ago. Kage means Shadow and Go means gardian...actually Go has alot of meanings..but the meaning i wanted was gardian. I hope my work was enjoyable and that i didn't spell anything wrong (I have a bad habit of spelling things wrong)

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