Light Through Darkness

February 11, 2009
My girls played and babbled in the basket as we walked through the store that Saturday afternoon. Nevelic walked beside me making simple conversation. He didn't talk about his kind. He mostly made comments on clothes and the people. He made me laugh; I was not blind to the attraction he had for me. I didn't know what to think about it. I didn't even know if it was right, but at the moment, I want really worried about it.
So, we found that Chiyo was into perky pink and Sabriel was into mellow lavender. I was on the same page as Sabriel, but I wasn't going to be the one to burst Chiyo's bubble. Nevelic had comments about everything, so his opinions were ignored for the most part.
'May I ask you something?' I asked while we waited outside of the dress room for the little ladies.
'What is this all about?'
'You have been chosen to hide the princess of the Dead Kingdom. The Dead Kingdom is' 'he said before I could take a breath to ask''also known as the Ice Rule. Everything is shrouded in ice, therefore freezing the life of all the land. That's where Dead Kingdom came for so its nothing really morbid. One of the past queens said it, so it just kind of stuck, if you know what I mean.
'The one who you are hiding Sabriel from is named Hussin. He has one yellow eye and one brown eye. He desires the kingdom and the only way he can acquire it is if he mates with the princess. It'll give him the power to rule the once all living assets in the winter season. Because we live so for north, winter is always under winter reign.'
'So this is all about Sabriel.'
'Yes,' he answered bluntly. 'Chiyo would be her maid, I guess.'
That explains the over protecting aura she has. I narrowed my eyes in thought. 'What will happen to me?'
He sighed. 'When ever you come across the strange ones, turn the other way; pretend you notice them not.'
'I understand.'
'Here comes Chiyo''
'Why me''
We spoke at the same time, exchanging long looks before turning our attention to the owl. It was an understood agreement this conversation called for more devoted one-on-one time.
We went on with the day, buying different toys, clothes, games, and whatever else I could afford. We sat down for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The girls were talkative and enjoying themselves more than usual which pleased me more than they could fathom. They were asleep on the drive back. Both of them looked like amazing angels.
I was singing quiet with the radio. Nevelic had his seat propped back with a knee up in the seat, laughing about the way I looked when I followed the wolf and the owl. I had been in a good mood since these people walked into my life. It was the first time in a while. Nevelic assured me that I was getting no more surprises, which to a point was wonderful. As happy as I was, I couldn't afford another blow; especially spending so much as I had in the past few hours.
I carried Sabriel in to the house. I didn't realize she was awake until I started to put her down. She clung to me. I smiled, kissing her soft cheek. 'You want to sleep with me?'
She clung tighter. I took it as a yes. She talked all day to Chiyo, but refused to talk to me; that was funny. I took her to my room where she loosened her grip. She let go when I put her in bed. Smiling with excitement, I climbed into bed after a quick change. She snuggled against me, and it made me wonder why in the world I didn't want kids.
'Goodnight, Sabriel.'
I wasn't expecting an answer, but when she rasped, 'Night,' I felt myself melt on the inside. Every part of me wanted to have kids now. Maybe two after they leave.
That was a slap in the face. When they leave' I couldn't bare it. I adopted these girls. How could I let them go after this? I kissed Sabriel's cheek again, hoping that it would not be for a long, long time.
The next morning, I woke to the smell of the girls' favorite breakfast. As I opened my eyes, the door cracked open. Chiyo grinned broadly, pushing the door open the rest of the way.
'What are you up to?' I muttered as I stretched. Sabriel snuggled harder against me, not really wanting to acknowledge the fact that it was morning. That was another annoying point about being a mother: not being able to sleep until noon.
'I made you food!'
'You did?' I grinned, sitting up. 'It looks good.'
She beamed. 'It is! Try it! Try it!'
She was right. It was the best I had in a while. I wondered what she added. I teased her at first, thinking it was poison or tasted nasty. She didn't take it personally which was good. I realized that she had brought it in and what she had added to make it had a special taste. Did she really cook and I slept through it? I made it my first priority to check the kitchen as I crawled out of the bed to leave the girl to play. Apparently, Sabriel had cooked to and crawled back in the bed with me.
Nevelic was watching television when I came into the living room. 'Good morning,' I managed.
'How'd you sleep?'
I shrugged, dropping off the plates off in the kitchen. It was completely clean and nothing had been charred. Nevelic must have been up helping them. 'Did you help the girls earlier?'
I grunted. This wasn't possible. 'Did you clean up?'
New rule, I told myself, get up as five thirty. I went back to the living room and sat at the corner of the couch. Nevelic looked bored. 'I had a weird dream.'
'What was that?'
I nibbled on my thumbnail. 'I dreamed that I died and I watched everything in an endless haze.'
He glowered with thought at me before turning back to idiot box. 'A little bit morbid.'
That was it? I took offence. 'It scared me!'
'You'll be alright for about ten years or so. Before I can actually tell you that you need to be careful. But that's only if you don't screw up.'
'Thanks,' I said acidly.
He flashed a smile. 'You asked why you.'
I listened through I was looking for direct answered from him.
'It is because Sabriel chose you. It is the only explanation I can offer you because it is all any of us know.'
'Thanks for not leaving me in the dark, Nevelic.'
He didn't respond. The only sound in the house was the television and the girls giggling in the back room.

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