February 11, 2009
By Jaidyah SILVER, Enid, Oklahoma
Jaidyah SILVER, Enid, Oklahoma
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'I know you don't care much for clothes and shopping,' I told Chiyo and Sabriel as I put away dinner, 'but my clothes are just too big for you. I want to get you something nice that fits.'
Neither answered me immediately, but eventually Chyio replay with amusement. 'We need clothes?'
I walked back to the living room. It was strange talking to Chyio. She was no older than Sabriel yet she spoke to me like she was someone my age discussing important business. Sometimes I forgot, but other days it was a little disappointing because I could not treat my girls like the little things they were.
'Good night,' I tucked them into the futon in the blanket. I finished picking up, my mind still running over everything that had happened in the past month. It was not much, just two things'two people, but it was a real life changer. It wasn't like I hand nine months to get ready for the idea of being a mother. On top of that, I had two children from another world with me. I couldn't offer them much ' I still had to clean out the spare room for them to have somewhere descent to sleep and play.
I laughed a little as pulled on my nightclothes. I refuse to follow any more creatures of the night, I told myself. I climbed into bed and sure enough, outside my window was a white cat with narrow eyes'daring eyes. Suddenly, I wished I had never thought about my night visitors like I had. It was as if every time I thought about them out there, they would appear.
'Honestly,' I continued to lie on my back watching. The worst thing I could do was challenge it with my own eyes, but I didn't want to emerge to set out on another mission for another mouth to feed. I mean, for goodness sake! I was only a librarian. I only made enough to satisfy me. These two children could starve or end up killing themselves living with me. These animals did not seem to understand any of my thoughts.
I turned away from the window.
Or maybe I was just being too human.
It seemed like forever. Grumbling, I dressed then followed the night lurker out into the whiteness after checking on the little ones. I closed the house door carefully, locking it. I didn't know why because I knew we had watchers among the trees and grounds keeping an eye on the girls, but it was sheer habit. I could have laughed. Children are not supposed to be left alone in houses especially when the parent in chasing animals in the middle of the night.
First it was the ditch, second was a tree, and now third was a cave. Funny thing was that none of this was here before. Or maybe I was far too ignorant to care.
There was a small colony of cats all in different sizes. Most were white and gray. There was a black one. They all looked bored with the whole thing. My mind was spinning. What was I to expect for these things? I was quiet sure that they would not kill be for reasons of their own, but it was yet to be said that it was still possible. All of these animals were working together though; one of them would protect me from being eaten. I was sure.
My mind finally hushed, and we all waited.
'What you do not see is what we wish for you to see,' spoke the cat in my head. It was hard to tell if it was male or female. 'Do not let your mind deceive your eyes.'
I watched them for a long time, tumbling what was said until my vision changed. I could no longer see cats around me. I could see beautiful, elegant, powerful people who were all too cocky for my liking, but that didn't matter. They were not there to please me. I stepped back. Most were women; few were younger than I. Still, I almost called it impossible. Almost.
One had stepped forward. It was a woman. 'You have many questions. I am willing to answer some.'
'In riddles?' I could not help but be a little nasty. I was really sick of having no control over my life. I could understand if it was a king or a congress ruling my life, but animals? Get real!
'I will be as blunt as I can.'
'Why you? Why not the owls? They are wise, aren't they?'
'They speak in more riddles than words,' another laughed. The first gave the second a look and she shrunk down.
'You mean why you,' spoke the first. She did not wait for me to respond. 'You have a ways of accepting the inevitable. You skill is far better then any we would have chosen. Your job is to raise and teach these girls like humans. Listen no to the owl child for she repeats only what she had heard. The wolf child is most timid and will grow in shadows.'
'You still have given me no information!'
'With you I will send Nevelic, my son.'
I sighed in agony. Another child. I could not handle this. Next it'll be an elephant. I just knew it. But I as wrong. The only one that was black among the creatures stepped forward. He was taller than me by much and had a dark handsome look to him. He was staying with me? I dripped my eyes.
Can someone tell me when I lost control of my life? Please and thank you! I thought bitterly.
He grinned, nodding my way. 'In time he will explain all. Until then, Marishka, be patient and believe. Goodbye.'
'Wait!' I cried, but they were all gone except for Nevelic. 'Don't I get a bigger house at least?'
Neverlic smiled, and in a rough voice he said, 'Come, Marishka. You are cold.'
I swore the whole way back. I gave him the couch. I all but slammed my door. The moment my head hit the pillow, a dreamless dream engulfed me.

The author's comments:
This is the fourth part to "A Chance Encounter."

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