Preface for a not done book

February 11, 2009
The thief dashed down the corridor as if all of hell was after him. He was clutching his prize like his life depended on it. He made it out of the cathedral then turned the corner into the alleyway. To his luck there were some rubbish bins there. He crouched down behind the four rubbish bins. The nauseating stench of the rubbish was so repulsive that the thief almost passed out, but he couldn't. He had to get the artifact to his client, and when he did he would receive enough gold to last him five life times.
All was silent except for the fast paced pounding of his heart. Then from inside the cathedral came the echoes of what sounded like an army charging at full speed ready to run over anything that got in their way. A few seconds' later about fifty soldiers in red uniforms with a golden blade pointing up toward the left on their chests stormed out of the cathedral. They separated into what looked like ten groups and stormed of in search of the thief.
A few minutes passed when they had left and not a single person could be seen or heard from behind the bins. He slowly stood up and cautiously crept to the other end of the ally way. Before he was any where near the end a cold sharp blade was on his throught.
His skin turned ghost white and his blood turned to ice. The artifact felt like a ton and his legs started shaking viciously. With a cold, evil rasp the thing holding the blade said' Hand me the diamond sword or I will slice you into so many pieces that no one will ever know who or what you were.'
The thief knew there was no way out so the thief handed the gold hilted sword to what ever was behind him then (Slice) he fell to the ground, dead. ' I said I wouldn't slice you up if you gave it to me I didn't say that I wouldn't slit your throat.'
With that it looted the thieves dead body. With a disappointed grunt that the thief only had twenty copper pieces it threw the man in the rubbish bins and disappeared as if it was never there.

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