February 11, 2009
By payton graves BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
payton graves BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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I lie on my bed; mind racing. I didn't want to go to sleep, for, if I did, I would see things I didn't want too. Couldn't I just be normal? I decided to put off sleep for as long as I could. I took a shower letting the warm water run down my aching back, sadly the shower didn't last as long as I had hoped. I cleaned the toilet glad for the smell to distract me from what I knew was coming. There was nothing more to do, so I decided I'd read the same Crusoe book I always read. But eventually, sleep won me over, and I drifted into unconsciousness.
It was a room, a dark room. There were paintings everywhere. Perhaps a warehouse? It was silent, nothing out of the ordinary, until I heard the noise. A low snarl, rumbling through this strange room. A shred of white landed right next to me'. A sneaker. 'Oh crap!' I mumbled under my breath. Why couldn't he just stay out of trouble for once? 'Cameron, is that you?' I whispered; he would hear me. Over my head he leapt, crushing one of the paintings in his haste. His tongue lolled out of his mouth he sat staring at me. I was furious, what had brought me here? Chasing after my little brother?
I knew he could hear me, but I couldn't understand him in his wolf form. I felt my hands shaking they were unsteady, and I was furious. I pressed my fingers to my temples and tried to calm down. It wasn't working. Cameron stared as if he was waiting for me to change.' No! I'm not going to change' I shouted in his face he gave a low whimper as if to say sorry. I tried to control the convulsions that were going sporadically through me now. I soon realized there was no need to control them, as I turned around and changed into my wolf form.
I woke up, hiding my blood curdling scream into my old blue pillow. Ever since I had transformed into that awful creature I suppose you could call it 'werewolf' we prefer 'shape shifters' because we are full wolf, I have been seeing things. Well not just things I guess. I see the future. I knew what I saw last night would show up later today, and for what reason I didn't know.
The day passed slowly as I tried to figure out what caused me to end up in this room. My brother Cameron came into the house and sat on the sofa I was perched on, closing my eyes and concentrating on the future. 'Hey, will you go hunting with me tonight?'' Cameron said. 'Why?' I asked 'you hate eating raw!' I know, but I just wanted to try it again. Besides, there is supposed to be a lot of deer by the new art museum.'
Jus then, I realized why he wanted me there. 'What is the date today?' I asked hoping this was not the reason. 'the 18th of June; why?'' he asked, as if he didn't know.
June 18th, the birthday of my transformation, and I was going to slap him!

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