Forks: Sequel to Road Trip

February 11, 2009
By samantha Matthys BRONZE, Cumberland, Wisconsin
samantha Matthys BRONZE, Cumberland, Wisconsin
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We have now arrived at Forks. Its very sunny and very tepid, people are moving about everywhere. Later on after we ate we went to espy a hotel, because there was no more rooms available. As heading the other direction into the country we witnessed this mansion house.

'Oh my gosh Sam! That looks like the Cullen's mansion!' Bri said ecstatic.

Bri's aunt Becky was turned the opposite direction so we went to go check it out.

'Well then Bri, what are we lingering for? Lets go check it out!' I said exited.

'Okay! Lets do it!' she replied and at that time we both started to scamper.

Making our way up to their house Becky noticed we were gone. She turned around and started running towards us. While clamoring our names she turned around and tripped over a big, noticeable, log in the middle of the road because, apparently she wasn't looking where she was going.

'Bri, Sam! Get back here at ounce,' she was angry, 'Wait up please. Uch! O! Ahh! Ouch! Hold on girls I'm really mar!' Becky said bellowing.

'Okay! Then it gives us a reason to go up to the Cullen's house and get help!' I said

'Fine! Hasten up though, please!' she replied deranged.

Knock, Knock, knock! As the door fluctuated open Bri and I saw the most Personable creature of all, It was Edward Cullen.

'H-H-Hi!' We both stuttered.

'Hello!' he replied back.

'Oh! Her aunt Becky prostrated and she's very injured and scared. We were wondering if'' I said, but I could not finish. He cut me off, only so he could go get Dr.Cullen.

'Hello there girls! I hear your aunt has some issues. We would love to help you guys. Alice!' Dr.Cullen brayed very soft but not to soft.

'Yes!' she replied happy.

'Would you mind going out to their car with them and succor them unpack their stuff?' he asked.

'Sure! No problem!' Alice said elated.

'I know all about your family. We are both very interested with your family!' Bri said with much thought.

'Is it convivial being a vampire?' I asked very curious.

'Its okay, not the best in the world because we are so different, but yeah!' Alice said being forthright.

'Would you guys like to stay in my room?' she asked.

'S-s-sure!' We both stuttered at the equivalent time.

'Now if I need to ulternate about'' Alice said but got cut off!

'Who? Rosalie? Nope I know all about her. I relish her personality, I like her because she will do anything to fortify her family.' I said.

'Well that's good!' Alice said.

'I'm ravenous lets go check on aunt Becky and see if we can go get something to eat!' Bri said.

'Dawdle! My father was planning on taking you guys with our family!' Alice said at ounce.

'HURRAY,' Bri said, 'I want to perch next to Edward!'

'I do to,' I said, 'and you to Alice! Please!'

'Sure, and you will be able to roost next to him! Both of you will get to!' she said assured.

That's when the baffling starts between Bri and I, only because we were both jealous of one another.

'Hi, Edward,' I said when we got home, 'do you want to go for a walk or something?' I was very nervous that he would say no, but to my surprise he said'.

'Yes! I will but for awhile though.' He said.

When Bri hearkened that she got very demented, and I didn't expect that this was going to recoil anything, but it did'.

'Hi Edward,' Bri said, 'hi sam, anyways Edward would you like to contemplate a movie tonight?

'Sure, what movie?' he asked.

'I don't know! You pick.'

Getting very frantic I went to loiter with Alice.

'Hi Alice!' I said.

'Hi!' she replied.

'Can you tell me if Bri''

'If you and Bri aren't going to be friends? Well I can tell you that it won't be long before your not! Also it may be permanent, but who knows, my visions change!'

'Oh,' I said upset, 'I like Edward though! He's very amiable!'

'Yes! He very much is! Sorry Sam.' She said.

A few minutes later a knocking at the door was heard.


'Alice!' It was Rosalie.

'Yes Rosalie?'

'May I enlist in for a minuet?' Rosalie had asked.


'Oh! H-h-hi Sam. How are you? Rosalie asked me

'U-u-um' good! I thought you didn't like us?' I asked

'Well usually I think humans are big threats, but because you and Bri are such big fans I don't have to!' she says back.

' Okay! That's moral.' I said.

'Yeah! Anyways Alice when are we going to get the baseball game started tonight? Rosalie asked.

'I don't know! Go enquire dad!' she replied.

'Okay! Um' Sam? Rosalie asked

'Yes?' I replied

'Do you want to watch us play or even play?'

'Play? Probably not' Watch? Sure!' I replied very grateful.

One day later Bri and I weren't talking. Not even glancing at one another. With her being jealous of me and me being jealous of her it just wouldn't work. Then one night everything was very unusual, Bri's aunt Becky wasn't there, the Cullen family weren't there, which left it with Bri and I home alone together. We were there for two days just her and I, and that wasn't good at all.

'Sam! You don't have to take Edward from me!' she yelled.

'I didn't!' I yelled back.

'Yes you did! I know you did!' she yelled once again.

'No I didn't!' I yelled again but this time really loud.

'Whatever! Sam I know you are trying and you can't lie!' Bri finally said.

The fighting went on until finally on the second day we heard a car pull up at 11:59 PM. The fighting stopped all of a sudden, out of know where sounds began to come. Very weird sounds, very strange sounds.

'W-w-what was that?' Bri asked scared.

'I-I-I don't know!' I replied.

Finally in the darkness came Edward, Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and the rest of their family, even Becky.

'We have put you two on a task,' Rosalie began, 'to see if you two would realize what the big deal about fighting over Edward is! Did you guys get the lesson?' she asked last.

'Uh, Sam?' Bri asked.

'WHAT! Bri you thought that I was trying to steel Edward! He wasn't even yours to claim!' I yelled at her from across the room.

'She's got a point,' says Dr. Cullen, 'Nobody is to claim my boy! Nobody! If he decides to like you that's fine but as I said nobody can claim my boy!'

'That's right!' I said.

' You two! Can you guys stop fighting over me? I like you both, I mean really like you guys but if can't be mature and get along then I won't go out with any of you!' Edward said.

Two hours later Bri and me were in our room. No Rosalie or Alice at all.

'Bri!' I said.

'Yeah?' she replied.

'Can I talk to you?'

'Sure! What?'

'You can have Edward!' I blurted out.

'What! Are you serious?' she sounded very surprised.

'Yes, because I rather have you as a friend than loose you!'

'Oh' your so sweet! Sam you're the best!' she actually meant it this time!

'Thanks! You are also the best.' I said.

So Bri and I ended up moving to Forks so she and Edward could be together. I even went to their wedding and that was so sweet! I was her Made Of Honor' Awesome!

The author's comments:
I love to write stories I think its FUN!

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