Eaten twice

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

I never thought it was possible to be eaten twice, but trust me it is very possible. I found that out when I was first eaten by a slimy, smelly, green, Will. Will has brown curly hair and lives in the dump. Will has a very slimy mouth, his saliva, which is found in the salivary gland, actually tasted good as he used his huge premolars to grind and mash me together. I thought his saliva was actually tasted like tomato sauce.

As I was being chowed down, I remembered the other monster in the town who was at least twice as tall as the Will, Mrs. Haines. Mrs. Haines has been tracking Will down for years. She has long brown hair and scares people who look at her strait in the eye. In fact I think somebody died because they looked at her big, ferocious eyes. I was glad I was only being eaten by Will.

Now Will stopped chewing so I thought he was about to swallow me, even though he did not chew me up that much. His mouth was a gaping hole except on his face and filled with saliva I tried to give up a fight. His tongue pushed me into the throat into a long tube called the esophagus. But it was too late the esophagus squeezed me and peristalsis forced me into the stomach. When I was in the stomach acids were breaking me down even more, I was forced to my side almost facing upside down. Thats when I heard a loud, girly scream it had to be Will, because Mrs. Haines has a loud roar. Mrs. Haines had to be eating the Will! Will was still digesting me while she was now digesting Will! I was being squeezed and mixed around for hours being made into nutrients and other helpful things for wills body. After hours the stomach finally released me into the small intestine. I felt like I exploded, but I didn't, I turned into chyme.

Chyme is a soupy mixture that your stomach produces. I was barely alive, the chyme had pretty much killed me, but I didn't see the light just yet. I heard noises as Mrs. Haines was grinding will up using her awesomely strong as a rock masseters. That didn't stop will from digesting me. The stomach slowly squirted parts of me using a ring of muscle that works like a valve into the small intestine. It took forever to get out of the small intestine as it can be over 6 meters tall!

Then after a long painful ride in the small intestine, I was jerked into the large intestine. I thought this was going to be even longer, well it wasn't, the large intestine is actually not as long, it is just bigger in width. It also compacts and eliminates indigestible material from the body. It is about 7.5 cm in width. After the longest day of my life, I finally made it to my final destination, the rectum. I wondered if Will was going to be able to do the last part of the last digestive system since he was being eaten also. Right now I was being held hostage as feces . I heard a rumble and I think it was about time that I passed through the anus, and it was. It took me twenty four hours to be digested and I was finally to the end! As will did the final part of the system I closed my eyes hoping that when I open them I will be back to the world.

When I opened my eyes to see where I was, I was in a small intestine accept it was way bigger and way longer. I was inside Mrs. Haines she was now digesting both me and will. I was as mad as a monkey when you steel his bananas when I saw that I had to be digested for the second time in two days.

'Dang it! I yelled.
I did not want to go though most of this process again it was as long as a school day, except longer, so instead of going through most of the process , I just went to sleep.

I slept for at least ten hours, when I found that I was still in the rectum. I had slept through the whole long ride through Mrs. Haines. Hopefully nothing ate Mrs. Haines while I was sleeping, then I would be really ticked.

Then I heard a loud splash. The toilet bowl was like a water park except the toilet was ten times dirtier.

'Finally, I made it!' I screamed with joy.
Not for long, I was sucked down into what seemed to be a dark pipe, and I heard a water fall out in the distance.

It was the sewer. I could hear all of the waste crashing down the water fall, as little splashes smashed against the waster one at a time, and I too was rocketing toward the water fall that looked huge.

As I neared the dreaded waterfall I screamed at the top of my lungs 'here we go!'
My stomach lurched forward and it felt like I was on a roller coaster except I didn't know if I was going to come out alive. I opened my eyes to see if I was still alive and I was. I looked around and there were many other confused feces all around. I turned around and saw my fear that I have been afraid of my whole life. The crocodile.

The crocodile laughed and laughed, it must have been my face expression of how scared I was.

'You should have seen your face!' he yelled with laughter. ' It had the I'm-really-scared look on it!'
I was very embarrassed, I had a crocodile laughing at me. He then asked me if I wanted to be friends.

'Yes of course!' I screamed with joy. He told me to hop on his back and he would take me where I needed to go.

I hopped on his back and I asked him if he knew where the exit is. He said he knew exactly where it was and he quickly took me there.

I took a nap and woke up an hour later in a room with about ten other crocodiles, they all looked at me licking there lips. I knew this was not a good situation, I started to be ripped to shreds by crocodiles, this is not how I pictured me dying, I was screaming and fighting but the crocodiles did not give up. They really wanted to eat me alive.

Finally my journey through Will, then through Mrs. Haines, and then finally through the sewer and eaten by feces eating crocodiles was finally over. I wish I knew before I was eaten to stay away from slimy,smelly,green, human eating monsters!

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