Untold Stories of the Gods

February 23, 2009
By Dana Messinger BRONZE, Gold Canyon, Arizona
Dana Messinger BRONZE, Gold Canyon, Arizona
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'You can't do this to us,' a copper haired beauty with dark wise eyes spoke as she argued with an extraordinary beautiful looking man, she stood in front of a boy looking the part of a male version of the copper haired girl, as if protecting him.

'Eris, you and your brother ruined our annual gathering of Gods and Goddesses,' a dark haired man sighed at the girl's impertinent tone of voice as he raked a hand through his long locks, oh how he wished this was easier than this.

'Well it wouldn't have been ruined had you invited us. Are we not a God and Goddess? Are we not the same as you and the others?' she argued in their defense as she began to pace and the look alike looked at her in amusement, the only kind look he had given since earlier this week when the invitations went out.

'Yes dear, but-' the man started again as he tried to get a word into her rant when he was interrupted by a new introduction to their conversation.

'But, nothing Zeus, they made the mistake, they will pay for it in full, for they made their decision,' a tall model-like woman with black hair in a deep red stained robe spoke with elegance and hidden fury. The boy looked up at the woman with a mix of pain and hate but, then his eyes went back down to look at the floor his twin was pacing.

'We only did what you would have done had you not been invited to such a get-together. What mother over there would do, had daddy dearest decided he wanted a new woman. Is that not true?' Eris stated firmly staring the large man down after pointing to the graceful woman who had just entered signaling her as their mother. The older woman scoffed at her child's accusations but, then saw Zeus's remorseful face.

'That's different,' Zeus and the woman started together as they both realized the truthfulness of what the young goddess was saying.

'How is it different? Are we not your children? Is it because you are embarrassed of us because, if it is I would hate to make you proud if it meant acting like our family has before us,' Eris spoke in a calm that scared all in the room.

'Eris, Ares, you must understand,' Zeus pleaded as Ares lifted his head again to meet his father's eyes at the mention of his sister's and his own name. His eyes holding well hidden fury.

'Understand what, the fact that you obviously find us abominations of some sort and wish to strip us of our birth rights? Alright, I understand you and you want to know what? I will take your punishment, if it means leaving this horrid place,' Ares spoke furiously to both of them. Zeus looked at his son sadly wondering where he had failed him. Ares turned to glare at his mother with the same fury as he did to his father. Their mother just looked on at him, matching him glare for glare.

'Good boy. Now girl, do you wish comply?' the woman asked with a sneer that made sure to show that she didn't care whether or not she complied. Eris contemplated quickly, seeing as how her mother was not known for her patience.

'Fine, but remember we are not ones to be knocked aside as a minor issue. I will, no, we will have our revenge,' Eris spoke grimly as she turned to her brother and took his hand and led him out.

'We will be ready tomorrow morning for whatever hell you wish to push upon us in our innocence,' Eris threw over her shoulder in a distasteful voice. Both looked on as both of the twins walked away in a confident stride only a God or a Goddess could pull off.

'Hera, was this a wise idea,' Zeus asked the beautiful woman with long black hair as she sat there with an almost pained look, almost.

'Was, what?' Hera questioned calmly as if nothing had happened and somewhere deep inside it felt as if nothing did, things like this always happened around here, nothing new to her or him for that matter, so why was he acting like it was a complete one eighty from what they are used to.

'Hera, they are still our children and, I guess we did wrong them in some way now or earlier in their lives,' Zeus pressed to the woman as she gained a slight guilty look in her eyes.

'We did no wrong, they did. They will receive their punishment soon,' Hera said, not meaning her words in full.

'Fine, I am going to gather the others to tell them of our decision,' Zeus spoke distractedly as he vanished in a flash of lighting. Hera sat their and contemplated both of the few children to come out of Zeus's and her marriage, which was a big thing, seeing as how her husband had a promiscuous streak behind him and into his future.

'Teenagers,' slipped from her mouth as it turned into a lazy grin as she remembered her younger years. Unknown to either of them, a group of their other family members had gathered to watch the actions unfold. Aphrodite had gripped her chair tight after watching the way that girl had lead out her lover.

'Calm down, last time I checked they could only care about each other as siblings, nothing more nothing less,' Apollo laughed in Aphrodite's direction obviously meant towards her.

'Well maybe if you actually acted on your impulses and removed her from my list of competition, then maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now would we?' Aphrodite growled out in an animalistic possessive tone.

'Touchy, aren't we today' Artemis snarled in her brother and Eris's defense. Personally she didn't think either Eris or Ares was really that bad, they just helped maintain the peace just as all of them did, they just got the bloody jobs, along with the personalities. She knew that they cared dearly for those few friends they had and she was glad to be one of them.
'Well, Ares is mine; you can have that freak of nature if you want her,' Aphrodite snarled towards them unbeknownst to them, their subjects in question had just walked in and overheard the conversation.

'So nice, that the truth comes out.' Eris commented snidely as she saw the look on Aphrodite's face once she saw Ares' face. Ares stormed out in a huff.

'I didn't mean it Ares,' Aphrodite yelled as she chased after him.

'Wow, I mean, wow, I would have never thought she would say that about me. Didn't think she had the guts, I wouldn't have believed had I not seen it' Eris sarcastically remarked at her sisters stupid remark.

'Don't be so cruel,' Artemis stated before both Apollo and Eris broke out in laughter, one light and airy, the other dark and sinister.

'Oh but dearest sister, cruelness is something that taints all of our roots, look at my parents, our father, my mother. Are you and Apollo even allowed to see your mother more than once every decade? Tell me how we have no reason to not be cruel'

'Eris, you know it's not like that, our roots may have blackened ends, but we have a choice to break away from something of such a thing. We can break the cycle, and yet you insist on your hobby of wreaking horrors, that have nothing to do with your job as the goddess of discord, on mortals, the ones who worship the ground which we walk on, those who offer us up their food and clothing, to pacify our family's whimsical musings. They are our family, and even though we are darkened by their sins; even though we, we being those who wish to wipe our line clean, must continuously pick up their messes. They are our family and you also have no right to be so cruel and spiteful,' Artemis begged and argued vehemently, attempting to make amends for their father, and all those who took pleasure in cruel actions. She paced the room, like she does when she hunts, as her sisters rage seemed to rise during the rants, that she had she completed.

Eris glared at her half-sister and left the room, presumably to go off and find her brother. Artemis laughed softly at her sisters rather amusing antics as she joined her brother on the softer than air couch they had placed n the common area, where everyone seemed to gather often.

'I wonder what their punishment will be.' Apollo calmly stated as he moved over so his sister could fit onto the couch.

'Who knows, I guess the worst they could do is strip them of their birthright, but I doubt they'll do that. I mean who else would start wars for the fun of it, to trim down the mortal race when it gets to large,' Artemis replied thoughtfully, while she contemplated the dangers towards her friends.

'Well, guess we'll find out tomorrow. I'm heading out; I promised that I would hang out with our little thief of a brother, Hermes.' Apollo sighed as he got up and headed out the door and towards his little brother.

'Good luck,' Artemis called out to him, as she broke out into laughter. She soon ceased her laughter and fell into a deep sleep, in which everything was different.

'Hello. Anyone there,' She called out to the darkness as she began to run around, frantically searching for an exit in which to escape this horrid nightmare. The darkness seemed to consume her. Hands, invisible hands began to grab at her, preventing her timely exit. They seem to grope at her as she struggled; the more she moved the harder that gripped onto her sun kissed skin.

'Help me, anyone. Apollo, Eris, Ares!' she screamed out in terror as she was finally taken down into the darkness.

'Hey Artemis, your having a bad dream, wake up.' A silken feminine voice coaxed her out of her horrid dreams by shaking and yelling at her.

'What's going on,' She asked groggily at Eris who had awoken her from that terrible slumber.

'You were in the middle of a night terror,' Eris supplied her with an answer. Artemis shuddered at the reminder of the darkness.

'What time is it?' Artemis questioned.

'It's tomorrow, the day where my brother and my own punishment will be delivered,' Eris muttered angrily as Artemis got up and they both went to the big meeting room, which sat all gods and goddesses. They both sat by their respective sibling and awaited the announcement. After many long minutes, Zeus and Hera finally walked in, to address all of their family.

'You have made a great mistake, Ares and Eris, but due to our negligence, we will forfeit the right to punish you today-' Zeus spoke gravely before Hera cut him off.

'But if you ever get a group of Satyrs and wood nymphs drunk again, and set them on our party, there will be grave consequences, especially if you spill wine all over my dress again,' Hera fumed as Zeus ended the big meeting and Eris, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis all went to celebrate, where I don't know, but let's hope it wasn't with the nymphs and the Satyrs.

The author's comments:
I got bored one day and decided, hey what would happen if somebody played a very mean joke on the King and Queen of the Gods. Then I thoughtm, who better to play a trick than Eris and Ares themselves.

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