The Bunkhouse Princess

February 23, 2009
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young lady named Elizabeth who lived in a bunkhouse in a place called Snowflake Pass. Elizabeth spent her days tending to the plants and small animals around her bunkhouse. She sewed and kept the bunkhouse spotlessly clean. She lived there with Frosty, the fire-breathing dragon. Frosty took care of Elizabeth, bringing her food and water. Elizabeth wanted for nothing, except human friendship. What Elizabeth didn't know was that she had been kidnapped at a very young age by rustlers who had left her alone at Snowflake Pass. Frosty had found her and had been taking care of her ever since. Elizabeth was really the daughter of Harold and Stella, the King and Queen of Cactus Kingdom.

Today was Elizabeth's 20th birthday. She made herself a cake and a special dinner which she shared with Frosty. She dreamed of making dinners and keeping house for her 'prince charming', who ever he may be. She dreamed of the day when he would come for her.
However, Elizabeth realized that leaving Snowflake Pass would not be easy. Frosty had grown very protective of Elizabeth and developed a very elaborate scheme to keep her safe. Anyone wishing to take Elizabeth from Snowflake Pass would have to get past three difficult obstacles. The first obstacle was to scale a 20-foot wall of rocks. The second was to cross a 40-foot wide moat. The third and most terrifying obstacle was getting past a raging bull. Once past these obstacles, Elizabeth's 'prince' would have to face Frosty, the dragon. Frosty thought that anyone who could get past the three obstacles and outsmart him, would be worthy of Elizabeth.

Today, as Elizabeth sat staring out the bunkhouse window waiting for her 'prince charming' to rescue her, she thought about the many princes who had risked their lives to save her. The men would try to get to her, but no could even get past the first obstacle.

In a far away land there was a Buckaroo Prince named Adrian with an amazing horse named Diablo. Diablo had the ability to speak. Diablo told Prince Adrian the story of a princess who was kidnapped a long time ago and was being kept by a fire-breathing dragon in a far away kingdom. Diablo told the prince about the obstacles and how he would need to think of ways to get through them.

One day Prince Adrian and Diablo headed to Snowflake Pass. Not long after reaching Snowflake Pass, they encountered the first obstacle. The rock wall seemed enormous. Prince Adrian tried to climb it, but there was nothing to hold on to. Then he had an idea. As a Buckaroo Prince, Adrian always had his rope handy. He fashioned a lasso and roped a tree branch which was hanging over the wall. He then climbed the rope up one side of the wall and down the other. He had made it over!!! Unfortunately, Diablo could not climb and had to stay and wait for Adrian to return. As Prince Adrian traveled to the second obstacle, the 40-foot wide moat, he wondered how he could cross it. He was not a strong swimmer and the moat was filled with piranhas. He reached the moat and sat down to think. He looked around and noticed a few fallen trees and some vines. He built a raft and floated across the moat. He walked on and came up on the raging bull. The bull was snorting and pawing at the ground. His eyes were mean. This really worried Prince Adrian. He had no idea how to get past the bull. He noticed a corral with an open gate. If he could just get the bull into the corral and close the gate, he would be past this final obstacle. He took off his red cape and waved it at the bull. This got the bull's attention. Prince Adrian ran for the gate, still waving the red cape. The bull followed and was getting closer. Prince Adrian ran through the gate just as the bull was closing in on him. He slammed the gate shut and crawled under it to safety.
Prince Adrian had made it through the three obstacles. The only remaining test was to face Frosty, the dragon. In the distance, he could see the dragon. Prince Adrian was scared. The closer he got, the bigger the dragon seemed. He had never seen such a huge dragon and was wondering how he could get past him. Frosty said, 'Prince Adrian, you have done well to get past the rock wall, the moat and the raging bull. If you can outwit me, you are indeed the prince Elizabeth seeks and I will release her to you.' Prince Adrian thought for a long time. He began twirling his rope while he thought. He noticed that Frosty was intrigued by the rope. This gave Prince Adrian an idea. He showed Frosty many rope tricks. He ended with a trick which caused the dragon to turn around and Adrian quickly trussed him up like a hog. He also got a noose around the dragon's mouth to keep it from burning the rope. Once the dragon was hog tied, Prince Adrian ran to the bunkhouse to rescue Elizabeth. As they left the bunkhouse, Prince Adrian and Elizabeth untied Frosty. Frosty was sad that Elizabeth was leaving and slinked away.
After Prince Adrian rescued Elizabeth, they walked past the bull in the corral, crossed the moat on the raft and used the rope the scale the rock wall. On the other side of the rock wall, they found Diablo waiting where the Prince had left him. Prince Adrian and Diablo took Elizabeth back to her unknown homeland in Cactus Kingdom. Her parents were so happy that they gave their blessings for Princess Elizabeth and Prince Adrian to wed.

After the big wedding ceremony, which was attended by all of the inhabitants of Cactus Kingdom, the Prince and Princess began married life. Even though this was supposed to be a happy time for the young couple, Princess Elizabeth was bothered by the thought of having left Frosty all alone on Snowflake Pass. After all, he had taken care of her for twenty years and she had grown very fond of him. For all that time, the dragon was the only family she had known. She spoke to Prince Adrian about her troubles. Together, the Prince and Princess went to Snowflake Pass. They found the dragon mourning and very lonely. They offered Frosty a happy and fun-filled life with them in Cactus Kingdom. He would have many friends and would never have to be lonely again. Frosty eagerly accepted and they all returned to Cactus Kingdom and lived happily ever after.

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aunt debbie said...
May 16, 2009 at 4:43 pm
Emmy, this is a really cute story with a lot of imagination. It is based on a standard fairy tale but the locations and situations are original and when reading it, I could imagine the locations. I think it would make a very nice childrens book.
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