Silver Claw

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

'Now, turn and face me!', said the voice.

I raised my sword prepared to strike, but then the thing hit me in the back.

My name is Nick Turntike, and it was the same old boring day in math class, with Mr. Johanson. Staring at the white board, wonder how anyone would find the square route of 457.6*5. Just waiting for the big hand on the clock to reach 2:56.

Ring ring ring!

'Hurry up!', I yelled to John, my best friend. But he just kept slowly strolling, looking around like he was paranoid. So I gave him a Come-on-and-hurry-up-you-snail looks.

But then it all happened. Our teacher came out of the double front door and hurriedly headed over to me. That's when John sprang to life he drew a small knife that shimmered like gold.

Mr. Johanson let out a huge bellow and transformed into a figure with dark black robes and concealed face, he carried a scythe and a book that was lite on fire, but that didn't fear John he speared his knife forward, but the thing just knocked it away and struck back with the stick of his scythe and hit John on the back. I got up despite my fear and kicked the beast, but it turned and slammed me with his fist and I slammed back into the grass. Thats when John had a chance to defeat the thing, he grabbed his knife, the thing saw him, John stabbed with his knife and at first seemed as if nothing happened. Then the thing was grabbing for anything to stop the suction in the vortex, hollering for help and and clawing at John. Then it was over, the beast was gone and could do no more harm.

'Well John how were you so prepared and what was that?' I asked.

'Come on!' he said 'We have to get to the safe house!'

'Wait wha-' but that was all I could say because then he grabbed me and we dissapeared.

I was angry like a surging tsunami toward a beach but wondering why the beast attacked me. After all I'm just a kid.

The safe house very cold, it had a musty smell to it, I guess it was a cellar, I heard rats scurrying around the rock floor and I saw cob-webs all over the place in corners of the room.

'Hey John, where are we and why am I here?' I asked.

'We're in Houston, Texas enjoy your stay because we leave at six. And Your here because Demonichon, the demon lord, has the silver tooth and you seem to be able to help.' replied John. 'And before you ask how you could help, you're helpful because you are skilled at sword fighting and have will power.

'Whats the silver tooth?' I asked. But apparently, John was in to much rush to talk.

After about ten minutes, we started packing. Some water for obvious reasons, food, flashlights and batteries, swords , shields and other old battle items. But what was weird was that it all fit into one bag. I think it was enchanted.

It was five fifty-five. Time to leave. We 'borrowed' an old convertible full of gas and put down a I.O.U. and three hundred dollars in quarters.

We were driving along fine until we hit a stretch desert. With the radio at 107.7 and the temperature was over 110. And the car just ran out of gas.

'Come on,' I said, 'We're going to have to walk from here.

'Wait,' said John, 'Something isn't right about this. There is a dust storm to the north but the radio said that there would be no wind and no possibility for any kind of storm.'

Thats when it started, first the storm grew. Then it hurdled toward us at break-neck speed. At last it arrived, consuming us completely until we were fully inside the vicious eye. We weren't alone there were three others inside. One had purple fur, long viscous fangs, red, gleaming eyes and a huge, sharp ax. The one on the right had long, shaggy, green fur, a hunched back with a long swaying tail with a spiked mace on it.

And the one in the middle, who I guessed was Demonichon, had a giant, gorilla like body with long brown hair, huge, cerated claws and fangs, a golden, jewel encrusted crown and a long sharp sword that was on fire.

'Oh great.' Muttered John, 'They're angry demons with weapons. We're stranded out here. Nobody around to help us.'

Just then the thing on the right attacked, I unsheathed my sword and John took out his sword. He swiped left and I blocked and did a low swipe.

'Wait no!' John said, but it was too late the damage was done, I wondered what could happen, I just swiped and stabbed him in the side.

But the next thing I knew, Pain all up and down my arm, quickly spreading, I thought, poison. I glanced at my hand it was turning a sickly green color. It felt like a thousands of suns were burning in my veins. When I looked at the sword I found the problem. It's blood, was poison. It was racing up my sword and into an invisible wound in my hand. And by this time my torso was turning green.

'Hang in there, John screamed. 'I have an antidote!'

If you have ever been holding off a demon and barley grasping on to life while waiting for your friend to bring antidote to a poison you have. It is not easy.

When John finally got back, the beast had managed to cut my arm and graze over my leg.

When I ate the fowl antidote, I sprang up and asked John if I was immune to the poison.

'Yes, you are' he replied.

So we obliterated the beast and turned toward the next one. I wondered, is this one going to inject poison into my blood stream through an invisible wound in my hand.

'Hey, John, does this thing have any thing special?' I asked.

'Yeah, if it's ax touches your skin you will freeze to death. And I don't have and antidote.' he said.

Then we blitzed it, stopping it's attack with my sword, I ducked and ran through his legs and John attacked his back, although it didn't wail and explode into dust, it had a nasty cut on it and was flailing around, attacking randomly at John and roaring furiously at the sky.

'Stab it!' John said with excitement in his voice. I picked up my sword ready to strike. I lunged forward, almost completely missing because of the constant flailing and almost stabbed John but ended up hitting it squarely in the chest. This time it did explode and screamed in an ancient form.

'Be prepared because Demonichon wont be so easy to kill. He will try to trick and deceive you. And watch out his blood his acid and his sword is made of pure magma.' John said. Then Demonichon smashed into John and he flew outside the violent eye.

'Now turn and face me!' said a voice that sounded like metal getting crushed.

I raised my sword, preparing to strike, but the thing hit me in the back. It felt like a million ton rock hurtling at thousand of miles smashed into me.

I turned to see Demonichon glaring over me with his sword smashing down. I rolled to the right, avoiding him by inches. Thats when I took a chance. Slashing out with every ounce of my strength left, striking him in the stomach. It's acid-blood landing on my left leg. Instant pain like needles all up and down my body. The acid burned through my clothes in a matter on seconds and was now on my skin.

Due to the fatigue, I was crippled and could not move very fast. I tucked and rolled out of the way, avoiding another attack by inches.

Another opportunity appeared but it required split second timing. As soon as it attacked again, it waited just for a second to raise it's sword. Thats when I lunged in for it's chest. With no arms to deflect my attack, it could just stare unbelieving at what was happening. I lunged and it started to raise it's arms. I first hit it and it's acid-blood hit me in the chest and this inflicted great pain. But I saw him take a deep, long breath and let out a explosive bellow. He then disintegrated into a hazy fog and disappeared, never to be seen again. The silver claw appeared on the ground and as soon as I picked it up the the storm let up then faded all together. Outside I saw John. My eyes started to water and I ran up and gave him a big hug and said 'Lets go home.'

We caught the next plane and the next day we ended up in Mr. Johanson math class completely confused about how algebra 2 is done. The cold hard chairs pressed to our backs and hearing the bell ring to let the kids out. Then we headed out side, said good by and split up to head to our houses. If only I knew that would be the last time I would see him for months.

The End.

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